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Ignoring Tamil Hindu Genocide in SL is a sin of Indian Politics. Delhi to Geneva all should make a ‘Justice to the 150000 Tamil victims’.


Sri Lanka

India must stand against Sri Lanka, vote for US resolution with all necessary amendments to restore the infringed Tamil Rights in SL.

Restore the Rights of Tamil Hindus in Sri LankaUpananda Brahmachari | New Delhi | 20 March 2013 :: On the day of 22nd March 2013, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) will be voting on a resolution urging Sri Lanka to carry out an internal investigation. Obviously, an independent international investigation against these human rights violations is the need of the hour.

As a key stake holder of World Peace and a neighbouring country, India has a responsibility towards the ethnic Tamil people (MOSTLY HINDUS by faith) in Sri Lanka who faced human rights violations during the civil war.

That’s why many urgent appeals have been reached urging the Prime Minister and the External Affairs Minister of India to take a strong stand for this ethnic minority at the UNHRC. But, the activities of  Indian Government and most of the Political Parties in Indian Parliament reflect a gross ignorance and apathy  to this  deadly State oppression on Tamils in Sri Lanka by a ‘Buddha Shasana’ in its gory steps.

While an independent and fair probe into the human rights violations, and fixing accountability are crucial necessity of the  towards the rehabilitation of the affected people in war-ravaged Sri Lanka, how can India indulge into a formality bashing without a strong step with out its heart felt sympathy to our victimized Tamil brothers in Sri Lanka?

Though the Italian heart of Indian Politics, Sonia Gandhi blasts Sri Lanka over ‘unspeakable atrocities’ on Tamils in a high drama (never she had view or review the matter) after DMK  quit out the UPA and Congress Govt on Tamil Issues and finally a teething reaction in Indian Politics is hitting its snubbing consciousness within for the last couple of days.

While the Indian envoy to UNHRC, Mr Dilip Kumar Sinha was instructed to immediately attend South Block in Delhi rightly flown towards Indian Capital from Geneva, 525 colleges under Annamalai University shut in Tamil Nadu over Sri Lankan Tamils issue for an indefinite period.  It was the Tamil Nadu government’s decision to rock the Centarl Govt of India in the same issue of Atrocities upon Tamil people in Sri Lanka.

But, what is most disgusting in this picture of worldwide protest and consensus  over the Tamil Issue of Sri Lanka and to corner the perpetrators of 150,000 Tamil victims so far after revealing all truths, some sections of Indian Politics, Hindu Activists and Bigot Journalists still finding friendship of Sri Lankan Government at the cost of probable Total elimination of Tamils from Sri Lanka.

This series includes Dr Subramnian Swamy of Janata Party, one Dr Shrinivasan Kalyanraman of RSS fold and another Kanchan Gupta of Niti Central Digital and columnist in Daily Pioneer, Delhi and many others who are yet to drop a shy even for the killed, looted, raped, uprooted and virtually erased Tamil people of Sri Lanka in the last two decades.

When I urged ”India must stand against Sri Lanka, vote for US resolution” against Kanchan Gupta’s article ” India must stand by Sri Lanka, vote against US resolution“, Mr Gupta asked me “to provide me with a list of 150,000 Hindus killed in Sri Lanka — names, gender, age, address”. 

When I asked Mr Gupta, “Would you be able to give the total list of Great Calcutta Killing or Noakhali Carnage as a fashion you demanded?”, he replied, “Actually list of those killed in 1946 exists on Govt records.”

I was stuck in the manners, apathy in the issue and faith upon the British records by a Macaulian breed of contemporary Indian.

As a reply I send him a collage as under. He didn’t get any time to make a reply to it.

Hindu Killing Fields. India ~ Sri Lnka.

Actually, a great conspiracy in Indian Politics always alive to divide Bharat in the North-South-East-West lobby to disunite the Hindu force in Bharat. Gupta, Swamy and Ramans are being plotted by that central Anti Hindu Force knowingly or unknowingly. A series of betrayal to Tamil Hindu people is on in the Political scenario in India. It is now suspected that the ruling Congress is trying to downplay the GENOCIDE  and have good relations with the Brutal Regime of Mahinda Rajapaksha who is now a darling of China.

