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Muslims in Nepal also demand a Hindu Rashtra.

Muslims in Nepal

Muslims in Nepal demand a ‘Hindu State’ to protect Islam.

PTI | Kathmandu | Aug 13,  2015:: In an unusual move, Muslims in Nepal have backed the ongoing campaign for reinstating the country’s erstwhile Hindu identity, saying they are more “secure” under a Hindu state than under a secular Constitution.

“It is to protect Islam. I have opened my mouth demanding that Nepal be declared a Hindu state in order to protect my own religion,” said Amjad Ali, chairman of the Rapti Muslim Society, who is also involved in the protest programmes demanding a Hindu state in Nepal.

CPN-UML CA member Anarkali Miya said she has personally experienced missionaries trying to influence people from other faiths to follow Christianity. “I believe Nepal should not adopt secularism. It will only create more problems in future,” Miya said.

Udbudhin Fru, chairman of Muslim Mukti Morcha affiliated to the UCPN (Maoist), also admitted the growing influence of Christianity in Nepal. “Turning the country secular is nothing but a design to break the longstanding unity among Muslims and Hindus. So there is no alternative to reinstating the country’s old Hindu State identity in order to allow fellow citizens to live with religious tolerance,” Babu Khan Pathan, chairperson of the Rastrabadi Muslim Manch Nepalgunj, was quoted as saying by The Himalayan Times.

“We don’t need a secular identity, but want to see the country called Hindu State as this ensures safety and security for all,” Pathan added and claimed that around 80% of Muslims in Banke are in favour of Hindu State identity.

Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal, a pro-monarchy party and some other pro-Hindu organisations have also been campaigning for reconverting Nepal to a Hindu state as the country plans to adopt a new constitution.

The constitution writing process had proved to be a cumbersome work for Nepal’s ruling and opposition parties. For the last eight years, they have been vigorously arguing their differences over crucial issues including secularism and federalism.

Hindu Existence Postscript: Will our Muslim friends in India try to understand this reality of living in a peace, harmony, spirituality and prosperity? Thanks and Regards to those Muslim Citizens of Nepal who regard Hinduism as a benevolent strength for their ultimate care and protection. Get the Roots and Live in Lights.

3 comments on “Muslims in Nepal also demand a Hindu Rashtra.

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    August 14, 2015

    Nepalese Muslim are more nationalist than the Nepalese Party leaders!

    Yes! Nepalese Muslims are more nationalist than the party leaders of Congress, UML and Maoist. The party leaders want to end the only one world’ Hindu kingdom for their pretty personal interest. But, being nationalist, Nepalese Muslims want to keep intact Hindu kingdom as it is for peace, stability and harmonious relations among all the tribes and religions.Muslims started entering Nepal. Some of them were invited for the purpose of medicines and treatment and some of them voluntarily entered into Nepal for trading horses and medicines from Kashmir. We can see two mosques- Jame and Kashmiri near by Hindu King’s palace in Kathmandu which was erected in 1743 (1800 BS). King Prithvi Narayan Shah had visited Benaras for the devotion of Lord Vishwonath. At that time he purchased some weapons and he returned back by bringing Muslims artisans to safeguard the small Hindu Kingdoms. When Prithvi Narayan Shah conquered Kathmandu, the King had given recognition to the mosques that had already existed. Prithvi Narayan Shah had contributed the unification of Big-Nepal from Tista to Kangada. Let it be the history of East India Company’s war with Nepal where the Nepalese land was captured in1816.
    After signing the Sugauli Treaty in 1857, the land from Rapti to Mahakali was lost which was again returned back latter as a “Naya Muluk. “. Rana Prime Minister Junga Bahadur invited Muslims from Lucknow to reside in Nepalgunj which was almost a forest area. So Muslims of this nation are known to be a patriotic force. When Nepal was a Hindu nation Muslims’ were not dissatisfied and who neither were been against nor will never be against the nation. Hindus had not harbored any prejudice against Muslim and they were free to recognize their religion. In the world such a harmonious co-existence between Muslim and Hindu is exemplary. However, in India Hindu and Muslim has indulged in emotional wars from the very beginning.
    After unification, Nepal feared attack from the British forces. And Muslim Emperor Nawab Bajir of Lucknow pledged support to Nepal in case a war broke out between Nepal and the East India Company. Later when the Anglo-Nepal war did break out in 1815, but the Muslim Emperor Bajir Shah lent his support to the British Empire. And then, in 1857 British sought help of Nepal against Muslim empire. The PM of Nepal Junga Bahadur with a seething temper for revenge quelled the Muslim forces. British forwarded the hand of friendship and in this course returned Nepal’s land that they have previously occupied. After this, English never looked at Nepal with a wrong intention. Many people of the hilly region Brahman, Chhetrtie, Rai, Limbu, Thakali, Gurung, Tamang, Magar including Muslim have lived in the plains of Terai before Prithvi Narayan Shah’s era. Among the tribes and races, there are no prestige issues because mutuality and cordiality is the sense among the Nepalese people.
    Thank you
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


  2. Plato
    August 16, 2015

    More than any thing, keep an eye on the muslims, once the Hindu rashtra is established they will extend & display their claws & fangs… they cannot be trusted, just like the christians


  3. Great Hindu
    August 30, 2015

    What about Indonesia, Saudi, Dubai, Iraq, Iran ???
    NOW THEY ARE IN FEAR OF HINDU power…so they bow down else they climb on head.


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