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Ban Suspicious Madrasas, Public use of Burqa and Cow smuggling to Stop Jihadi Terror in India.

Three things must be banned to stop Islamic Terror Module  in Bengal: Unsanctioned suspicious Madrasas, Public Use of  Burqa and Cross Border Cow smuggling rackets. 

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

simulia-madrasa-nia-inspectHindu Existence News Bureau | Kolkata | 12 Oct 2014:: Three things  in West Bengal have been symbolized as icon of Terror Module here viz  (i) unsanctioned (Kharizi) Madrasa sprouting here and there in rural Bengal and trying to spread Jihad (ii) the burqa clad women or a man underneath strengthening the training and logistics system of Jihad and (iii) cow smuggling racket pumping huge money for the purpose of fatal Jihad all through.

The Khagragarh blast has been appeared as the tip of the iceberg.  The unsanctioned (Kharizi) Madrasa network at Shimulia, Beldanga, Kirnahar, Karimpur yet to reveal the whole of the story of Azamgarh Module in Bengal to radicalize the young Bengali Muslim mindset  to unleash the  propaganda of Islamic State through Al Qaeda, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen BD, Indian Mujaheddin and ISI cropped up with the patronage of core Islamist group within Trinmool Congress (TMC) having the iconic face of Ahamed Hasan Imran, a Rajya Sabha MP of TMC as well as the founder member of Student Islamic Movement of India. This Ahamed Hasan Imran established the Kalom magazine and afterwards started the Dainik Kalom (Daily News Paper) for the upheaval of Jihad in Bengal with the money of Saradha scam. It is also hinted in a report that Imran is a Pakistani and suspected as an operator of money laundering from Saradha scam to the Jehadi outfits of Bangladesh. In a report of Special Branch of West Bengal Police, Imran was mentioned as a conspirator of Canning (Naliakhali) Riot in 2013.

Though most of the evidences were tried to wash away by the state police as alleged as where the explosion had occurred, some proofs were recovered by National Investigative Agencey (NIA)  afterwards in the form of allegedly burnt incriminating material, including pamphlets that mentioned Al Qaeda chief Ayman al Zawahari and the words “Mujaheddin” and “Chechen Rebels”.

The melodrama of Burqa Ghar (Burkqa making shop) both found in Kharagarh blast site and in the house of a Assam based Muslim Doctor (Dentist couple) in Dhubri and Barpeta  in Assam under the scanner of NIA for the investigation of helping Khagragarh Jihadi Module with finance, training and logistics.

Now, NIA is probing whether the Mujaheddin used to come in Shimulia Madrasa under the cover of Burqa to hide away their identity and Jihadi arms and ammunition.

Most alarming thing is  that Cow smuggling rackets in Bengal have been pumping a huge finance to the terror modules in Bengal and now it  hits the media also as a daylight truth.

As Bangladesh Govt approved cow smuggling through Indo-BD border under customs penalty, approximately 50-60 lakhs cattle (mainly cows, bulls and bullocks)  entered into Bangladesh from India in legalized way which makes yearly turnover of 14-15 thousand crores of rupees (Indian currency) out of which 3500-4000 crores (25-30%) of rupees is likely to be pumped in terror groups to unleash Jihad in Bengal and all over India.

Moreover the fake currency rackets are also another support source of the Mujaheddin rackets both Bengal and India.

Madrasa-Burqa-Cow smuggling

Lately exposed that the terror group Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) was planning to make rocket launchers with lathe machines, using designs downloaded from the internet on mobile phones, counter-terror agencies investigating the October 2 blast at Burdwan in West Bengal have uncovered in which two alleged Bangladeshi bomb makers — Shamim Shakil Ahmed and Sovhan Mondal — died in the explosion.

Abdul Hakim — also injured in the blast — confirmed that the entire group, including the two dead, belonged to the JMB, a terror outfit linked to the banned Jamaat-e-Islami that is bitterly opposed to Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Hakim, however, refused to give out further details, saying he didn’t trust the Indian police.

Ahmed’s wife Rumi Bibi stated that the group was trying to reproduce the weapons using a lathe machine, investigators said.

Photos of rocket launcher designs and projectiles were found in the records of mobile phones destroyed in the blast, sources added.

If Al-Qaeda literature is found in a house in the busy streets of Burdwan, right under the noses of both the West Bengal as well as central intelligence agencies, what more is going on in the country without their knowledge? And will the citizens ever feel safe?

