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Four Hindu men gunned down on Eid, Sindh (Pakistan) observes mourning for three days.

Four Doctors were killed by Muslim militants on first day of Eid in Shikarpur. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

4 Hindu men including a paramedic, gunned down in Pakistan.

SHIKARPUR, Nov 8th 2011: Unidentified men gunned down four Hindu men including a Para Medical Doctor in Chak town, near Shikarpur, on Monday, the Bakar Eid Day in a vendetta over a dancing girl with a tribe. Actually, the slaughtering of cows in Bakri Eid day is no sufficient for the Muslims to hurt the Hindu sentiment. From this initiation the Muslims may try to cut some Hindus also in every Bakri Eid under their New Jihad regulations.

“Two men riding a motorcycle sprayed a clinic with bullets, killing the four Hindu men including a paramedic,” Ramesh Kumar, chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council, said.

The dead men were identified as Ajeet Kumar, Naresh Kumar, Ashok Kumar and Satyapal.

Naresh Kumar and Ashok died instantly while Dr Ajeet Kumar and Dr Satyapal were taken to Sukkur’s Civil Hospital, where Dr Ajeet Kumar and Satyapal died of injuries.

The incident drew immediate attention of the President and the prime minister. After their intervention Sindh Home Minister Manzoor Hussain Wassan visited Chak town and assured the victims’ relatives that the government was determined to bring the culprits to book.

Mr Wassan ordered suspension of the SHO of Chak police station while police arrested an unknown number of suspects during raids at suspected hideouts.

On Tuesday, provincial minister Agha Sirajuddin Durrani also visited Chak and expressed condolences with relatives of the dead. Shikarpur PPP president Mir Badal Khan Bahyo accompanied the minister.

Ramesh Kumar, the Hindu Council chief, told AFP that a dispute had been brewing for the past three weeks between the Hindu community and the Baban Khan Bhayo tribe after Hindu boys brought a Muslim dancing girl to the area.

“Police raided the house where the girl was dancing and arrested four boys,” said Ramesh Kumar.

The issue was referred to a jirga, which decided to arbitrate over the case after Eid holidays, but before that could happen the
matter took a gruesome turn, he added.

Members of the Hindu community began a three-day mourning in response to a call by the Hindu Council and the Hindu Punchayat Committee.

The Hindu community asked police to give them protection after receiving threatening calls warning of “serious consequences”.

LAST RITES: The last rites of the four men were conducted at Shikarpur’s Sadhu Bela temple, along the Indus, on Tuesday evening.

A large number of Hindus attended the rites. Prominent among them were Sindh Minister Mohan Lal, PPP MNA Lal Chan, PML MNA Darshan Lal and Jeay Sindh leader Bashir Khan Qureshi.

Earlier, angry members of the Hindu community took the bodies from Chak to Sukkur Press Club and carried out a sit-in, calling for arrest of the killers.

The incident caused panic in the area, which is a part of the constituency of NA-203 where PML-Q’s federal minister Ghous Bux Khan Mahar was declared the winner in a by-election last month on 47 polling stations against PPP’s candidate Wahid Bux Khan Bhayo.

Shikarpur SSP Junaid Ahmed Shaikh said a police operation was in progress at various places for the arrest of culprits.

Seventeen suspects from Bhayo community have been arrested.

An FIR was registered on Tuesday against 15 Bhayo clansmen for the triple murder.

Relatives of the victims expressed their dissatisfaction over the FIR and termed it a fabricated one to give benefit of doubt to the accused.

According to them, they would lodge another FIR to “bring facts to light”.

“This is not the first time such an incident has taken place where members of our community have been targeted. What is of concern is that the law enforcement agencies tend to support the criminals involved in such acts,” Dr Kumar said.

“There is a strong population of around 50,000 Hindus in Chak so for such an incident to happen is bad and the government must take notice of it and provide protection to the minorities,” Kumar demanded.

Police said they had arrested two of the people involved in the killings and were searching for the other culprits.

A police official confirmed that the killings could have been the result of a dispute between some Hindus and the local Bhaya Baradari that took place two weeks back over a Hindu girl.

Kumar said minorities were well protected and secure when military strongman Pervez Musharraf was the President but now they had become prey to open terrorism and crime.

Condemning the murders, the Pakistan Hindu Council appealed to President Asif Zardari, the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the Army Chief to take note of the targeting of Hindus in parts of Sindh.

President Zardari took “serious note” of the attack and directed authorities to immediately arrest those responsible and bring them to justice.

