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Giving 3 days ultimatum to fulfil Hindu demands, 4 youths end fasting for Hindu Rashtra in Nepal.

Amran Ansan

Hindu protesters chase Law Minister Acharya away from Tundikhel

THT | Kathmandu | Sept 16, 2015:: Hindu protesters chased Law Minister Narahari Acharya away from Tundikhel area when he reached there to ask the youths on hunger strike to end their fast-unto-death on Wednesday afternoon.

The protesters at Khulamanch who had expected Prime Minister Sushil Koirala to arrive there started chanting slogans when they saw Minister Acharya and forced him to leave. Read details here.

PM Koirala is likely to come Khulamanch to break the fasting unto death for Hindu Rashtra in Nepal. Pro-Hindu Orgs giving three days time to materialize 7 demands as agreed. Otherwise nation-wide Hindu movement may come up more vigorously. 

HENB | New Delhi | Sept 16, 2015:: Four Hindu youths of Rashtriya Hindu Yuva Manch, Nepal,  have agreed to break the 17-day long ‘amran ansan’ (fast unto death) for the demand of Hindus Rashtra in Nepal with 9 points charter of demands, that started on 31 August.

Today around 4 pm,Nepal PM Koirala or His designated representative will come to Khula Manch to greet the four youths fasting for a cause of Hindu Rashtra and to break their fasting, as reports came in the Delhi Desk of HENB.

With the Nine point pro Hindu demands, Sri Kamal Prasad Joshi, Premanidhi Bharadwaja, Sagar Katuwal and Khemanatha Acharya were staging a hunger strike on 31st August to 16th August. 

As per OnlineKhabar source, the office of PM Nepal agreed on seven demands and ought solutions together with the remaining two-on-demand, the PM of Sushil Koirala requested to break the fasting by the four brave Hindu youths at Khulamanch, Kathmandu Nepal. This has been conveyed by the wife of Sagar Katwal (one youth on fasting), Smt. Aarti Poudel Katwal to the OnlineKhabar Desk today.

On  16th days of Amaran Ansan, the health condition of 4 Hindu Youth fasting was worsening. Doctors are finding it difficult to give saline water, hands are painful and instead of saline water flowing into the body, blood is coming out towards the saline bottle. Even in such critical health situation, it seems that youths are ready to fight the battle and make Nepal as Hindu Rashtra. ”Jay Hindu Rashtra Nepal”  is coming out from their mouth, which exhibits their fighting spirit.

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala called Hindu Yuva Amaran Ansan (fast unto death) for talk 14 September  morning. The Rashtriya Hindu Yuva Manch had presented 9 points. Koirala agreed on 7 points and disagreed on 2 points .


Points Agreed :

  1. To stop cow slaughter. Who doesn’t follow the law should be behind the bars for life time.
  2. Conversion should stop completely.
  3. Differences, untouchable, all wrong activities which are not in Dharmashastra should be ended.
  4. 94.2% Omkar family should have rights to preserve their own culture, tradition, festivals, ancient rituals etc.
  5. Dharmik inheritance under the trustee should go to the local community and can run as per their own culture and tradition.
  6. Those who comes in tourist visa and doing conversion should be put behind bar for life time.
  7. NGO established for service if encourage conversion; NGO should be dismissed.

Points Disagreed :

  1. Declaring Nepal as Sanatan Hindu Rashtra.
  2. Government officers should be from Omkar family.

In the press conference at Khulamanch Amran Ansan venue on 15th September it was conveyed that “nationwide andolan are taking place for some time and also 4 Hindu youth are on amran ansan (fast unto death) with demand to declare Nepal as Hindu Rashtra.  But on 14 Sept 2015, in the constitution assembly (CA) has decided to make Nepal as secular nation. This denotes that peaceful andolan are not considered as andolan by the current Nepal government and political parties. Do they think that only shedding river of blood is considered as andolan ?

We are forced to consider that all the political leaders including all the councilor members are anti-nationals (Rastradrohi) who have made such suicidal decision for the Nation.

We request all Hindu brother and sister to stand up from wherever they are and contribute to protect Dharma and Nation. We express our gratitude to the media friend and all Hindus wishing good for the Nation. We hope to have your continuous support”.

Now, on 16th Sept, on behalf of Rashtriya Yuva Hindu Manch and Rashtriya Hindu Jagran Abhiyan, it is stated that ” As the Govt is agreed to take up our 7 points for positive consideration, we are giving three days ultimatum to take action and we are withdrawing our fasting unto death. Otherwise, a second phase of Nationwide Hindus Movement will come up with more strength that may be fatal for the political parties against Nepal’s Hindu culture and Heritage”.  

चार हिन्दुवादी युवा आमरण अनसन तोड्न सहमत

protest-of-different-people-8OnlineKhabar |३० भदौ, काठमाडौं ::हिन्दु राष्ट्र घोषणाको माग गर्दै आमरण अनसनमा बसेका चार युवाहरु १७ दिन लामो असनसन तोड्न सहमत भएका छन् ।

अपराहृन साढे ४ बजे प्रधानमन्त्री सुशील कोइरालाले चार युवाको असनसन तोडाउने भएका छन् । नौ बुँदे माग राख्दै कमलप्रसाद जोशी, प्रेमनिधि भारद्धाज, सागर कटुवाल र खेमनाथ आचार्य भदौ १४ गतेबाट खुल्लामञ्चमा आमरण अनसनमा बसेका थिए ।

सात माग पुरा गर्ने र बाँकी दुई वटा मागका विषयमा वार्तामा बसेर समाधान खोज्न आग्रह गर्दै प्रधानमन्त्रीले पत्र पठाएको र अनसन तोड्ने सहमति भएको सागर कटुवालकी पत्नी आरती पौडेल कटुवालले अनलाइनखबरलाई जानकारी दिइन् ।

‘हिन्दु राष्ट्र घोषणा र मुख्य पदहरुमा ओमकार परिवारबाट हुनु पर्ने माग पुरा भएको छैन’ उनले भनिन्-‘हामी सरकारलाई तीन दिने अल्टिमेटम दिएर अनसन तोड्छौं । नभए दोस्रो चरणको आन्दोलन घोषणा गर्छौ ।’

Courtesy: OnlineKhabar | HJS.