As a matter of fact, political leaders in Tamilnadu and South have called on the Indian Government to take a “historic, strong, and courageous stand on the issue”. But is it an issue of the Tamil people of  Tamilnadu or the Tamil victims of Sri Lanka or an Extinction Malady of Tamil culture and heritage from the Lankan island? Why RSS, VHP or BJP could be able to address this important issue in right forum well in advance for stopping such a horrible genocide in a neighbouring country, they claim a good relation and Hindu legacy?

Actually, some Hindu Intellectuals, Politicians, Statesmen, Columnists all went to sleep when the Tamil Hindus were being  tortured ruthlessly and more than 150000 Tamil Hindus were killed by SL Govt in last two decades. But they wake up only when somebody rise their voice demanding a probe on a genocide of Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka.

They only see some LTTE Conspiracy and Christian Bogey in it.

What a tragedy for Sub Continental Hindus. But, Hopefully a resurgent Hindu force in Bharat and abroad is now fighting for a Tamil Hindu Cause on a very humanitarian rights ground. In no way we support any menace or overtone as perpetration by LTTE. But why our sensation got a total paralysis on the matter of Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka. Mind it the Sri Lankan lobby is also vocal for the retaliation of Colombo people as did in front of Indian High Commission there on 19 March to pressurize the Indian Govt to support a blood thirsty Rajapaksa.

I should not forget one octogenarian Tamil Rights Crusader of Canada, Sri Kumarathasan Rasingam, who relentlessly keep these issues on and appealed to all only to Save the Tamil Hindus’ Rights in Sri Lanka as a right wing of Hindu Existence Forum. We have a joint appeal to all concerned.

To  whom it may concern as  Tamils in Sri Lanka are Human beings and not the slaves of Sri Lankan Buddhists. 

We feel most of the Hind Organizations, Hindus, Hindu Leaders, Hindu Politicians are not fully aware of what happened and what is happening in the Traditional and historical homeland of the Tamils [Tamil Eelam] Please note that before the British captured Sri Lanka in 18th century there was Hindu Tamil Kingdoms existed and ruled by Hindu Kings.  But when the British gave independence to Sri Lanka [then called Ceylon] in 1948 the powers were handed over the majority Sinhalese.  Since then Hindu Tamils are treated as slaves. Now there is no one to give protection to the Hindu Tamils.

Hindu Tamil women and girls are raped by the army of occupation.  Tamil homeland colonized by Sinhalese.  In time to come there will be no land for Hindu Tamils and will be completely wiped out.  Kindly read, watch the two attachments below for evidence and facts.

We most respectfully and most humbly request you to highlight the real plight of Tamil people in Sri Lanka.  It is suspected that the ruling Congress is trying to downplay the GENOCIDE  and have good relations with the Brutal Regime of Mahinda Rajapaksha who is now a darling of China.

We are disappointed, dismayed, worried to understand that the Congress [anti -Hindu] party has  forced United States to dilute further the UNHCR resolution that has been submitted yesterday in Geneva at the UNHCR meeting. But why `

A. There is no mention about the Independent Investigation in to the Killings of 150000 Hindu Tamils ?

B. There is no protection to the Tamil women and girls under an army of occupation ?

C.  There is no mention about demilitarization and resettling the people back to their own land?

D. There is no mention for a political solution to the Hindu Tamils with their rights of self-determination?

Now mischievously  the ruling force in the center, Congress and UPA  in India  have watered down the US resolution to give more time and space to Sri Lanka to wipe out the remaining Hindu Tamils in Sri Lanka.  At the original draft the following were included…
1.  Appoint Independent International Investigation on War Crimes, Crimes against humanity rapes of Tamil women and girls.
2. Political solution to the Hindu Tamils so that they can look after their affairs.
Kindly request/force the Indian Parliamentarians to include these two important points in the Final resolution to be submitted tomorrow and act India accordingly in UNHRC.

In the service of Hindu Existence in this world,

Upananda Brahmachari,                                                                                               Kumarathasan Rasingam,

Hindu Sadhna Kuthir,                                                                                                    Pickering, Ontario,

Haridwar, Bharat.                                                                                                         Canada.

In fine I have only one appeal to all.  That is:  India must stand against Sri Lanka, vote for US resolution with all appropriate  amendments in favour of infringed Tamil Rights restoration in Sri Lanka and obviously open the truth of perpetration for the 150,000

Please see these two pages to get into the real Hindu Plight of Tamil People in Sri Lanka.

Pages are dedicated to all 150,000 Tamil people laid their life and dedication for a strive to uphold the Tamil ethnicity in Sri Lanka.

