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Haryana Govt to explore the Hindu Heritage of Saraswati River afresh.

‘Mustafabad’ will be renamed as ‘Saraswati Nagar’. ‘Banda Bairagi Memorial’ will be built at Sadhaura. 

Haryana Govt to explore the Hindu History of Saraswati River  by activating the  “Adi Badri Heritage Board”.

Saraswati ML KhattarHENB | Yamunanagar | March 31, 2015:: Strong Hindu Iron Man of Haryana,  the Chief Minister of the state, Shri Manohar Lal Khattar on Monday announced that the State Government would ensure development of Adi Badri Heritage Board so as to further increase the importance of Adi Badri, the starting point of the  mythical Saraswati River. [Actually, it is not a mythical matter, there was a rich Saraswati Civilization along with the flow of river Saraswati as per the high research and evidences on it. ~ Editor, Hindu Existence.]

The Chief Minister while addressing his first public meeting of Sadhaura Assembly constituency near Yamunanagar on Monday said that the Government has already constituted Adi Badri Heritage Board and will ensure its progress in right direction.He also announced to start the excavation of Saraswati River which is also the biggest work for the area.

Fulfilling the dream of RSS stalwart and the founder of Saraswati Nadi Sodh Sansthan, Darshan Lal Jain, the CM said that the government had constituted the Adi Badri Heritage Board to ensure development of the area situated along the Saraswati and to increase the importance of Adi Badri, the starting point of the mythical river.He also announced that excavation of Saraswati would also be undertaken.

The CM Haryana also says that the proposal of renaming Mustafabad as Saraswati Nagar is also under active consideration of the Govt.

Endorsing that a memorial be made in the memory of Sikh military commander Banda Singh Bahadur, also known as Banda Bairagi or the Fear for Mughals (October 1670 – June 1716), the Chief Minister said, “I will like that a memorial be made here in the name of Banda Bairagi and the Government will support the same.”

He also announced a slew of incentives for the people of Sadhaura Assembly segment including laying of sewerage line, a Government polytechnic, a sports stadia, expansion of State Roadways facilities, setting up of 66 KV sub-station at Rasulpur, upgradation of existing CHCs of Bilaspur and Mustafabad to 50 bedded, college at Bilaspur, new bus stand for Saraswati Nagar and laying of sewerage line there.

Referring to his association with the area, Manohar Lal said that he had spent maximum time of his social life (as a RSS Pracharak i.e. whole timer) in this area. “I am very well versed with the problems  of this area as I had spent seven years here from 1984 to 1991.”

He said that he had selected to start his public meetings from Sadhaura as no Chief Minister has visited Sadhaura during the last 13 years. Earlier, when a Chief Minister visited Sadhaura was in the year 2002. Now we will ensure overall development giving priority to the requirement of area people.”

Shri Manohar Lal Khattar has been in the headlines of media in these days for his practical Hindutva activism in the series of banning cow slaughter and beef, keeping the chapters of Gita in school syllabus, nay to conversion  and strong steps against corruption in Haryana.

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2 comments on “Haryana Govt to explore the Hindu Heritage of Saraswati River afresh.

  1. shrirang sudrik
    April 1, 2015

    Yes indeed a very good step taken by the honorable chief minister of Haryana. My suggestion would be that he should not stop up to the school level for teaching of Bhagvadgita but also make it mandatory for its learning at College and University Level also. His intention of exploring hindu history of saraswati river is also equally important. I am sure that these steps will help to understand and learn our true heritage and history by our own young generation which is the need of the time.
    Jai Bharat Mata


  2. S. K. Majumdar
    April 2, 2015

    well done Hariyana govt. I salute them


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