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Muslim Mob tried to attack Police Station in Nellore being hurt by ‘burqa remark’.

Nellore PS Attack by Jihadi Mob

A policeman warning protesters in a Nellore PS on Saturday night.- Photo: K. Ravikumar. THE HINDU.

Communal Tension created by Jihadi Muslims in Nellore after spreading rumour on  false ‘burqa remark’, not made by any Hindu Police Officer.

HENB | Nellore | Feb 1, 2016:: It was an uncontrollable situation when a fiery Jihadi mob tried to attack a Police station in Nellore after 10 pm led by some Muslim community leaders linked with a Hyderabad based Muslim political party. Police had to fire in the air to disperse an angry mob after an alleged remark by a Hindu police officer over the wearing of ‘burqa’ triggered tension among members of a Muslim  community at the One Town police station here on Saturday night.

When Superintendent of Police Gajarao Bhupal went to the spot to pacify the crowd, protesters attacked his vehicle and broke its window shields, forcing police to fire in the air. Later, the SP left the scene. Nellore Mayor Abdul Aziz also rushed to the spot. It is learnt that rumours spread by a local Muslim leader triggered the tension with communal colour.

However, SP Gajarao Bhupal dismissed the rumours as baseless and said that tension arose after some policemen prevented some youths from Muslim community from entering a meeting venue on Friday. Mr. Bhupal said the issue had nothing to do with burqa. “Anyhow, it was a mistake on the part our men. I tried to pacify them. I visited the police station and offered to tender an apology,” Mr. Bhupal maintained to take an control cover the Jijadi crowd.

It was divulged later that no police officer passed any “burqa remark” at any point of time, but the rumour was spread by a Muslim community leader to generate a communal pressure on the Hindu officers posted in One Town police station.

The trouble started around 10.30 p.m. when some members of the community arrived at the police station to register their protest. They were not ready to relent despite the intervention of people’s representatives. The protesting Muslim mob wanted expulsion of Hindu officers from the Nellore police station.

Nellore is a district town in Andhra Pradesh, likely to be renamed as Seemandhra after Andhra Pradesh is divided in two parts creating Telengana. Nellore has about 10% Muslim population and being charged with Political Jihad (Islamic politics). As a matter of fact, Muslim population in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is growing with a faster pace.

Muslim Pululation in Andhra and Telengana

In recent times the Islamic groups are trending to attack police stations for register their protests in a very planned way.

In recent times Muslim mob vandalized, torched police stations at Kaliachak, Malda-WB on; Baisi, Purnia-Bihar on; Mayureshwar, Birbhum-WB, etc.

__Agencies. Courtesy: TH and CVR News.

3 comments on “Muslim Mob tried to attack Police Station in Nellore being hurt by ‘burqa remark’.

  1. C M Amrtheswaran
    February 1, 2016

    No! Tamilnadu stands first in this. Way back in Tamilnadu, a traffic police countable by name selva raj, was stabbed to death in full public view, in Coimbatore. No one w as booked in that case. Soon after stabbing the victim they have entered a nearby mosque. Some months ago a Muslim mob entered ax police station in Ambur police station and all the police personnel in the station were hospitalized either with stabbing or other injuries and some with fractures. Subsequently, few prison staff including the warden of a central jail, Puzhal, near chennai we’re beaten up black and blue by some Muslim prisoners,and they were all hospitalized. The helpless prison staff asked for help from the prison IGP, he in turn asked what to do next with the DGP, prisons. He in turn asked the chief minister Jayalalitha, as to what they should do ? Jayalalitha asked the prison officers to go and negotiate with the attackers and get the release of the staff. Sibsequently they were secured by the staff and then sent for treatment.

    I think a new trend has set in. The same modus operandi is seen in all the states.


    • nihal eshwar
      April 12, 2022

      Yes, may such issues happened. In TN one Hindu brahmin raped a young minor lower caste girl. Case wasn’t booked for at least a month even after victim’s family protested. Finally case was filed and the girl died later in mysterious conditions.

      the case was quashed.

      And after 6 years the same guy raped a another girl belonging to Muslims community. case was registered, sent to jail and was released on bail after a month. He was killed by a mob later in front of jail and 9 people were arrested and sent to jail.

      But when courts couldn’t punish the rapist, the common men had to take action in their own hands.

      And most of such henious crimes, assaults on women and communal issues in this country are carried out by Brahmanvaad ideology and upper caste ppl related to RSS and BJP.

      This is all a game to create tension in the country, burn the brotherhood and scare and fool the Majority people who are moslty uneducated to vote for BJP and help them gain power.

      Educated people wont fall for it. Thats why Tamilnadu, Andhra and kerela are safe.

      They re educated and will never fall cheap communal politics by BJP and will never vote for them.


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