Zardari had sought an immediate report on the incident, presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar said in Islamabad.

Zardari instructed Ramesh Lal, a Hindu parliamentarian from Sindh, to go to the village and convey his condolences to the bereaved families.

The President said it was the “moral and legal responsibility of the government to protect members of the minority community against vandalism and atrocities”.

Babar quoted Zardari as saying that the “law would take its course and the culprits will not go unpunished”.

Ramesh Kumar, chief of the Pakistan Hindu Council, said the Hindu community had sought protection from police after receiving anonymous calls threatening them with “serious consequences”.

Sindh police Inspector General Mushtaq Shah also confirmed the explanation for the incident and the casualties.

Hindus make up less than two percent of the population of this Muslim nation of 175 million people.

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3 comments on “Four Hindu men gunned down on Eid, Sindh (Pakistan) observes mourning for three days.

  1. Kumarathasan
    November 11, 2011

    It is very unfortunate that the Hindus all over the world are ignorant of what is happening in the world. It is a shame that the Hindus are treated like slaves in most of the countries: eg;
    1. In Sri Lanka more thatn 40,000 Hindus massacared; India a nation that is to protect the Hindus sided with the brutal Sri Lankan regime to wipe out the Hindus.


  2. Hinduism
    November 12, 2011

    After this incidence, Indian PM Monmohan Singh says that Gilani is the “ambassador of peace”, but America has scolded Pakistan and asked to act strictly against the criminals. I think American Government is more concerned about us than Indian Government.


