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Have Islamic demons already captured RSS, BJP, Bajrang and all of them ?

I bleed…. I bleed !! seeing all these scenes. Islamic demons have captured RSS, BJP, Bajrang, all of them. Better, I expired before seeing all these. Please send many emails and catch them in telephones and mobiles in RSS/BJP/SriRamSene HQs. And ask them how many Mosques and Churches are razed to ground till now. All these are tricks of Christians and Muslims to destroy a huge numbers of temples in India and protect their worship places under minority rights. And all these are happening in Bangalore, India under the regime of a BJP Government.

And it is unbelievable that the big brothers of Hindu brigade in India are doing ultimate harms of Hindus in India. SHAME ON RSS/VHP/Bajrang Dal other Mum Hindu Organizations.

Please stop the bulldozering upon Hindu Temples and react to spoil the anti-Hindu verdict of the Indian Supreme Court accordingly.
Nobody cares for the Supreme Court verdict for hanging of Afzal Guru, Muslim spate on the verdict of Sahabano case and Karnataka BJP Government jumped over the issue of demolition of Hindu Temples. Bravo ! Well done!!
Hello, Manyabar Mohan Bhagawatji, Pravin Togadiaji, Vinay Katiyarji, Acharya Dharmendraji,  Swadvi Rwitamvarji, Uma Bharatiji, Promod Muthalikji, Govindacharyaji, Indresji – all fire-brand Hindutva leaders of present day India- Jai Sree Ram ! Can you please here me through here. Please do not consider it much valuable for your own thinking and organization over the common interest of decaying Hindus. Hindus and their temples, society, dignities, counts all are being finished one by one and you will survive, OK. 

Just one Ananthraman told me today in the morning that Bangalore is a stronghold city of Hindus. Then what is going on in Bangalore and Karnataka under BJP control? Are the Hindus of Bangalore in their winter-sleep ?


Upananda Brahmachari.

BJP Govt. in Karnataka to demolish 5000 temples !

December 15, 2010 || Margashirsha Shukla Navami, KAliyug Varrsha 5112 

Are the pro-Hindu organizations going to say something in protest or going to keep mum as usual ?

Bangalore (Karnataka): Karnataka Government will be demolishing 5000 so-called unauthorized places of worship as a measure to implement the order issued by the Supreme Court. The temples to be demolished are 5000 including 1213 temples, 55 mosques, 17 churches and 4 Gurudwaras from Bangalore District. In South Canara District, there are 640 temples, 151 mosques, 32 churches and 10 Gurudwaras proposed to be demolished whereas in Bangalore city, there are 442 temples, 38 mosques and 95 churches and in Ramnagar District, there are 3 temples proposed to be demolished.

In September 2009, the Supreme Court had issued an order to prepare a list of worship places built at public places which are to be demolished by 31st December 2010. The Government has demolished more than 100 temples till now. (The Supreme Court has so far passed many verdicts in the interest of the nation and people; but none of the verdicts has been so promptly implemented; an example of the same is death sentence given to Mohammad Afzal. Some of the verdicts passed by the Supreme Court like in Shahabano case, was changed so as not to hurt minorities; then why the Government is showing such promptness in demolishing temples? It is only because Hindus are not united that the Government suppresses their sentiments !  – Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat || Hindu Janajagruti Samity

7 comments on “Have Islamic demons already captured RSS, BJP, Bajrang and all of them ?

  1. Srikant Jiv
    December 19, 2010

    Dear Upananda-ji don’t blame everybody. But see rather what has gone wrong in Bengal. First of all Bengal had been divided in West Bengal and Bangladesh, now your own politicians have been inviting Muslims from Bangladesh and 9 districts have already become majority Muslims.

    The day when Godhra incident happened I was leaving Kolkatta. The whole city was on fire. They had but one word in their mouth – Narendra Modi.

    First Muslim hordes came to India in Somnath. But Gujarat has remained steady in its steadfast atitude. Bengal has great many souls in the past – Ramakrishna Paramhans, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo. So why Bengal has fallen so low ?

    Rise, call the Mother and fight back.

    Yours, Sincerely,

    Srikant J.


  2. Squadron Leader Joy Chhetry
    December 19, 2010

    This is not the time to feel sad like in the past, but think of aggrression. Start Jihad from our side and kill all IM. Not one spoul should remain alive in this country. Threafter, encourage the converted ones to return back to Sanatana. Thereafter, go for Pak and after strong campaign the majority would love to join a strong and prosperous India. Bangladesh will follow. We dont want Rahul for this nor any of these clowns. I have high hope on Baba Ramdev. There is no lack of brain power to assist his leadership.
    Jai Hind….
    Sqn Ldr Joy Chhetry, Mumbai.


  3. Dr. R. K. D. Goel
    December 20, 2010

    I agree to demolish all the structures (including all mazars, mini mosques, even make-shit churches, puja temples) those are on road side and hindrance for smooth traffic. Making cities congested.

    We hindus become crazy to buit temple over night on roads / footpaths to save our shops so that no one park their vehicle infront of their shops/ houses. Is this right? Modiji demolished 170 temples in Gandhinagar during election year. Why? Becuase these big temple were putting disturbances to us…………

    For the act of Modiji all the women / young youth voted for BJP as Modiji saved Gandhinagar from a huge civic disorder and dislodgement.

    I feel one should obey Hon. Apex Court orders. Come to vadodara and see how the temples are built overnight on roads/footpaths to save that no one park vehicle near their establishments.

