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Pay honorarium to Hindu priests, not to just Imams: VHP demands to Mamata.

VHP demands allowances for poor priests and  unemployed youths.

April 20, 2012 | HE News Desk, Kolkata :: In a protest Meeting held at College Square in Kolkata on Friday, 20/04/2012 the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) said, it would launch a campaign in West Bengal demanding monthly honorariums to Hindu priests and unemployed youth to protest against the Mamata Banerjee-led government’s decision to pay honorariums of Rs.2,500 to imams.

As part of the campaign named ‘Amakeo 2500 taka Dao’ (‘Give me Rs.2,500 too’), signatures of unemployed youth and priests would be taken, said VHP International Working President, Dr Pravinbhai Togadia.

“It is time Mamata Banerjee to stop playing the politics of community appeasement. If the imams can get money, what wrong have the priests done? They should also be paid,” he said.

Dr. Pravin Bhai Togadia, International Working President, Vishwa Hindu Parishad addressed a public protest meeting today (20/04/2012) in Kolkata (College Square – near Calcutta University at 2-30 pm), in connection with paramount Muslim appeasement in West Bengal under the blessings of Miss. Mamta Banerjee (Chief Minister, West Bengal) to create a Muslim Homeland in West Bengal. The Change Queen Mamtaz Banu Arjee is taking dangerous steps in Bengal again and again. This pro Muslim lady already given sanction for 10000 Madrashas, declared URDU as 2nd language in 10% URDU speaking populated areas, more provisions – more quota for Muslims in jobs and now Rs. 2500/- pm for 30000-40000 Muslim imams alongwith free homes, education, treatment for their families and so on…… Now the Poor Hindu Priest Forum and Unemployed Hindu Youth Unity will start a signature campaign to get Rs. 2500/- for them also as Priest honorarium or unemployed stipend for youths.

The Viswa Hindu Parishad would organise youth and students’ movements on May one and seven throughout the state demanding monthly allowances to the unemployed youths and priests in the West Bengal. Addressing a rally here, VHP working president Pravin Togadia said, ” The Trinamool Congress-led Mamata Banerjee government should either withdraw immediately the monthly salary of Rs 2500 to the Imams or pay the similar amount to all the unemployed youth and priests’ in the state. ” He said, ” Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee should immediately withdraw the Imams’ allowances, otherwise a massive movement will be organised against the government’s decision. ” Mr Togadia had threatened that if the unemployed youths and priests did not receive the same amount as that of the Imams, the VHP will resist it firmly. ” Ms Banerjee has also insulted the Bengali language by giving status of Urdu language. So we are asking the people to be united and to boycott those political leaders violating the Constitution and appeasing the Muslims for the vote bank and depriving the Hindu communities, ” Mr Togadia opined.

Veteran Monk of Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Swami Pradiptananda and other Hindu leaders also addressed the meeting.

Courtesy: UNI | IANS | Prasad Chattaraj

2 comments on “Pay honorarium to Hindu priests, not to just Imams: VHP demands to Mamata.

  1. Mansukh
    April 30, 2012

    When the time will come to be paid? India is the only country who always favours Imams and gives subsidies for the Haj. Why the majority in India are afraid form the minority there?
    Mamta Benergy please come to England and see every one is equal here.


  2. Venkat
    August 29, 2012

    This is because the Hindus (considerable no. of them) simply do not believe in Hindu identity. They identify themselves on the basis of caste or language. Their vote gets scattered; whereas the muslims vote enbloc. Mamta and other so called secular parties woo the muslims simply because their vote is assured. Running after the Hindus simply does not translate into much electoral gain. See, the only pro-Hindu political party i.e. BJP is struggling for votes simply because the Hindus do not vote for them. Even during the NDA regime they were a single largest party but their party had lesser no of seats in the loksabha than the congress in UPA I or UPA II. The muslims vote smartly and for all practical purposes, they are a majority in this country though numerically Hindus are a majority. Effectively the Hindus are a minority. Another much bigger problem is that the most of the Hindus do not feel that they have any obligation towards their religion. They only want this or that… but no question of commitment of any sort. By the time the Hindu (idiot) realises his folly it may be too late………………


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