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Abducted Tuktuki Rescued by WB Police after 75 days under increasing Hindu pressure.

Abducted Hindu Girl Tuktuki Rescued by WB Police. But the abductor Muhammad Babusona Gazi is still at large! 

Tuktuki RescuedHENB | New Delhi | July 20, 2015:: A Very Important News from the media has just came in about the RESCUE OF TUKTUKI MONDAL in West Bengal. The teenage girl of 10th standard was abducted for a period over 75 days by a Muslim culprit named Babusona Gazi, a local TMC hooligan as known.

After Smt. Lalitha Kumarmangalam, Chairperson, National Commission for Women met today morning with the parents of Tuktuki Mondal in Kolktata and conveyed a stiff message for State Administration and Police in front of the media, Police rescued Tuktuki Mondal while the NWC Team on their way of return from Magrahat, where BJP was at a Dharna over 125 Hrs.

If the news is true, Congratulations to BJP for their ‘Do-or-Die’ movement along with a great awareness generation and legal steps taken by Hindu Samhati. Rescue Tuktuki Mondal Movement shaped the BJP activities in a vibrant form in West Bengal. The Central BJP gave due importance to be vocal against the matter of abduction of Hindu girls and Jihadi activities in Bengal.  This trend should be continued.

The direction of Justice Dipankar Dutta in Calcutta High Court also immensely helped to rescue the unfortunate girl went under a series of Islamic torture and inhumanity.

The Central BJP had also sent a high level fact finding team to Magrahat for expedite the rescue of the teenage girl.


The overseas friends for “Save Tuktuki Movement” played a very very important role to expose the Islamic persecution upon Hindus girls in West Bengal and to rescue Tuktuki.

Now, a demand to arrest the perpetrator Babusona Gazi is invading the social sites as a new trend in #ArrestBabusonaGazi .

The Hindu Existence Forum must thank everyone who supported the movement to #SaveTuktuki #RescueTuktuki #RescueTuktuki4mGazi .

Read also: NCW questions women’s safety in West Bengal, draws the ire of TMC

The South 24-Parganas district police said that the girl (Tuktuki Modal) surrendered before the Mograhat police station on Monday. She would be produced in the Juvenile Court tomorrow before being handed over to her parents.

Actually, Police knew everything.. but, under the diktat of TMC Police could not work freely. Now, under the pressure of Resurgent Hindu Groups, Central BJP Delegation, State BJP Demonstration, Central Women Commission stricture and HC Order, Police compelled to hatch a story of surrender of Tuktuki. Whether it is a case of ‘surrender’ or ‘rescue’, Tuktuki is now under a ‘protective custody’ at last.

Input: Facebook and WB State Media Cell.

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3 comments on “Abducted Tuktuki Rescued by WB Police after 75 days under increasing Hindu pressure.

  1. Anand, USA
    July 21, 2015

    TUKTUKI MONDAL Abductor must be caught and hanged in Public. No one should be spared if any individual do any kind of crime with women. After all Sharia says the same thing and being culprit is a Muslim must punished as per Sharia Laws. Period.


  2. RS Rajput
    July 21, 2015

    Each and every Hindu must know, even if NONE tells them, that at PARTITION of India between MUSLIMS and THE REST in 1947, the Muslims had to leave for their own homeland. Those who stayed behind must confirm to the laws of Bharat. Therefore any Muslim teasing, seducing or raping a HINDU girl should be sentenced to a MINIMUM of 7 years Rigorous Imprisonment. And any Muslim who marries a HINDU girl must by Law, embrace the religion of the bride.
    Lastly, in PARTITIONED India no Muslim can marry more than ONE wife and have more than two children.
    If this rule is not enforced then the Hindus will VANISH in Hindusthan eventually.



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