  3. yogeshsaxena
    November 12, 2011

    WHY the enemy of the humanity are celebrating the Bakra E Id Ul Zuha by killing Innocent Human Being?. Who can Stop Them, except to Themselves by Joining the Fold i Vedic Tradition, as I joined Sanatan Hindus Divine Religion. My real Story Extract for Circulations:-Before , I began with by commenting upon my opinion displayed in the message conveyed to me, I must accept that by Birth , I am an Arya Samaji, But later on I became Sanathan Hindu, but at present I do not adhere any religion in specific, but the religion of Compassionate way of analyzing the Religion as a Cult away from Spiritualism. PLEASE DO NOT KILL ANY ANIMAL. DO NOT EAT CORPSE OF DEAD ANIMAL, OTHERWISE IT WILL EAT YOUR POTENTIAL AND MAKE YOU THE BEGGER. The devastation of Pakistan for killing innocent animals. Which is the creation of all mighty power, Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent God including human being are their beloved to Allah and if any body kills them, he commit the crime up on superior power. There is no messenger of Allah called Ibrahim as Prophet, which is misnomer. What happened in my life? If I Confess that ignorance is the beginning of the Wisdom and you forget every Religion and Cult you will become religious identity and will worship every creativity of the Nature, better than any one and than only you can preserve the universe. I use to pray to GOD during my early age of Life that Please Stop the Enthusiasm of my Father or Stop further ambition in my mother undertaking her education, just to fill up the vacuumed created by her in her own identity due to egoistic trend in their life. My mother was doing Post Graduation, when I was Completing Graduation. She had given up her responsibility towards the Family. My father as his Hobby was having many Cows for survival at my teen age, till Cow progeny may not die its own. He use to cultivate the Barron Land having no fertility on Anticipation of harvesting a crop, but never selling the bullock and Buffaloes Even, even if they become unproductive. Thus during these hard days, I wanted to get rid of Problem and was always looking for the days, as when the holidays may arrive. My mother was a Great Writer but become schizophrenic after having much exertion. Thus we felt dejection from our Childhood. I have started learning the Occult Science and soon I became a Palmist and an astrologer. Thus the God had taken away my father from this world by handing over the duty to cultivate the Barren Land of 73 Acres as fertile, which could have not been converted during his life time. The plants standing there of DESI BABUL for conversion of the Barron land into fertile land became the total assets after his death to fulfill his dream to become a person as you can serve the ANIMALS and SURVIVE them up to life time. My grand Father died at a tender age leaving my father to survive the family including his elder brother, and now it was my time to fulfill such obligations in my family. Fortunately by this time my elder brother after completion of Degree in Medicine and Bachelor in surgery, became Doctor. He took the responsibility of my unmarried younger sister and my ambitious mother, Who died in COMA after living for about 14 years at my place, when I left the villagers life and was capable to keep her. However I had still to complete my Law graduation. MY LIFE LINE IS HAVING NEAR ABOUT 35 Years of AGE, THUS I determined NOT to MARRY up to this Time. ANY WAY, now I am just at the brick of completion of 60ears of age, as will power is pre dominant upon other factors, than the destiny.
    Now, I am coming to the crest of my discussion. At the age of 35 years, I was taken to other world at Rishikesh in Uttarakand, where the GHOST starts their activities, and the area was lying in between MUNIKA RETI to DEV PRAYAG inside the dense forest. I was taken there in Feb. 1985 on bare foot far away from LAXMAN JHULLA and dropped there in the place of my staying, where I was staying at GITA ASHRAM . I wake up after 2 Days.
    The second incident was very peculiar, when I reached at Badri Nath in the same year on 3rd of November, 1985, when every living human being had taken away from the area, as freezing point was dropped to the minimum, where human being could have survived without the proper furnace and wind shelter. Yes, I admit that it was the mistake that I voluntarily missed the last Bus, in the hope that in case of further crisis due to coldness, the boiling water coming from the underground caves will survive. I was under wrong Impression. However, it was the Nature, which has given me the surrounding of PARADISE on that spiritual night as the doors of the temples remained closed during winter season up to the month of March – April. However, on that night, the surrounding atmosphere circumstances had taken me inside the TEMPLE created by NO OTHER than by the Nature itself. The wind coming from the dense hills through Deodar Teak Wood Trees were having roaming the voice of SANKH. The glaciers fallen due to overloading of the ice were giving the sound of MRADUNG and DHOLE drumming very loudly. The droplet falling in the water was having the natural voice of CHUN CHUN. The loud Water Steams flowing down wards towards the plain was having the better sound of recital of the VEDAS by the Priest. The sound of the Air passing though the Teen sheds were giving the Sound of beating up THAL and PEATAL and BRASS Utensils Used inside the Temple. I was hiding my self in the Nest made by the Birds to protect her eggs. Thus I was brought inside the temple for worshipping the God from inside my Cage and entail the doorsteps for spiritualism. Thus from such time, I became the HINDU and in hailed Sanathan Dharma, from being adhering as ARYA SAMAJ. I started denouncing every opinion as adhered in my mind from my father and mother and I became the visionary for anticipating the Truth of the NATURE.
