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Historical Judgment of Hon’ble Calcutta High Court completely banning Open Cow Slaughter on Bakri Idd Day.

Calcutta High Court directed to ban on Qurbani outside Slaughter House on Bakri Idd Day as not a mandatory religious act under Islam.

Under Islamic influence the Media suppressed the Land Mark Judgment.

~Upananda Brahmachari.

Vande Gomataram !!

Kolkata, 3rd Nov, 2011 || In a land mark judgment passed on 2nd November, 2011, by the decision bench headed by Chief Justice of Kolkata, Mr J. N. Patel and Mr. Ashim Kumar Roy (J), the Cow Slaughter on Bakri Idd and trading of Cattle for sacrifice at Cattle markets have been banned by the Hon’ble Calcutta High court directing that “the all Officials of the State and local bodies have no power to facilitate holding of markets for trading of cattle for sacrifice and also the movement of cattle for the said purpose on the occasion of Id-uz-Zoha festival to be celebrated on 7th, November, 2011.”

The venerated Bench had upheld the decisions and orders of the Apex court and others in the identical matters in 1994, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2010 categorically directs the Chief Secretary of West Bengal : “ We, therefore direct the State Government through its Chief Secretary to see that such arrangement and/or markets in the State of West Bengal are not conducted for trading of cattle for sacrifice and which is otherwise not permitted under the West Bengal Animal Slaughter Control Act, 1950 and the Chief Secretary and all functionaries of the State and local bodies would strictly implement the order passed by this Court from time to time for effective and meaningful implementation of the said Act.” Even the Hon’ble Calcutta holds that “no such facilities can be provided for trading of cattle for sacrifice.”

On the merit of Order above of Calcutta High Court Order, Sri Ashoo Mongia, the chief of Rashtriye Goraksha Sena, (RGS), Pt. Yoges Shashtri of Arya Veer Dal and Some Go-Bhakta went to raid on 2-3rd November night in Dumdum area (KOLKATA) to capture illegal cow transport in Kolkata. While they captured some cows and calves at that point, the Police let them take away by the butchers and transporters on the plea on non-availability of any such strict orders passed by the Hon’ble High Court banning Open Cow Slaughter out side slaughter house including cow trading for Qurbani (sacrifice) with illegal cow trading and cow transportation for illegal sacrifice. At the time of rude scuffles and altercation Ashoo Mongia and the other cow savers were attacked by the Muslim hoodlums with deadly weapons. Though rescued by the Police, the Police on duty helped the Muslim Transporters to take away the cows in to the illegal markets in Kolkata. These are the notorious activities of the Police against the Court verdicts. The Police and Administration are doing rape over the Constitution and the Courts. The Muslims leaders are saying that they have won the case to run Qurbani without any impediment. The Govt. of Mamata Banerjee is all responsible for these flouting of Laws. Government should make aware the real facts through advertisement. No Cow Slaughter or Cow market should be made on Bakri Idd in West Bengal as per High court order passed on 2nd Nov 2011.

The teams of Rashtriya Go Raksha Sena headed by Ashoo Mongia and Upananda Brahmachari and Bangiya Arya Pratinidhi Sabha headed by Anand Kumar Sharma and Acharya Yogesh Shastri met various authorities in Administrative and Police Departments for appealing them to take the cognizance in case of flouting the Court orders in any manner.

In the due course of discussion with Mr Javed Shamim, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Control), Kolkata, the Rashtriya Go Rkasha Sena appealed to make a joint team to raid the illegal cow transport and cow markets around Kolkata.

Video of Illegal Cow Trading and Transport for Qurbani in Kolkata, West Bengal: 

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11 comments on “Historical Judgment of Hon’ble Calcutta High Court completely banning Open Cow Slaughter on Bakri Idd Day.

  1. budh pal singh chandel
    November 4, 2011

    om ji,
    kalcutta H/C ke uchit aadesh ne km se km kalcatta ,jaha pahila slaughter house 1760 me bana tha ban laga kr mahan karya kiya ,aur achha hota ki S/C bhi ek aisa aadesh nikal kr desh me ek rupta lane ka sreya leta to kitna achha nahi hota ,balki karodo jeebo ki jaan bachti ,aur une puny ishwr dwara prapt hota.
    jai hind.


  2. prashant
    November 4, 2011

    jai ho


  3. ramesh israni
    November 5, 2011

    cow is significant not only for providing us milk like a mother feeds her kids but also the deep rooted economy of our country is based upon
    villages &rural life style of self suffice , well thought economy which has sustained & flourished our nation since ages.The medicinal &many
    other properties of cow & its various products having multifarious utility &stabilizing our economy are of high importance.All these virtues had
    been verified since time immemorial that of INDIAN COW,APART FROM RELIGIOUS FAITH.


  4. ramesh israni
    November 5, 2011

    INDIAN COW is a wast subject ,needs modern research & modern terminology to verify once again the ancient established virtues,in order to
    create awareness among new generation.


