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Intolerant TNTJ’s “Anti Shirk Conference” in Trichy declares allout war against all un-Islamic and Hindu practices in India.


Indian Multi Culture and Democracy in the cross-roads of Islamic State…. GOI must stop it.

Call of Islamic State fills the air of South India. Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) vowed to end Idol worship and Hindu practices and all other faiths which are not according to ‘real Islam’. 

Upananda Brahmachari | Chennai | January 31, 2016:: The Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath’s (TNTJ) has taken a vow to destroy all the Hindu Temples in Tamil Nadu along with the Muslims Dargah and Majar type prayer places. In a mammoth rally held today in Trichy various speakers and dignitaries pledged a Sharia law in India with a proto-type Islamic State in the southern India making it epicenter in Tamil Nadu.

With a crores of rupees of money funding and facilitating from unknown sources, lakhs of Muslims from all walks of life thronged to Trichy to make the controversial “Anti Shirk Conference” of TNTJ on January 31, 2016.

Though some Muslim organisations also opposed this conference of “INTOLERANCE” in the name of “SHIRK” and “SHARIA” and some one went to knocked the door of Madras High Court, the  conference meant for a Jihad against Shirk could not be stopped anyway.

The Madras High Court (MHC) Bench on Thursday dismissed the public interest litigation petition filed by an individual against Shirk (idolatry – idol worship) abolition conference organised by Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath in Tiruchi on Sunday. A Division Bench of Justices V. Ramasubramanian and N. Kirubakaran refused to entertain the petition filed by A. Mohammed Feroz Khan of Chennai on the ground that a court of law could not direct the police to prevent a section of people from holding a meet peacefully.

But, it is not understood how the Hon’ble bench of MHC ignored the serious matter of Shrik as per Quran is the basic tenet of Islam which has been divulged through the activities of Islamic State, Sharia for Hind Movements and the Jihadi outfits all around. Shirk (Not only idol worship but equating Allah with any other god-hood). Sharia and Jihad, these three weapons are being used for Radical Islam to destroy the world peace and human civilization, but the Court considered them as “Peaceful”.

Untitled TNTJ in Trichy

TNTJ has said it would strive to raise awareness about how praying in dargahs, belief in astrology, black magic, yoga and other occult practices are un-Islamic. This had angered many Islamic groups also, including Sunnath Jamath Federation of Coimbatore District (a federation of 70 Jamaths in the district) which filed a petition against TNTJ claiming that it had “hurt the sentiments” by speaking against certain mosques and other religious practices of a section of the community.

TNTJ considers the whole of Hinduism based on Idol worship, Polytheism and Pantheism is totally an act of Shirk and  it should be banned forthwith in India. In other words, this Islamic State Sympathizer Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath’s (TNTJ) declares a war to to end of all non-Islamic faiths in India forthwith.

In its 18 point resolution passed in the Trichy meet, TNTJ demands abolition of all non-islamic rituals (as of Hindus, Christians and others), Man made laws (as such Indian Constitution) and Songs not related Allaha (such as national Anthem) in Madrasa with proclaiming more religious rights to the Muslims in India!

While TNTJ’s state president Fakir Mohammed Al-Thafi maintained that the outfit is only spreading the ‘right Islam’, other Muslim outfits claimed that such a conference would only create more divisions within the community and between other religious communities in Tamil Nadu. “We are against dargah worship, astrology and other superstitious beliefs because they are not Islamic. In the name of ‘right Islam’, TNTJ wants an enforcement of Sharia, Halal and Tawhid i.e. oneness of Allah. From this viewpoint the TNTJ wants to end a multicultural society and democracy in India by dint of the proliferation of ‘right Islam’. The organisation says that the ‘war for real Islam’ cannot be localized in Tamil Nadu only, it will start chapters of  Jamath in all the states in India.

The TNTJ contender, Indian National League leader J. Abdul Rahim said that any talk of ‘eradicating shirk’ is not possible without discussing anti-idol worship message of Islam.

A huge police and civil arrangements were provided from Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) District authorities for the facility of the participants and delegates of the “Anti Shrik Conference”. Tiruchirappalli, situated on the banks of the river Cauvery is the fourth largest city in Tamil Nadu. It was a citadel of the early Cholas which later fell to the Pallavas, both are of Hindu tradition.