Post Script: For those who think the Muslim Problem in Kashmir and Tamil Problem in Sri Lanka are same and supporting Tamil issues in Sri Lanka will endanger the Kashmir problem in India.

1. The British Ruler in India hatched a conspiracy against the Majority Hindus and virtually wanted to transfer the power in 1946-47 to their Muslim stooges in Kashmir under divide and rule policy. In the same ways the Britishers in Sri Lanka transferred the power to Buddhists in Sri Lanka by snatching the powers from Hindu King in Sri Lanka in 1948 only to besiege the powers of Tamil Hindus there.

2. The Kashmir problem has been generated from a Islamic view point and aggressive Pakistani Strategy. But Tamil problem in Sri Lanka is not created by any Hindu Fundamentalism or Indian conspiracy.

3. The Majority Hindu Community in Kashmir was driven out from Kashmir by the Muslims there. But Majority Sinhala Buddhists were never uprooted and driven out from Sri Lanka by the Tamil Hindus in any case.

4. Muslims in Kashmir virtually want to merge with Pakistan though Huriyaat Conference tell a lie to camouflage. Tamils in Sri Lanka never told to merge any part of SL or Tamil majority areas with India. They only want self respect and autonomy within the SL Island.

5. The Indian Military fights against Jihadists in Kashmir but never torture Muslims in other provinces. In Contrary, the Sri Lanka Military Forces fight against LTTE and torture common Tamil people all over Sri Lanka to extinct them.

Please try to understand the real situation of Tamils first, then we have to go for any equation or solution.




Courtesy: All Link Sources.

9 comments on “Ignoring Tamil Hindu Genocide in SL is a sin of Indian Politics. Delhi to Geneva all should make a ‘Justice to the 150000 Tamil victims’.

  1. G.Kannan
    March 20, 2013

    Thank You Upananda Brahmachari !

    Even though it is little too late and too little at least you are awake today and after 4 long years of merciless raping of war widows uptil now, killing of elderly, women, and Children during SriLankan war, like our DMK patriach M.Karunanithi.

    We came to a foregone conclusion that Tamils are not Hindus. We are Tamils first and Tamils last and let us be annihilated by Sri Lanka and alienated by GOI and the other 100 crores Hindus (?) of India.

    Are you angry with me ? Be it so ! If you have heart kindly see why I say so.
    Why ? Because we call ourselves as Tamils.

    Is it sin to be a Tamil ? Are we not “the last and surviving ancient civilisation of the world” ?

    Pl. see what is happening around us. See for yourself if you are a true Hindu as proclaimed by you people.

    1. In Colombo on 1st March 2013 Subramaniya Swamy Shakes hands with Rajapakshe, (see photo annexed) the greatest demolisher of our most ancient Temples in Srilanka next only to Gazini Mohammad and Gori Mohammad.

    2.On the very Next day i.e., on 2nd March 2013 Subramaniyaswami flies directly from Colombo to Srirangam near Thiruchirapalli and share the dais with HH (?) Sankarachari of Kanchi sitting side by side with equal honour extended to religious heads only.
    (See. Photo annexed) in the Conference held by Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

    These 2 photos speak volumes on the hypocrisy practised here in Tamil Nadu by Sankara Mutt and its head.

    Deliberations of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Conference : (02-03-2013 & 03-03-2013)
    (Just 18 days ago from now.)

    i. Vedandhamji ( Adviser: International Vishwa Hindu Parishad):
    Had it not been said that those who were killed were Tamils instead of Hindus, all 100 crores of Hindus would have stood behind them

    ii. Subramaniya Swami : Tamils should learn Sanskrit besides their mother tongue or they should compulsorily learn Hindi.

    iii. Sankarachari of Kanchi : Hindus should unite to rebuild Rama Temple at Ayodhya.

    iv. When Thamizh Thiru Arjun Sampath a lone leader shouting from the roof top about the demolition of Temples and rebuilding Buddha Vihars on it. A Buddha Statue has already been installed in all Tamil Temples. They we are fallen into deaf ears.

    I need not ask you, as you are already aware of truths. We know it for certain that you would apologise for 4 year delay like DMK.

    Be a judge and decide for yourself.



    • hinduexistence
      March 20, 2013

      Welcome Shri Govindasami Kannan in our Hindu Existence Site. I think you will visit it on regular basis.

      Since the inception of our Hindu Existence (it was a blog then in wordpress), we gave the importance of the status of Hindus outside Bharat (India) whether they belong to Malaysia, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka.