  5. Chitranjan Sawant
    November 5, 2011

    May I request the readers to please understand significance of COW and its progeny in the Hindu psyche. Slaughtering cows in public in Calctta was so obnoxious. The Calcutta High Court deserves a bouquet and plenty of appreciation and admiration for banning cow slaughter in public on Bakrid day
    Islam does NOT prescribe it and there is no requirement.


  6. ramesh israni
    November 8, 2011

    kindly convey my hearty gratitude & infinite greets to the judges of Honorable respective court & to the people of our country.


  7. Sunil Kumar Pal
    November 10, 2011

    In my village(Shondanga, PS Dhubulia, Dist. Nadia, West Bengal)illegal cow slaughter every Friday to injure the feelings of Hindus, is a routine. Not very far long ago Ms Papiya Sultana, a Muslim Deputy Superintendent of Police(D&T)-Nadia came to investigate illegal cow slaughter and told my octogenarian elder sister Renuka Pal that “nothing can be done”. Thus she encouraged the Muslims who slaughtered cows again on 7th November 2011.

    The Police Officer concerned did not want to implement the West Bengal Animal Slaughter Control Act 1950. Our village has 90% Muslim population who once migrated to Pakistan but returned clandestinely. The Police know all kinds of criminal activities of communal Muslims but turn a blind eye. Hindus live in fear.

    Sunil Kumar Pal
    London NW8 0BS


  8. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    November 13, 2011

    Respected Hindu and nationalists !
    Namaste !

    We the Nepalese people are very happy reading the very good News-‘
    Calcutta High Court completely banning Cow Slaughter.’ I extend thanks
    and obliged with the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court Chief Justice of
    Kolkata, Mr J. N. Patel and Mr. Ashim Kumar Roy.
    with best regards !