But, in a shocking move, the Burdwan police took the controversial decision of detonating a cache of home-made bombs after clearance from the top brass. After the accidental blast that killed two people in a Burdwan flat, the district police had found gelatin sticks, 59 improvised explosive devices and 55 hand grenades. But instead of waiting for National Investigation Agency (NIA) to come, the bomb disposal squad of the CID detonated the devices in controlled conditions in two phases.

As West Bengal terror plot unfolds, some media gets interrogation details of the women who were arrested in connection with the Burdwan blast. The interrogation details have revealed terror group’s two pronged strategy. One agenda of the terror group was to attack West Bengal during festivities while the other plan was to smuggle bombs across the border to target Bangladeshi establishment. Some media houses also accessed the intel report which says that Intelligence Bureau shared a report on Al Qaeda and threat emanating from the video posted by the group’s leader on a micro blogging site and social networking forum.

But, Bengal Jihad module is fully on under the dare devil mentality of West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, who obviously tries to guard the Jihad module for her political gain and  for some mystery.

In this context, three things must be banned in West Bengal immediately to stop Islamic Terror Module: Unsanctioned suspicious Madrasas every where, specially in border areas; Public Use of  Burqa and Cross Border Cow smuggling racket.

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3 comments on “Ban Suspicious Madrasas, Public use of Burqa and Cow smuggling to Stop Jihadi Terror in India.

  1. Yogendra Korde
    October 15, 2014

    You can see the kind of teachings given at madrasas in this video. It is really shocking.


  2. S kumar
    October 16, 2014

    What they teach in madrasas

    By CK Mohan

    None of the 55 Muslim countries of the world have mademadrasa education equivalent to modern education in their countries. Hence,candidates with madrasa qualification would not get jobs in Muslim countries.But in Hindu-majority secular India, the madrasa-qualified candidates are made eligible for selection to everygovernment jobs, at par with CBSE qualified candidates.

      The decision of the Congress-UPA government to makemadrasa education equivalent to C.B.S.E, was strangely taken just after it wasofficially reported to it, about the incident in which some Muslim youths ofKerala, who were killed in an encounter with the Indian security forces inKashmir, actually belonged to a group, that went to the madrasas of Hyderabadand Ahmedabad, for higher studies in religious education. The motivation fromthat education was so intense that they were prepared to sacrifice their lives,for the cause of Islam. They went to Kashmir, fought along with the Muslimseparatists of Kashmir, for its separationfrom Hindu India. The revelation that higher studies in madrasas createterrorists, who fight against their own country, was shocking to every Indians,except to their rulers in Delhi . Such reports and the shocking disclosureof the NSA about the 800 sleeper cells of purely Indian Islamic terror network,all over India, do not seem to deter the rulers at the centre from taking more steps topromote and encourage madrasa education. It seems that these rulers aredetermined to destroy Indiain its entirety.

    It is very pertinent to note that the Muslims of India have never demanded tomake Madrasa education equivalent to the CBSE, knowing its ineligibility to it.It is the leaders of the ruling parties, who invent and introduce bizarre andperverted schemes to pamper and appease the Muslim community. They attributeoppression and discrimination by the majority community as the reason for theslightly lesser percentage of the literacy rate among the Muslims, incomparison to Hindus. They intentionally and maliciously conceal the fact thateven in neighboring Muslim countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan,the literacy rate among Muslims remain much lower than the literacy rate ofIndian Muslims. None could allege that Muslims are oppressed and discriminatedin those countries also.

    The aversion of Muslim fanatics towards modern education, which directly clashwith the religious beliefs of Islam and its taboo of women education are infact the reasons for the educational backwardness of Muslims. Denial of education to Muslimwomen, by Muslims themselves, directly and naturally lowers the literacy rateamong Muslims. Mortally afraid of the religious backlash, if taken up anyofficial campaign against the Islamic aversion and taboo towards moderneducation, all the echelons in the govt turn to the whipping boy, the majoritycommunity, and blame it, even for the lower rate of literacy among Muslims andmake it the lame excuse to confer on madrasas the equivalent status of CBSE. Nodoubt the decision of the Central Government to make madrasa educationequivalent to CBSE is a chauvinistic move to return India back to the dark ages ofIslamic rule, under various foreign Muslim rulers. It is a challenge to theconcept of the modern educational system based on secularism, equality of humanbeings, religious tolerance and modern scientific ethos. It is beyond beliefwhy the so- called champions of secularism in Congress, communist parties andthe intellectuals of various fields keep a studied silence on this retrogrademove.

