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Big Exposure: Burdwan AlQaeda-IM-SIMI module wanted to kill President of India. ???

Al Qaeda Is Full Bloom In West Bengal….

Is a part of Trinamul working as Al Qaeda-IM-SIMI-Outfit?

Mamata’s ‘Ma-Mati-Manush’ makes Bengal Jihad on bloom: Three more ‘Jhadi’ terror hideouts found in Burdwan, West Bengal.

It was not only a planning to make a Hindu Massacre in Durga puja crowd in Kolkata, planning suggested  an attack to assassinate Indian President busy in his Durga puja rituals in his village residence  !!! 

3 more terror hideouts found in Burdwan

Mission Bengal JihadSaibal Gupta & Debajyoti Chakraborty | Burdwan & Kolkata | TNN | Oct 9, 2014:: The Burdwan blast has exposed a chilling home truth in Bengal, much discussed but seldom put on record. CID on Wednesday sealed three more houses in the vicinity of the ‘IED factory’ and a cyber cafe from where terrorists used to download manuals to make rocket launchers, indicating yet again that the state is turning into a terror logistics hub.

Alarmingly, the terror trail has reached President Pranab Mukherjee’s native village, Kirnahar, in Birbhum. CID has recovered an activated SIM card used to make 16 calls on September 27 and 28 to terrorist Shakil Gazi, who was killed in the Khagragarh blast, and two others. Calls from this SIM were made to someone in Kirnahar, too. Mukherjee was in his village for Durga Puja on October 2, when the IEDs blew up in Burdwan, some 70km away.

During raids in Burdwan’s Baburbagh, Mathpara and Badsahi Road on Wednesday, investigators seized two 9mm and 7.62mm pistols, 69 bullets, half-burnt papers, a driving licence and a diary with telltale jottings of what the suspects were up to. Another team confiscated the hard disk of a computer at Kesabganj Chati cyber cafe from where Shakil allegedly Skyped messages to other members of the terror module. The cyber cafe is barely half a kilometre from a police outpost. Police have rounded up the owner.

Investigators believe the absconding kingpin Kausar and another terror operative Rasique used to stay at the Baburbagh house at intervals and had taken several consignments to Bangladesh in the last two months. CID is yet to trace these dreaded militants who used to serve as linkmen with the various modules spread over four districts — Burdwan, Birbhum, Nadia and Murshidabad. They used to work under the supervision of three coordinators who are suspected to have crossed the border after the blast.

Their secretive lifestyle was the same as that of the Khagragarh inmates. They lived as couples, hardly mingled with neighbours. The women always wore burqas and men were never seen without helmets. They came out of their houses only after sundown and wouldn’t allow men to walk up to the roof of the two-storey house. They took the house on a Rs 5,000 monthly rent. What’s more, the seized SIM card was used in five cellphones to make calls to Jammu & Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Mumbai and Bangladesh.

CID have charged all four arrested in the Khagragarh blast case with waging war against the state under UAPA, said home secretary Basudeb Banerjee. CID suspects that they have links with terrorist organizations like Al Jihad and Huji. On Wednesday, CID interrogated accused Hasan Saheb, who was injured in the blast and is recuperating in Burdwan Medical College. Investigators believe he is a storehouse of information on the terror module.

Sadly, rather than joining forces to stop the terror tentacles in the state, Bengal’s politicians are playing tit-for-tat blame games. Trinamool national secretary Mukul Roy hit the streets in Burdwan on Wednesday to counter CPM’s rally for an NIA inquiry. Leader of the Opposition Surjya Kanta Mishra demanded immediate removal of Burdwan SP SMH Meerza. BJP leaders will take out a rally on Thursday for an NIA probe into the Khagragarh blast. [Courtesy: TOI].

Jihad factories alias Mosques and Madrasahs…..

Role of madarsa as nursery for terrorism comes into limelight

Jihad in MadarsaBibhas Bhattacharyya | Hindustan Times | Burdwan | October 08, 2014:: The role of a madarsa at Mangalkot in Burdwan district, as a nursery for jihadi ideals swung into the limelight as a team of CID and police officers raided on it on Monday night.

The women-only madarsa is where Runi Bibi and Amina Bibi, who were arrested on Sunday in connection with the blast, underwent jihadi training. On Monday, the CID arrested accused Abdul Hakim — who was injured in the blast and is undergoing treatment.

Police officers told HT that the jihadi training was not to be confused with the training in arms and combat imparted to terrorists but was an indoctrination through studies instead. The officers cautioned some people at the madarsa but did not shut it down.

Hasem Mollah, who was arrested Sunday, was interrogated by the senior CID officers at Bhwani Bhavan in Kolkata on Tuesday. Prior to joining this group, Mollah was familiar with Abul Kalam, another accused. “Not only did they get training, but these two would also impart training to new students. The two women got training in firearms too,” said a CID sleuth, adding that the women may have travelled to Bangladesh through the porous border.

An officer of Burdwan police said that after the blast on October 2, the women and an injured Abdul Hakim attempted to flee the spot but did not succeed as neighbours had spotted the body of Shakil Ahmed – which they tried to leave behind.

A small lathe machine was recovered from the spot. “The machine was used for making explosives,” police said, adding, “The accused were trying to install a bigger
lathe machine. They needed a skillful lathe machine operator to work it. Runi Bibi told us that her husband and others were talking about it.” The CID have also identified two other suspects — Yusuf Seikh and Shanawaj Biwi — who are absconding. [Courtesy: HT].

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3 comments on “Big Exposure: Burdwan AlQaeda-IM-SIMI module wanted to kill President of India. ???