      We are blood related with Hindus globally, we don’t believe any sectarian outlook comes from caste, language, rituals or regions.

      But, we have also the limitation but not any excuse.

      I feel your sentiment my blood brother Govindasami. Without contradicting anything right in this critical juncture, just to request to search ‘Tamil genocide’, ‘Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka’ , ‘Killing fields in Sri Lanka’ in my site search. You will get some results to understand your allegation about ‘4 yrs delay’ by us.

      For your kind information, I would like to convey you that in June 2012, the First Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan in Goa gave equal importance upon the plight of Sri Lankan Tamil along with the persecuted Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan.
      Shri Arjun Sampath of Hindu Makkal Katchi raised the point and it was resolved accordingly. I was among the forerunners to support and promote the resolution and follow up.

      I am assure this issue will get more importance in the Second Hindu Rashtra Adhiveshan will be held again in June 2013 at Goa under the initiative of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.


      You can contact Arjun Sampath at or me at


      Upananda Brahmachari,
      Editor, Hindu Existence.


  2. Priyadarshi Dutta
    March 20, 2013

    Respected Upananda Brahmachari

    Thank You for telling the truth bluntly to ‘conspiracy theorists’ Hindus who know nothing about the history of modern Sri Lanka. May view my article published in The Pioneer last year on Swami Vivekananda’s visit to Ceylon in 1897-

    1. The Sri Lankan connection of Swami Vivekananda
    1 February 2012, 1:05 pm

    By Priyadarshi Dutta

    Narendranath Dutta known as Swami Vivekananda was the chief disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsar and founded the Ramakrishna mission that performs commendable service in many parts of the world including Sri Lanka.

    Swami Vivekananda is a Bengali who was born in 1863 and passed away in 1902. He was greatly responsible for ushering in a modern Hindu renaissance.

    The Swamy propagated “Vedanta” and “Karmayoga” to the western world, promoted inter-faith awareness and helped place Hinduism on the global map as a major religion.

    Swami Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary celebrations are on. His 110th death anniversary will be commemorated this year.

    The 150th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Swami Vivekananda in Sri Lanka: Tambalakamam


    Ramakrishna Mission Colombo Centre

    Pictures by Ramakrishna Mission, Colombo 06, Sri Lanka

    Swami Vivekananda undertook a ten day visit in 1897 to Sri Lanka or Ceylon as it was known then. This was shortly after his return from the West.

    Priyadarshi Dutta has written an informative article on this connection between Swami Vivekananda and our beautiful Island for “The Pioneer”.

    I am reproducing it in full on my Blog with due acknowledgement

    Here it is Friends-DBS Jeyaraj

    Vivekananda’s Lankan connection.

    By Priyadarshi Dutta.

    As the country celebrates the 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, PRIYADARSHI DUTTA takes a look at an forgotten aspect of his life: His 10-day visit to Sri Lanka in January 1897, soon after his successful journey to the West

    This is the punya bhoomi, the land of karma. Today I stand here and say, with the conviction of truth, that it is so. If there is any land on this earth that can lay claim to be the blessed punya bhoomi, to be the land to which souls on this earth must come to account for karma, the land to which every soul that is wending its way towards God must come to attain its last home, the land where humanity has attained its highest towards gentleness, towards generosity, towards purity, towards calmness, above all, the land of introspection and spirituality — it is India”.

    This is an extract from Swami Vivekananda’s first public lecture in the East. Delivered soon after his return from the West (1893-1896), it was his first speech advocating India to recognise its spiritual mission. Such idolisation of India inspired the nationalist movement that broke out within a decade. Curiously, this speech was delivered neither on India’s territory nor addressed to the Indians. It was delivered in the Floral Hall of Colombo, Sri Lanka, on January 16, 1897, where the Lankan Tamils comprised the audience.
    Lankan Tamils still remember the Swami fondly, but do we?

    Read details in the link:

    2. Jaffna’s Hindu reformer.

    Saturday, 22 December 2012 18:41

    The month marks the 190th birth anniversary of Arumuga Navalar, who heralded Hindu renaissance in colonial Sri Lanka. PRIYADARSHI DUTTA has more to say…..