It is told that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister  Jayalalitha  is playing a nasty communal card of minority appeasement to make a trump over the same vote bank politics of opponents. Tamil Nadu has been made as a horrific nest of all colours of Jamathi and ISIS birds. Hundreds of home grown Islamic terror module operators have been arrested from the soil of Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states like Karnataka and Kerala. Hundreds of Hindu activists were killed by Islamist forces in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the last three years.

Hindu Makkal Kachhi, a Hindu organisation based in Tamil Nadu  organized a protest rally in Trichy, Chennai and some cities in the state and demanded a ban on ‘Shirk’ conference. But, it was not heard by the authorities concerned. They allowed TNTJ’s “Anti Shirk Conference on 31 January, 2016”.

In its memorandum, Hindu Makkal Kacchi President Arjun Sampath wrote to PM Narendra Modi and TN CM Jayalalitha, ” On 31st January Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) has organized a massive ‘anti-shirk’ conference at Trichy. Under the name of anti-shrik conference TNTJ will be appealing to stop & oppose idol worship, astrology (jyotisham), etc. For publicity of this program they have displayed banners, wall poster throughout Tamil Nadu and also distributing hand bills.

Tamil people generally believe in idolatry. Display of such banners & advertisements at Tamil majority areas and public places has hurt the religious feelings of the Tamils. They have also displayed such posters, flex near the temple is in many places. TNTJ has also issued a fatwa to boycott & stop using ‘Patanjali’ products. When Government allows such programs, it creates fear in the minds of common people and also affects the communal harmony in society”.

Shri Sampath told HENB, “Idiol worship, going to temples, practicing Yoga or believing Hindu faiths are Hindu’s fundamental rights. It cannot be challanged by a section of fanatic people. Central Givt. must take action to ban such radical organisation like TNTJ”.

Experts apprehend a foreign hand like “Sharia 4 Hind”and also their active participation for the success of this “Anti Shirk Conference” of TNTJ in Trichy.

Believe it or not the Islamic State mandates are at the Hindus’ doorsteps in Tamil Nadu and whole of South India through TNTJ as visible in open day light.

They will try to evade us eventually. Govt of India should ban TNTJ immediately.

__Agencies. Pic Source: FB Page of TNTJ.

8 comments on “Intolerant TNTJ’s “Anti Shirk Conference” in Trichy declares allout war against all un-Islamic and Hindu practices in India.

  1. Arindam
    January 31, 2016

    Living in India is un-Islamic.

    So Muslims should do the Islamic thing and migrate to Pakistan. I’m sure Nawaz Sharif will be happy to welcome them.

    [OK… maybe he’ll be somewhat less than delighted when a hundred million show up at short notice…]

    Alternatively, they can do the intelligent thing and renounce their ridiculous creed.


  2. Kumar
    February 1, 2016

    I can’t understand how the TN and Indian Governments allow this TNTJ terrorists to carryout their activities freely.


  3. mashookrahman
    February 2, 2016

    Anyhow… TNTJ should be banned for sure


  4. Krishnaswamy Rajagopalan
    February 3, 2016

    Jayalalitha is a fool and a traitor to India and Hinduism. She is playing dirty games. It will not only consume her , but is also dangerous for the country. As for the organizer may be he should be blasted out.

    Kick out the intolerant speakers or better kill them.


  5. Prof. P. Sripati Tantri
    February 14, 2016

    Man is the only animal on this planet, which kills its own breed for ideological reasons. In order to successfully achieve this goal, it gets organized into a political force.The group that is already in the race for power, will grab this opportunity, to strengthen itself to come to power. Does Rahul put his weight on this opportunity too, as he is already in the J.N,U campus?


    • giri
      March 25, 2017

      big lie it is blame on islam. you guys what you thing about islam, Allah watching you and we now it’s not new for islam. islam a good religion has it hindu I study quran now I understand islam is good religion. it say good thing about life and death after life.


  6. Astrologers in India
    June 11, 2018

    Ι constanttly spent my half an һour to read thiѕ blog’s
    content every day aⅼong wiuth a cup of coffee.


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