    In Varanasi every 200 yards there were temples to look after widows to get some money for their survivals. But now in Vadodara every 500 meters there are small temples on roads / footpaths. Why these should not be demolished?

    But, these operations of demolition should be conducted very impartially and tactfully. All the illegal structures of the temples will be demolished from the roadsides and public places and the others majars-mosques-churches in the Rly stations, Hospitals, Courts, Bus terminus, Air ports, Govt. grounds and by the road sides encroaching the facilities of the commoners and creating a huge sound-pollution and disturbance from the mosque miking five time a day will not be considered an object to pull down – that should not be a justified one.

    Govt. should see strictly, why the illegal mosques and churches are not being razed, while the action against road-side Temples are in full swing.



    • Bikarna Naskar
      December 22, 2010

      Respected Goelji,

      Thanks for your comment and I feel safe that at least you did not speak like “Aurangjeev” that these temples of Baroda, Vododara, Gandinagar or Bangalore are the places of molestation, rape, dane of dacoits and moral nuisance caused by Hindus and so far demolished for these causes.

      Mr. Goel, you support the demolition of these disputed Hindu temples and worship places as impugned by some party(ies) like you people. Fine, there is no harm to “obey Hon. Apex Court orders” as you opined. But, who gave the authorities to humiliate the Hindu sentiments by uprooting the Siva-linga from the temple-ins, throwing the Hindu idols/bigrahas/deities/murthies/Omkar symbols in the pathway in the name of protection o civil rights ? Have you gone through meticulously the pictures and the urges put in the reporting in Hindu Existence. This is a simple violation of the dignity of Hindus in the name of Court Orders.

      Obviously, we should honor and obey the Appex Court orders. Hindus do it well. But, Hindus cannot tolerate the humiliation and degeneration of Hindu maryada, Hindu prestige anyway. The court should order accordingly to remove all the Hindu idols and symbols in a safe place or put it in another temple before destruction of any disputed temple under the Court order.

      The authorities do not dare to humiliate any Muslim or Christian prayer place in such a way that they do it for a Hindu temple. Shame for the Karnataka and Gujarat Govt. who gave a shock to the religious Hindus very badly by the ruthless destruction process, may it be called A HUMILIATION FOR HINDUS.

      A political gain or gimmick is not the last words, they have to suffer for this act, unless repentant.

      Mr. Goel, you like people the Secular maroons,can you show a single picture of such destruction of a Mosque or a Church? (my email address is The authorities wont be able for the protest of religious and united people in the Muslim and Christian communities. But, you like people always relish the humiliation of Hindus. Hindus cannot tolerate it.

      I would like to request the Appex Court and the concerned authorities to ensure the dignity and protection of the Deities and holy scriptures and symbols before any demolition of Hindu temples as well as others, if it is necessary under any court order.

      Bikarna Naskar,
      Kolkata, West Bengal.


  4. krishna
    May 13, 2011

    we cant save temples of our god inside our country..what was worth talking of Hindus condition living in Pakistan….we should not look for any other person to do our good we should be united Hindus for our god sec…i am a RSS worker…if we are quite..their is lot b’coz of u all ….their are still Hindus even in above comment who thinks of other factors rather than for their religion….if we take any step…they will only criticize now tell me what should we do…u all are responsible for condition of our religion today..and if this continues like this…neither we, BJP, Bajrang or any group can do anything and at last Hindus will be treated as…….hijras…


  5. An Indian
    August 16, 2011

    Dear Hindus,
    Don’t be stupid enougth to think that the BJP or other “so called” Hindu organisations are going to come to the rescue of Hindus when such issues take place.As far as the BJP is concerned they are just looking for power or to remain in power.They will talk of Hindus but won’t do anything for the Hindus when they have the opportunity to do anything for the Hindus.

    Can anyone tell me about one important thing which the BJP did for Hindus when they were in power at the Centre for almost five years?

    One good thing? Nothing. When Christians in Christian countries protested against the Pope when the Pope visited their country the BJP put pressure on Hindu organisations or so called Hindu organisations not to protest against the Pope over the conversion issue, when he came to India!

    Any Hindu who expects the BJP to come to the help of the Hindu community is a living in a fools pardise.

    The demolition of one dargah in Vadodara, Gujarat a couple of years back sparked violence and the Congressmen intervened in support of the Muslims by opposing the demolition of the dargah.Do you see the Congressmen coming out in support of the Hindus in Karnataka when temples are demolished? No? Why should they when the so called champions of Hindus are busy destroying temples in the name of court orders.

    Are temples the only places of worship that have come up on Government land? Does not the Court order apply to mosques or churches? Will the BJP government demolish unauthorised churches or mosques that are built on Government land in the same humiliating manner?


    Don’t trust the BJP.

    When even Congressmen hesitate to praise Jinnah,the creator of Pakistan, Hindu “warriors” like L.K.Advani and Jaswant Singh have good words for him!

    In other words, Congress is now playing that role of Muslim League before 1947 and BJP is in the role of Congress once again.

    We should make a real Hindu Party to save us, save our Mother Land immediately…urgently.


    • An Indian
      August 17, 2011

      “In other words, Congress is now playing that role of Muslim League before 1947 and BJP is in the role of Congress once again.

      We should make a real Hindu Party to save us, save our Mother Land immediately…urgently.”

      I didn’t write these lines in my comment.Then how come they appear in my post?


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