    The Jaffna peninsula, predominantly Tamil, is the headland of Hinduism in Sri Lanka. Nallur, once the capital of the rulers of Jaffna, is famous for the temple of Kandaswamy (Lord Karthikeyan or Murugan), presumably built in 874 AD. The credit is accorded to Sri Sangha Bodi Puvaneka Bahu, a Sinhalese-Buddhist king who also founded Yalapanam (later called Jaffna). But in historical memory, Jaffna has always been Tamil and Hindu. It has borne several ordeals like fanatic Catholic-Portuguese rule in the 16th-17th century and Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinism in independent Sri Lanka. Under the British rule, beginning 1803, there was a revival of Hinduism and sacred temples demolished by fanatic Portuguese were restored.

    It was in Nallur that a boy called Kandar Arumuga Pillai was born on December 18, 1822. His family was Vellala, the dominant caste among Lankan Tamils who, unlike Indian Tamils, had few Brahmins among them. His father passed away when Arumuga was nine. Arumuga astonished everybody by completing Tamil play Ratnavilasam, which his father had left unfinished. This alerted his elder brothers about his talent.

    Arumuga distinguished himself in both Tamil and English. He also taught English to lower classes and Tamil to the upper. At the age of 19, he was tasked to assist his principal, Reverend Peter Percival, a scholar of English and Tamil, to translate the Bible into Tamil. The work lasted for six years until 1846, and ultimately triumphed against a rival translation from Madras in the decision of a joint committee of Jaffna Bible Auxiliary Society and Madras Bible Society. At last in 1850 the Tamil Bible — known as Union Tentative Edition — was published by American Mission at Madras.
    The assignment proved helpful to Arumuga. His mastery over Christian doctrines prepared him to take on the evangelists. He also studied the techniques adopted by evangelists to spread Christianity. He remained an observant Shaivite during the assignment. He, thereafter, immersed himself in study of Shaiva Siddhanta — the classical Tamil doctrine of Shaivism. Arumuga saw degeneration in Shaivism and wanted to restore Shaiva Siddhanta to its pristine glory. He studied Devaram (Hymns to Shiva), Sanskrit grammar, Upanishads, etc. ……….
    Read the details in :


  3. Dr. Gautam Sen
    March 21, 2013

    India is constrained diplomatically though I doubt it will gain anything by ignoring human rights abuses by the war criminals in Colombo. They will be duly betrayed despite all attempts to please war criminals like Mahinda Rajapaksa (some Buddhist!) and his bunch of killers (adherents to Protestant Buddhism). Perhaps Indians should celebrate the fact that these egregious killings were facilitated by Sino-Pak arms and military advisers.
    The excuse that Prabhakaran was a murderous Christian thug, like most of his associates, who first destroyed all other Tamil organisations, does not justify the cold blooded killing of his son, gang rape and mass murder. Nor does seeking justice for innocent Tamils entail advocacy of independence for northen Sri Lanka, the reason why Prabahakaran led Tamils into disaster. But this is what Pakistan did in its own eastern province in 1971 and India, if I recall correctly, sent an army to stop it. Unfortunately, Hindus are terribly clever and unfailingly manage to shoot themselves in the foot.


    Dr. Gautam Sen.


  4. R.Sridharan
    March 21, 2013

    Subject: [TamilBJP] Fw: [Branded Indian] India must stand against Sri Lanka, vote for US resolution to probe on Tamil Genocide.

    It is amazing that even educated and well informed people still speak about Srilanka as a friendly country while its actions belie that claim

    Not a day passes without our fishermen being shot at by the Srilanka navy in the high seas.

    Even though this has been going on for so many years our government is unbelievably indifferent to this problem.

    Kachativu was given as a ‘dhana’to srilanka by Indira Gandhi

    What was the need for it?

    Is it the family estate of Nehru family?

    Were the opinions and sentiments of the people of Tamilnadu taken into account before this decision was taken?

    Now our fishermen cannot even approach kachativu without getting shot by the Srilankan navy

    Srilanka is cocking a snook at India by becoming closer to China, our chief bully.

    China is slowly completing its ‘operation pearl necklace’ by surrounding India through Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal,and now Srilanka

    Is this an act of friendship?
    There were reports that sinhalese were being resettled in Tamil Hindu areas to make them minority.

    scores of Hindu temples were reported to be demolished.
    As usual our politicians are reluctant to use the word ‘Hindu’
    Even though their they speak Tamil, the Srilankan muslims never associated with the movement for equal rights by the Hindu Tamils.

    There were instances when they were attacked by the LTTE for being informers of Srilankan army

    But our politicians and the media cunningly keep bracketing them with the Tamils.