    In fact-In the holy land where the cow is regarded as the symbol of
    mother God.The Cow is a holy and venerable animal for Hindus and
    Buddhists. Hindu and Buddhist scriptures view the cow in the form of a
    mother all over the world, especially in Nepal and India. Since the
    Vedic period, the cow’s body has been accepted as the spirits of
    various Gods and Goddess. Many Vedic books mentioned – ‘Gao Biswasya
    Matera’ or Cow is the mother in the world for human beings.
    It is a belief that people who look upon the cow with devotion and
    worship attain blessings and enlightenment. Such conclusions were
    given precedence in Shrimadbhagawat Mahapurnana (Hindu’s greatest
    religious book) and Gopalas started worshipping the cow.
    ‘The cult of Pashupati is an ancient one. The Gopals, who were cow
    herders and the first ruling dynasty of Nepal, are credited with
    popularizing Pashupati. One of the cows stopped giving milk. Finding
    this odd, the cow’s owner followed it one day. The cow went to the
    present site of Pashupati temple on the banks of the Bagmati River and
    started giving milk. The cow herder and his friends dug up the earth
    to see what was there. Suddenly a terrible flame came from the hole
    and killed every one who stood close by. This was reported to a hermit
    named ‘Ne’. He covered the flame with sand and clay and worshipped it
    as Jyotirlinga’. – (Mukundaraj Aryal).
    In Krishna’s characterization, his affection towards the cow has also
    been presented. Krishna gained victory over King Indra Maharaj when
    they confronted each other during the worship of Govardan Parbat
    (Hill). In Ramayan – (a great Hindu epic) King Dilip serves cow in
    order to bring happiness and peace in his country, and wishing
    encouragement and intellect for his children.
    There is a story relating to how the cow had wanted to test Dilip’s
    devotion. The cow is said to have turned into a lion and attacked
    another cow. Then the King intervened and pleaded with the lion – ‘Eat
    me not the cow.’ The cow seeing the King’s devotion was filled with
    joy, and decided to show him her real form – a Goddess.
    The Cow has been declared Nepal’s national animal for it has the
    supreme qualities of animals. The cow was venerated as the mother
    goddess in early Mediterranean civilizations. The cow became important
    in India, first in the Vedic period, but only as a symbol of wealth.
    In the Mahabharata, Bhishma – a great religious personality and
    warrior, also observes that the cow acts as a surrogate mother by
    providing milk to human beings for their whole life. So the cow is
    regarded as the mother of the world.
    I want to bring out the topic of Kamdhenu (mysterious God gifted) –
    ‘Cow’. Parshuram Rishi’s father Jamdagni Rishi had the Kamdhenu cow. A
    King named Sahastraarjun had been hunting all day (time past) then in
    the evening time he went to Rishi’s cottage as a guest, and he
    received sumptuous and enough food. He wondered at how such a poor
    Rishi could provide so much food. The King inquired and found out that
    it was due to Kamdhenu cow’s blessings. The King forcibly took away
    the cow against Rishi’s consent which was later reclaimed by Rishi’s
    son Parashuram, whom having broken off his meditative trance fought
    against the King for the cow.
    This is mentioned in many Hindus scriptures. It is mentioned in the
    scripture of Himwatkhanda-Nepal that milk used to flow perpetually
    from the cow onto the Jyotirlinga in Pashupatinath.
    Many cows are bred in Nepal’s Gaushala and Mrigasthali. Yogi
    Narharinath, a great Hindu scholar was a great devotee of the cow. Up
    to 2002, the Yogi had a calf to guard his cottage. The calf never left
    his site when the Yogi fell ill. After the death of the Yogi the calf
    cried effusively. This incident is known to this author in the
    capacity of an eye witness. Later the calf used to visit the spot
    where the Yogi took Samadhi (burial meditation) once a day and
    encircle it. It is believed that the cow is conscious and has adequate
    Hindus worship the cow as Goddess Laxmi. Every year cow is worshipped
    during the Hindu festival of Tihar. The day of worship is known as Gai
    Tihare Aunsi – around 25/26 Oct. The Cow is worshiped in every
    household. Cow’s urine and dung is needed during any auspicious
    occasion. It is Hindu tradition to slather the floor with cow’s dung
    to make it pure. The cow’s dung can also kill germs; so its use is
    good for health as well.
    The house that breeds a cow has a different décor. The excreta of
    other animals as buffalo, horse, rhino produces germs while the cow’s
    excreta kills them. All animals do not have the same nature. Cow’s
    excreta can also be used as a replacement of fuel. The cow’s milk,
    curd, ghee, urine, dung are the five elixir-like products which are
    known collectively as Panchaamrit – (five nectar)
    A cow’s milk is highly nutritious that its advantages are hard to
    explain. Those who keep cows benefit economically in numerous ways by
    selling its milk and running a dairy. Milk cleanses our body and keeps
    it healthy as well as increases our intellectual power. There is no
    need to explain the advantages of the products of a cow. It is written
    in the Artha Veda that cows’ extinction from earth would result in
    Sun’s increase in temperature that would ultimately destroy the
    planet. This shows that the earth and cow have a significant relation.
    This Vedic expression can be understood in a simple meaning that the
    relation between the two is conditional and dependent. Those who drink
    and use cow’s milk, proved birllent and intellectual. And the
    buffalo’s milk user have been proved dull and blunt.
    The cow’s urine (Gauut) and dung can turn soil fertile and help crops
    to grow. The grasses that sprout from the soil, straw, stalk, and
    other grains can be used as fodder for cow which retains the
    traditional balance.
    A cow’s significance is huge. We need to open the discussion, which is
    highly necessary, if we should consume cow’s meat or not. During the
    Vedic period the Risihis’ had observed a ritual sacrifice of the cow
    which brought all curses of diseases as leprosy, Dusadhya, Rajyayachma
    and Ohjayachma different kinds of diseases that led the Rishis to
    their death. So the ritual was not observed. To consume the cow’s meat
    can be compared to consuming slow poison. The killing of cow and its
    sacrifice was banned. To eat cow’s meat is in reality like consuming
    Those who are used to eating beef have low immunity resistance, and
    they easily fall prey to the diseases, which ultimately claim their
    lives; so all sectors ought to be alert to this danger. In Saudi Arab
    to take a picture of Lord Shiva is banned, it is prohibited. In
    similar manner if beef is allowed to enter the holy land of Nepal for
    the consumption by tourists the government ought to impose strict
    regulation against it. It is the subject of the sensitivity of this
    land. In the name of secularism no one has the right to kill the
    aspirations of the majority in the interest of the minority of the
    However, it is said that the cow from the Himwatkhanda region and that
    from western countries some differ considerably. There are logic that
    claim the consumption of cow meat in western nation is less dangerous
    than what it would be in this region. The environment and the
    geographical environment create such difference between the east and
    western regions. British grass cannot be used for religious rites of
    Hindus. If the grass sprouting in any other places than Himwatkhanda
    cannot be used for Hindu rituals then there must be some difference in
    terms of cow too-as some logic have pointed out. In western nation it
    is said that consuming cow meat does not bring diseases, but drinking
    urine brings great illness. But in Himwatkhanda it is the reverse.
    Drinking cow urine cures diseases where as other animals urine can be
    fatal. The cow’s meat eaters are the sufferers of leprosy and death in
    However, if the diseases are seen in Hindus, Buddhists and people of
    this region who don’t eat cow’s meat, simple treatment will cure them.
    This shows that those who do not consume beef have immunity power to
    resist. We must not forget that eating the cow’s meat is bad for
    health. The Hindu and Buddhist people worship cow as mother on the
    basis of experiments and facts. They will continue to worship cow. In
    view of such importance of cow, Nepal and India and the Hindus in all
    over the world observes cow as its national animal. Thus, we must all
    acknowledge truths and facts and serve the cow as a mother.
    Thank you.

    Dirgha Raj Prasai,


  9. Haqeeqat
    October 21, 2012

    Who will bell the Cat? This is an order that will be violated with impunity as no government in Bengal or India will dare to offend the Muslims.


    • budhpal singhchandel
      October 23, 2012

      V,V,Thanks to honble ‘ court,who has given such important and holy judgement on MOTHER-COW’S slaughter,I think other courts may also take note of it ,to save the cultural entity of Bharat.


    • Gargi
      September 6, 2016

      Still nothing has changed in 2016, the outskirts of Kolkata, in Rajarhat, almost every muslim families in all villages are buying cows..police is giving them protection on bakri eid, in spite of this judgement. Please help and save these poor animals.


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