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Oh Hindus and Patriotic sons of Bharat! Join Defense Force and take Self Defense Training to combat Jihad in India.

IS-LeT Joint Jihad in India

What is the motivation of Islamic State to attack India? The only answer is to kill all Hindus for spreading Islamic Khilafat.

Islamic State may join hands with LeT to launch attacks in India: Army Commander.

PTI | Jammu | Nov 19, 2015:: A top Army commander on Thursday said there was a “possibility” that global terror outfit Islamic State (IS) may join hands with Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba to launch attacks in India.

“Yes, that (IS joining hands with LeT to launch attacks in India) can be a possibility as the motive of the terrorists is to spread their propaganda.

“They want their name and for that, they can do anything. And if they get successful, they can take advantage of it by using any name. Yes it is a possibility,” General Officer Commanding of the 16 corps of the army Lt Gen RR Nimbhorkar told reporters here today.

Join Defense Force

He was replying to a question whether IS can join hands with other terrorists outfits like LeT to launch Paris-type attacks in India.

Lt Gen RR Nimbhorkar also said there are around 700 active militants in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) who.

On a question about the number of terrorist training camps active across the Line of Control in the POK, he said that from the inputs that the captured terrorist Navid has given there are around 37 active camps in that region.

“See, there are a number of launching pads and we are all aware of it as it is in the open domain. So, therefore, I will not exactly say as to how many are there,” he said.The army commander said,”There are sufficient number of launching pads and if you calculate that way… take the statement which is given by terrorist captured in Udhampur attack so you can easily co-relate what he said and calculate…

“So to my mind in the entire PoK there may be about 600-700 terrorists.”

He said that out of the 700 militants present in the PoK, half of them are ready and waiting for a chance to infiltrate into the Indian side.

“Out of them, half are ready to be launched so they can come in the launch pad and get launched,” he said.


Lt Gen RR Nimbhorkar said the militants were looking for ways and means to infiltrate. “We cannot say this with certainty whether the number has increased or decreased. In my opinion, it is their job to find ways and means to infiltrate and whenever they get a chance they do it and our job is to stop them and if one of them slips in and our job is to clear them. It is an ongoing game which keeps on going,” he said.

Replying to a question about radicalisation of Kashmiri youth and their attraction towards IS ideology, he said that if any organisation wants to grow then it is bound to recruit people into its folds.

“See, right now, these are speculation and we cannot say anything about it. If any organisation wants to grow, they will definitely go for recruitment, it is their job and it is to be seen in how much area they get success. It depends on their propaganda,” he added.

He said,”I cannot say this with any degree of certainty if they are present or not. IS flags which are being raised we have seen these are scattered incidents, in Srinagar we cannot say with certainty about their influence having increased.”

He said that the need of the hour was to remain alert and be ready to face any eventuality. “Right now, we have to do detailed analysis but at the end it is our job that we have to be ready all the time. We

have to remain alert. Whatever the name be, be it the IS, the LeT, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen etc if they attack the final result would be the same. We have to guard against that final result and I want to assure you that we are always ready,” he said.

On the question about the presence of IS in terrorist training camps in the PoK, Lt Gen Nimbhorkar said that nothing can be said with certainty about the presence of IS in PoK.

Courtesy: PTI.

3 comments on “Oh Hindus and Patriotic sons of Bharat! Join Defense Force and take Self Defense Training to combat Jihad in India.

  1. Stephanie Ellison
    November 21, 2015

    This is what is referred to as “apad dharma,” doing things that you normally would not do as a dharmi, but you have to to protect yourself and especially dharma, because under the thumb of Islam, there would be no possible chance for mokṣa if such adherents are forcibly disconnected from the seeking process by threats and obfuscating education. You would have to live hundreds or thousands of lives in order to understand what is happening to you and this sense of disquiet within.

    It is why, although I seek liberation and enlightenment, I just can’t seem to let go of my armory, even though I live in the US and don’t see this to be a problem for us here. Yet. I am reading a book called, “Why I am Not a Muslim” –

    You have to read it to understand how insane it is, how unlike the polished-from-experience-and-knowledge state of Sanātana Dharma. This brings up a big question; what to do about this? See, this is not a case of where you have religions like Christianity, religions from Native American cultures, and animism in different parts of the world. This is a case of someone with mental illness, in addition to someone who might have had epilepsy with unknown wired-in warping of the mind starting this whole thing.

    It brings up a huge ethical issue; do Muslims need to be deprogrammed out of a destructive, dangerous cult that should not be respected as a religion, but as a cult based on a deranged leader who killed hundreds of people and stole from people? My thinking is, the idea that there are moderate Muslims and then there are radical Muslims making the rest of the Muslims look bad is really a myth. Do non-Muslims have a duty to “rescue” Muslims and deprogram them? If only the moderates would read through the Koran and see what is really in there, and especially read the aforementioned book before responding.

    I ask this question because I cannot read Arabic, and thusly, I cannot see clearly who is on the right side of things. Are the scholars in this book really understanding Arabic and warning us of an end-game disaster, or are they changing or hiding something to advance the Western world at the expense of Middle Easterners (oil and Christianity)? I tend towards the former, but reserve the possibility that there may be things read into this that aren’t there.


    • hinduexistence
      November 22, 2015

      Dear Ellison, Namaste.

      Your comment is acknowledged with warm veracity.

      Hindu thoughts of Moksha is linked with other three elements of Purusarth ie. Dharma, Arth and Kama. Without the proponent journey of Dharma, Arth and Kama, Moksha cannot be achieved. So, the concept of “apad dharma” cannot be conjured in a concept of rejecting the totality anyway.

      In the realm of Karma, we are duty bound and noting should be excused as an indulgence of Adharma. So, the Dharma Yudh in Mahabharat could not be avoided and it is inevitable all the wars between the Subh (good) and Ashubh (evil).

      In this flight of historicity, we have entered a new millennium, but the war is still on whether we fight against radicalism, superstitions, hunger, corruption, apartheid or any forms of inhumanity.

      But, the question is raised here whether we will rescue the human resources to save them from the clutches of evil beings.

      The answer is certainly yes. As scriptures say, ‘atmano mokshartam jaddhitay ca’. We must strive for the attainment of Moksha with rendering our duties to save others. But, it should also be judged with a view of practicability.

      The situation appears here as inevitable as it stood in Mahabharata. And now we have to accept it.

      One can say, there is nothing as impossible. Striving anything with a good sense is better than anything. But effort to make straight a dog’s tail is idiotic.

      We must nurture each and every human qualities for all without differentiating any caste, creed or belief. But, the radicalism in Islam proves endemic.

      Lets hope for a new horizon. Satyameva Jayate.

      Upananda Brahmachari,
      Editor, Hindu Existence.


  2. skanda987
    November 22, 2015

    There is no way to counter terrorism–mostly coming from Islam–other than self defense training including use of arms, and unity for defending/protcting dharma, raashtra, dignity, honor, property, and lives of dear ones. Gov’t security force cannot reach everywhere in time. Hence the teenagers and youths need to know how to fight asuraas and win.
    jai sri krishna!


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