    In one TV channel while talking about Subramanian swamy the anti-Hindu anchor was seen asking a student activist ‘ now do you understand who are the enemies of the Tamil race?’ subtly instigating him against a particular caste while another was pompously saying that there are three types of Srilanka Tamils and one of them is the Muslims!
    All this while the lankan muslims have been consistently claiming that they have a separate identity and have nothing to do with the so-called Tamil resistance!

    Right thinking persons do not say there should be a division of Srilanka.

    Only that the now familiar efforts to make the Hindus extinct in Srilanka -like it happened in Pakistan,Burma,Afghanistan,Malaysia, Uganda, Fiji and other places- should be stopped.



    • Thank you Sridharan. Indefinite fast by young college students in TN causes worry. When confronted the students said , we mean it and we know State or Central Government would not act. We would rather die and many would follow suit.

      Is it fair to keep quiet.



  5. Dear Swamiji,
    Vankkam ,

    But urgently I seek interference of people like you and Swamiji to see the writing on the wall.
    Many young College students are on the indefinite fast in TN. Many would follow . They say they want die when 40000 people died in one day ! They mean it when they said it.

    Waste not time ! Time bomb is ticking.


  6. Kishor V. Ruparelia
    March 21, 2013

    It is most sickening that the Indian Govt is virtually helping the SL govt. to whitewash the horrendous atrocity inflicted on the ordinary innocent Tamils of SL in the name of war against LTTE.
    Now that the resolution is so much watered down and turned into a “slap on wrist”, there is no hope of achieving justice for thousands of innocent victims. The stance taken by the Indian Govt
    is indicative of rising indifference and alienation between Indian states – so much for one nation. The Tamils of India cannot be expected to silently suffer the pain and agony they feel for the
    Tamils of SL; in fact, the whole of India should feel the same pain.

    Kishor V. Ruparelia


  7. Surinder Paul Attri
    April 3, 2013

    Subj: Mistreatment of minority-Hindus by the majority-Sinhalese government of Sri Lanka

    1. It is gapingly obvious that for decades, the minority Hindu population of Sri Lanka, has had to agonize & suffer the pain & consequences of discrimination & bigotry, at the hands of majority-Sinhalese government. Hindus have no chance against the raw power of the Sinhalese government. Even though the presence of this incredible-inequity has external appearance, the whole world seems to have turned a blind eye towards, the plight of the tormented Hindus of Sri Lanka.

    2. Staring at no improvement in the frame of mind of the Sinhalese governemnt, the Hindus ( generally referred to as the Tamils ) had no choice but to take up arms, under the banner of LTTE ( Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Elam ), to fight injustice inflicted upon the Tamils of Sri Lanika. This fight against the injustice imposed upon the Tamils, continued for 30 years. Hundreds of thousands of Tamils died in this struggle, and hundreds of thousands of them, had to flee to India, and arrive at the shores of Tamil Naidu.

    3. In spite of all this trial, turmoil, and tribulation, the government of Sri Lanka has learned next to nothing from this troubling occurrence. The Sri Lankan government refuses to change its discriminatory attitude, and has taken no steps to relieve the suffering of its Tamil population. It totally refuses to address the grievances of Tamils of North & East Sri lanka. It is in no mood to take back the hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan Tamils, who are now living in India.

    4. Sri Lankan government has defeated the LTTE, but has not achieved peace, because of its failure to render equitable treatment to its Tamil populaltion, with full recognition of their civil & political rights. However, this approach of the Sri Lankan government to dominate & oppress its minority Tamil citizens, is bound to backfire. This approach will not work, nor will it benefit the Sri Lankan government, it will only further widen the gulf between the Sinhalese & Tamill populations of Sri Lanka.

    5. LTTE is defeated but the desire of the Tamil population of Sri Lanka, for equal treatment, is neither dead nor can it be extinguished. No lasting peace is possible in Sri Lanka, without addressing the grievances of the Tamil population of Sri Lanka. Further, the plight of the suffering Tamil population of Sri Lanka, is now attracting the attention of world bodies, including the UN, who is now calling upon the Sri Lankan government, to take pro-active steps, to alleviate the sufferings of its Tamil population.

    6. Sri Lankan government would be smart to learn from its recent history. Otherwise, it is asking for more trouble in the years ahead. Another LTTE or equivalent organization, to resist & thwart the unequal treatment of Sri Lankan Tamils, cannot be considered impossible nor without reason.

    Surinder Paul Attri


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