  1. Ma Durga Saved Our President in Birbhum and killed two Ashurs in Burdwan.

    President Pranab Mukherjee spent Durga Puja near terror hideout

    President’s son and Congress MP Abhijit Mukherjee has demanded an NIA probe into the blast.
    President Pranab Mukherjee to attend NIT Trichy golden jubilee celebr…President Pranab Mukherjee visits ailing wife in Gurgaon hospitalUniversities need to become drivers of innovation: President Pranab M…Leader of opposition status: Sonia meets President Pranab MukherjeePoor ranking of education institutes upsets President Pranab Mukherjee
    BIRBHUM: No one knew that the President was so close to a terror den during the Durga Puja. His elder sister didn’t have a clue of the potential danger so close to her home Parota village in Kirnahar where Pranab Mukherjee had stayed during the Puja. Of course, the security men accompanying the Prez were also clueless.

    Although a large police force cordoned off the house after the Khagragarh blast in Burdwan district on October 2, a single-storied house, just a five-minute walk from the Mukherjee’s house, in Dakshin Nimra village neighbouring Parota, escaped its attention. As it now transpires, this house, amid thick bushes, is the address of Islamic terrorist Kausar’s brother-in-law Shiekh Kader.

    READ ALSO: Bibi & Bibi were part of female hit squad

    3 more terror hideouts found in Burdwan

    According to police, the house was built by Kausar. Its inmates fled soon after the blast locking the house from outside. Police on Thursday rounded up local shopkeeper Sukul Shiekh for interrogation. State investigating agency (CID) got a whiff of the Kirnahar connection after it recovered an activated SIM card used to make 16 calls on September 27 and 28 to terrorist Shakil Ahmed, who killed in the blast, and to someone in Kirnahar.

    President’s son and Congress MP Abhijit Mukherjee has demanded an NIA probe into the blast. “It is a matter of grave concern. It was beyond my imagination that such people stayed so close to the house where the President spent four days. I want the NIA to investigate the incident,” said the Congress MP from Delhi.

    (President Pranab Mukherjee during Durga Puja at his ancestral house in Mirati. Photo: PTI)

    The President’s ancestral house at Mirati is 3 km from her elder sister’s Parota home. This time, Mukherjee chose to stay at Parota and go to Mirati for the puja rituals. According to sources, there was both general and specific alert of an untoward incident in the vicinity. Acting on the alert, a huge police force led by DIG rank officers had cordoned off the Parota house.

    Khagragarh, where the blast took place, is 80 kilometers away from Kirnahar and is connected with state highway, popularly known as Badsahi Road.

    (President Pranab Mukherjee with his elder sister Annanapurna Bandapadhay (L) & elder brother Pijush Mukhopadhaya (R) at his ancestral village Mirati to attend the family’s Durga Puja: PTI Photo)

    Dakshin Nimra villagers said that the inmates of the house that is suspected to be a terror hideout, seldom mingled with them and never allowed anyone inside. “Kadar used to stay in this house with his mother. They seldom talked to us. We heard that Kadar worked as mason and often went to Chennai and other cities to work and earned a lot. But the house is locked from outside for the last four days,” a neighbour said.

    Kirnahar gram panchayat pradhan and Nimra resident Shibaram Chatterjee said: “I can’t recall Kadar right now. People come to me every day with problems. I had no clue that such people are my neighbours. I have come to know it from the police and the media.”


  2. Samir
    October 11, 2014

    pronob Mukherjee and his son need to know that the Italian Christian Evil white skinned Nazi Vatican-ISIL Opus Dei Tadaka sonia is hands in glove with the Al Qaida-ISIL-ISI-Terrorist Monster, which is SOLELY being financed and backed by the Evil nefarious and monstrous Church-Vatican Mafia in India and Italian Drug, organ harvesting, child trafficking (as Vatican and white skins are pedophile bastards),women trafficking Mafia backed by that Italian Don, Mother superiorr sonia and her piglets and traitors of the media. Pronob Mukherjee before becoming Prez was licking the Boots of same Italian Tadaka, whose REAL EVIL AIM is to Break India, as a United India cannot be controlled even by USA leave alone the gutter Italy, whose only export is mafia and whores much like phillipines.
    Atleast Dear Prez wake up, India has the LAST CHANCE UNDER MODIJI either to Rise or Vanish. Help in BHARAT MATA RAISE..EXPOSE ALL CONSPIRACIES OF THIS ITALIAN WHITE SKINNED EVIL MONSTER, who would have been a blown to nano-smithreens, dispatched from Mercury to Pluto, had she dared even 10% of what she did to Hindus in any other country, e.g Pakistan. You are Privy to all..or much… And maybe THIS MAY HAVE BEEN SONIA’S INDIRECT ATTEMPT TO KILL YOU, with Bangaldeshi illegal Momto Begums’ help. SONIA has tried to kill MODIJI 6 times.. Blasts in Patna, then releasing Dengue mosquitoes in Lucknow, to recent discovery of a Grenade in his Plane, sabitaging his plane..WE HINDUS SHOULD NEITHER FORGET NEITHER FORGIVE THIS OPUS DEI LOUT..EYE FOR AN EYE…NO USE JUST WEEPING…ISIL-CIA-OPUS DEI-ISI-ITALIAN MAFIA SONIA CONGRESS HAS TO BE EXTERMINATED LIKE DODO


  3. Prabir Chakraborty
    October 11, 2014

    TMC, if their link with JUM is logically proved should be banned for the life time, since it will be established that this is anti-India political party.


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