    Protestants amongst Muslims are vegetarians. They hate sex and violence. They take the killing of Mindha , Black buck, Deer, goat, camel, sheep, Cow progeny under the guise of sacrifice offering to prophet Ibrahim as an act of great foolishness. They praise the custom of Vedic traditions. They burn the dead body of Human being as the body of dead human being may still have feeling of pain , eve if they are hidden inside their graves. They have started giving respect to their mother and wife. They do not marry amongst Cousin. They have discarded the mission of Jihad, and say that Hindus are their ancestors. They have vision of open mind. They do not claim that Sun, during the night hours remains under the ocean water as such it became cold and Red. On the other hand they have taken that earth is a Planet having some gravitational forces from inside and rest of the forces from out side planets and SUN. They believe in solar energy and see that it has got the combinations of seven colours in the beam. They admire the ancient research of Arya Bhatt, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Homi J Bhawa and of many sages on Charak Sanhita having Nutrients Energy Therapy being administered, instead of allopathic medicine. The naturopathy is an Accepted phenomenon amongst them. They believe in the cycle of BIRTH and DEATH amongst Human Being and Believe in Occult Science. They know that during the process of Birth, the Human embryo passes through many Species like Non Vertebrates’, Vertebrates than Pisces, Amphibians, reptiles, Birds and Lastly as Mammal and as such we have NINE months PERIOD in delivery of Human Child. But to compare them with Arya Samaj will Be another assault upon their Conscience. They Still worship the IDOL of LORD Shiva Hidden inside the monuments, which were Constructed by the Hindus Rulers to Concentrate for the Spiritualism. They Know that These Hindu Rulers were selfish creations, who supplied their Daughters and Sisters in the Harem of the Invaders just to win over the other Estate of a Backwards Class, which was more patriotic and trying to preserve the Nature. They know that Ponga Pundits are bluffing the Disciples for allurement purposes and the concept of Brahmanism based upon the SANYASHI providing instructions to Kchatriyas, The Rulers their code of Conduct for ruling the society as a DONER, not as the Rulers and their duties were to live in the Hut and provide Education to the Son of the King and the Son of the Servant in the same place has been vanished by Greedy Progeny of Brahmans. These people have developpped the Tendency for Sacrificial Goat just tom appease their Deity. God is not Lying in Diety, but I surrounding atmosphere , in Collective Wisdom. I was very much influenced from Arya Samaj, as my father was a Pure Vegetarian; A great admirer of animals kingdom and preserver of its the creativity and real sage giving emphasis to the NEEDS, but Desire. He had learnt me the lesion on compassionate towards animals. We love animals, a silent spectator of divinity surrounded to our aura , better than the human being can perceived it. Bhagavan Shri Rama had worshipped Bhagavan Shiva and consecrated a temple to him only a few thousand years before? Was He, and the Ramayana of Maharshi Valmiki, which has in it a number of verses which prove the existence of temples and Moortee Pooja, then not of the Treta Yuga but of “a few thousand years” only? Valmiki Ramayana was not a work of Maharshi Valmiki but of someone else of the like of Bopdev who, as per your claim, was the real author of Shrimad Bhagvatam and not Maharshi Veda Vyaasa! Idol worship was not practiced before a few thousand years, but yes idols, pictures, statues, photos, images etc were there as a part of art, decoration, memory, history etc. In a temple and he remembered there Swami Dayananda’s historical incident. Swami Dayanand had no opportunity of visiting South India and hence Aryasamaj could not make much head way in South. But in spite of this Aryasamaj has number of branches in Karnatak, A.P in good number and they are going strong also. In Karnataka alone Satyarth Prakash has seen seven editions and all exhausted. In the recently held All India Sanskrit conference, only Aryasamaj was permitted to sell books in local langauage and 750 copies of Satyarth Prakash was sold within a span of three days. As far as his encounters with Kashi pandits are concerned please go thru the historical battle he had with Kashi Pandits called Kashi Shastrath . and the true account given by the Christian Papers of the event then.. The account given by them have been reproduced by Lala Lajapat Roy in his book “Arya samaj” The Kashi Pandits were dishonest and cunning. But these Kashi pandits did not dare to challenge again Dayanand even though he gave them many opportunities to defeat him on the question of Idol worship in Vedas.
    Had Aryasamaj made headway in Kashmir, the present plight of Kashmir pundits would never have taken Place as they would have become more vocal and united besides, Muslims would have volunteered to become Hindus then in large numbers and Kashmir would have got rid of Jihadis.
    Ashoo Mongia National President, Rashtriye Goraksha Sena and Upananda Brahmachariji, Rashtra Sant and Patron of Rashtriye Goraksha Sena conveyed in a Press conference at Kolkata Press Club on 8th November, 2011 that Smt. Mamata Banerjee totally turned down the verdict of Hon’ble Calcutta High Court verdict on 2nd November 2011 banning complete cow slaughter in Bakrid day. The Supreme Court of India has also delivered its judgment banning cow slaughter in Bakrid day as it is not a mandatory religious activity under Islam. In the recent order of Calcutta High Court ordered all the Government officials and the local bodies to take strict steps to ban cow slaughter, cattle trading , cattle markets including movement of cattle or such trading meant for Qurbani (sacrifice) on Bakrid day on 7th November 2011.
    But on 7th November 2011 lacs of cows and cattle were slaughtered outside the slaughter house unlawfully violating every norm in open air here and there. Before Bakrid day the cow / cattle markets, trading, transportation were conducted for Qurbani purpose without any resistance from police and administration. Even not a single advertisement was made public to spread the awareness for the verdict of Hon’ble Calcutta High Court given on 2nd November 2011. All these are very much evident to appease the minority and getting political benefits from the Muslim vote bank. This is nothing but gross violation of the verdict given by Hon’ble Mr. J.N. Patel , Chief Justice Calcutta High Court and his Judicious order given by him so far, maintaining Indian Constitution, applicable law, justice and majority sentiments. It is also a cool headed murder of democracy by thrashing the Hindu sentiments very ruthlessly.
    In various places like Durbarhat in Falta Police Station, Kariberia in Ramnagar Police Station (all in South 24 Parganas District), Dakshin Sankrail Kalitala, under Sankrail Police Station (Howrah District), Sishur-Suddhapara under Katwa Police Station (Burdwan District), Police & RAF traumatized the Hindu public under a severe torture under the instruction of Mamta Banerjee and TMC (Trinmool Congress) only to appease Muslims through illegal Cow Slaughter and only to violate the sentiments of Hindus, who tried to uphold the Hon’ble orders of Calcutta High Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
    In this context Rashtriye Goraksha Sena will file suits and contempt against Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister West Bengal and the officials violated the said orders in the Supreme Court of India. It has been also resolved by the Rashtriye Goraksha Sena that all efforts will be taken from right now to stop illegal cow slaughter on Bakrid day on and from 2012.


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