4 comments on “Giving 3 days ultimatum to fulfil Hindu demands, 4 youths end fasting for Hindu Rashtra in Nepal.

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    September 16, 2015

    Forcefully- Secularism Declared in Nepal?

    Since 2006, we Nepalese people are suffering from the traitors’ regime. These evil elements want to Christianize in Nepal. The Congress, UML and Maoist are working the agendas of EU and CIA and just before three days ago- 7th August 2015 , they declared secular state with imposing majority by whips in parliament. Nepal and India are not only spatially co-located neighbors but are also two pious lands following the greatest philosophy of the universe- ‘Hinduism.’ probably only we, two are Hindu countries in the world. Hinduism and its cultural traditions have a long history spanning over a period of thousands and thousands of years and developed over several eras. It is understood that human civilization started to advance since the Vedic age. Among all religions of the world, Vedic-Hindu religion is considered as an ancient religion that is recognized as the foundation of civilization and as the most liberal democratic way of life. Hinduism is the mother of all religions. Hindu religion is the most personally expansive and psychologically empowering religion on earth.
    Hinduism educated us global brotherhood, humanitarian and respectful coexistence among differences. I strongly believe that Hindu philosophy can guide the entire world for humanitarian values and norms. Hinduism is our identity, Hinduism is our dignity, Hinduism is our life. It is the pride that we are part of it. The essences of Nepalese nationalism are- Hinduism, constitutional monarchy and Nepali language. These three are typical identifying symbols of Nepal. Nepalese royal institution basically was known for national unity and patriotism including to honor Indian Hindus.Nepal’s sovereignty, integrity and national pride were addressed by monarchy. Nepal is not only an ancient sovereign country but also a Hindu Kingdom in the world. The small and pious Hindu and Buddha country, Nepal always seeks a permanent, loyal and respected permanent institution–the monarchy. The strategic and Geo-socio-political situation of Nepal mandatory demands the existence of monarchical institution in the country. The monarchy and Hindu Kingdom both are inter-related identified symbols of Nepal. Our concern is national stability, unity and complete democracy. So, there must be in existence the Hindu Kingdom and constitutional Hindu monarchy as it is.

    Thank you
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


  2. Lambda Scorpio
    September 16, 2015

    Nepal should be declared as Sanatan Hindu Rashtra with Immidiate Effect.Jai Bajrangbali………………..


  3. Suresh Vyas
    September 18, 2015

    Reasons why make Bhaarat (that is India), or Nepal, a Hindu state:

    1.The Hindu (also known as Vedic or Sanaatan) religion tolerant of all the tolerant faiths. So, it is inherently secular.
    2.The Hindu (Vedic) is universal religion for mankind. It is the oldest and still surviving. Despite large scale, organized, and centuries-long sustained violent and enticement efforts by Islam and Christianity to wipe the Hindu religion from the face of earth, it still survives. It has about 900 million followers – Hindus. Because it is universal, it is called dharma.
    3.About 3000 years ago, Hindu was the only religion in most part of the world. Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism are the offshoots from the Vedic dharma. An evidence of this is the names of countries in NW of India. The names of countries with “stan” at the end, like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, etc. This “stan” actually is a Sanskrit word “sthaana” which means “place.” So, Hindustan means place of the Hindus, etc.
    4.Bhaarat, the land of the Hindus, is the cradle of the Vedic dharma and civilization. Because of that Nepal also was a Hindu State. A Vedic or Hindu is also called an Aryan. Aryan is one who accepts the authority of the Vedas (given directly by God at the beginning of creation,) and strives to live per it. The Aryan invasion theory of the 19th century European Ideologists is already proven to be a fabrication done political reasons. Aryan is not a race at all.
    5.There are about 26 countries that have only one religion legal, either Islam or Christianity. So, no one should have any problem or concern if Bhaarat o Nepal is made a Hindu State.
    6.Hindus have birth right of self-determination to make Bhaarat or Nepal a Hindu State.
    7.The Christians also are hell bent to wipe out the Hindu dharma and culture from Bhaarat and Nepal despite the fact that Hindus never have forced dharma on anyone anytime. Hindu dharma is spread by free will only.

    8.No practice of Hindu dharma takes away the freedom, dignity, honor, women, land, property, or life of a non-Hindu. This cannot be said of Islam.

    9.“Secularism” is European medicine against Christianity. It is not for inherently tolerant Hindu dharma – universal religion.

    10.Hindu dharma is most scientific.

    jai sri Krishna!


  4. DR.Shastra Dutta Pant
    September 19, 2015

    Antinationalist main three political party ring leaders collapsed the national identity of Hindu kingdom, Nepal as the headquarter of 125 karod Hindus world over. Secularism was declared for the sake of protecting miner jaatiya identity of 1.5 percent converted christians. It was done because of one Rs. = one dollar formulae.


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