    None of the 55 Muslim countries of the world have made madrasa educationequivalent to modern education in their countries. Hence, candidates withmadrasa qualification would not get the jobs in Muslim countries. But in Hindumajority secular India, the madrasa-qualified candidates are made eligible for selection to everygovernment jobs, at par with CBSE qualified candidates. They are also madeeligible for admission to medical, engineering, law, management and eventeachers training courses, who are to mould the future generations.

    Finding that madrasa education produce fundamentalists, extremists, terroristsand suicide bombers, who create havoc in their countries, even the Muslimcountries have been taking steps to control and restrict it. The gun-wieldingstudents and teachers of the Lal Masjid madrasa, had posed a grave threat evento a Muslim country like Pakistanit was forced to order military action against them, killing scores of itsteachers and students. When the whole Muslim world plan overtime to controlmadrasa education, it is the incredible India which grants thousands ofcrores of rupees to it, from the public exchequer, in the guise of itsmodernisation and conferred on it, the respectable high status at par with theCBSE, so as to boost and encourage it. Not to be left behind, the KeralaGovernment, which arrested and charge sheeted around thirty Muslim youths ofthe state, who went to Kashmir via madrasas of Hyderabad and Ahmedabad andwaged a war against the country, immediately announced Rs 4,000 monthly pensionto the barely literate madrasa teachers, apart from welfare fund and otherbenefits from the public exchequer.

    Before entering into any debate on madrasa education, one should be familiarwith the basic principles of the Quran. The Quran categorises human beings intotwo – Al Mu’minun ( believers /Muslims) and al kafirun (non-believers/non-Muslims /idol worshippers) . Muslims are people who submit to the commandsof Allah (who believe Allah as the only God, who believe Mohammed as Allah’s lastProphet, believe in kiyamath (end of the world / day of judgement / day ofresurrection) and who live strictly according to the dictates of Allahcontained in the Quran, the sunna and hadith. Only such persons are eligible toenter paradise as described in scores of verses of the Quran. All other peoplewho belong to all other religions are Kafirs , who are totally ineligible toenter paradise , but only eligible for the horribly described hell.

    It is only the madrasa education, without any access to modern education, thatcreated Taliban in Afghanistanand Pakistan. The threat posed by the Taliban and its numerous offshoots to the entireworld, especially to India, need not be highlighted. Muslim students of madrasas, after having mademadrasa education equivalent to C.B.S.E, not having any access to the modern,secular education, are not to be blamed, if they turn out to be fanatics andextremists. Apparently, the leaders who lead the present Central Government,which has made madrasa education equivalent to C.B.S.E, have not held thenational interests above petty vote-bank politics. Already the Indians havelost the sense of security due to the frequent serial bomb blasts by theIslamic terrorists, who had quoted many chilling quotations for justifyingtheir war against the Hindu idol-worshippers, in their e-mails sent to themedias just before the Jaipur and Ahmedabad serial bomb blasts.

    The Indians already feel that they are besieged in their own homeland. All theHindus of the Kashmir Valley have either been driven out or massacred, justfor their unwavering allegiance to India , by the terrorists led bymadrasa-educated clerics. Encouraging madrasa education by the government woulddefinitely escalate terrorism and would also prove to be too costly thesecurity of the nation.

    No wonder, it was also the Central Government headed by the diehard secularIndira Gandhi of the grand old Indian National Congress, which sent an officialdelegation of ministers to the conference of the Organisation Of IslamicCountries, held at Rabath, Morocco and begged for its membership, for the greatsovereign, socialist, democratic, and secular republic of India. Jai Ho!

    (The writer can be contacted at P.M.Cottage,

      From: Struggle for Hindu Existence To: Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2014 12:03 AM Subject: [New post] Ban Suspicious Madrasas, Public use of Burqa and Cow smuggling to Stop Jihadi Terror in India. #yiv2794338481 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv2794338481 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv2794338481 a.yiv2794338481primaryactionlink:link, #yiv2794338481 a.yiv2794338481primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv2794338481 a.yiv2794338481primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv2794338481 a.yiv2794338481primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv2794338481 | hinduexistence posted: “Three things must be banned to stop Islamic Terror Module  in Bengal: Unsanctioned suspicious Madrasas, Public Use of  Burqa and Cross Border Cow smuggling rackets. ~ Upananda Brahmachari.Hindu Existence News Bureau | Kolkata | 12 Oct 2014:: Three thi” | |


  3. Debojit Saikia
    October 17, 2014

    As Guwahati is the hub of North East the Local Muslims are providing full shelter to the Bangladeshi infiltrators are seen as they are mostly ragpickers,labourer involved in thrift of cows and in transit of the animal for slaughter.


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