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Kill Hindus wearing their saffron symbols and give a name of “Hindu Terror”.


I Purchased Sacred Threads from Siddhivinayak Temple for 10 LeT Attackers: Daood Sayed Gilani alias David Coleman Headley.

Sacred Thread Siddhi VinayakPTI | Mumbai | February 12, 2016:: Pakistani-American terrorist David Headley told a special court today that LeT was unhappy that Mumbai airport was not selected and included as one of the targets in 26/11 terror attack.

He also added that LeT leader Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi emphasised that surveillance for 26/11 attacks should be done properly as this was a chance “to take revenge for all bomb blasts India had done in the past” in Pakistan. Continuing his revelations in the 26/11 attacks case, he said that Chabad House was selected by LeT as a target as it was an international location where Jewish and Israeli people were staying.

He revealed that he had purchased red and yellow sacred threads from Siddhivinayak temple as a cover for the 10 attackers so that people would think they were Hindus. According to his testimony,he visited and videographed BARC in July 2008. LeT’s Major Iqbal had asked him to recruit some employees of BARC in future who would work for ISI.

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5 comments on “Kill Hindus wearing their saffron symbols and give a name of “Hindu Terror”.

  1. reddyrv393
    February 12, 2016

    Hindus have been very tolerant..It is time that we consider “ULTA JIHAD” operations for this is the only way Muyslims will understand. No point in exercising Sanatana Dharma and such other Hindu ways of “Bhai Chara” concept towards them for they will not appreciate our gesture…Enough is enough. It is to be noted that whenever Muslims are down and Under, they propel Hindus to invoke and practise “Ganga Jamna Tehzib”. They do not deserve such a civilised approach. They are barbarians. Sharia Laws crude and anti-demnocratic. Dr.R.V.Reddy


    • Deshpande RaghavendraRao
      February 15, 2016

      Yes. Those who speak against Hindus should be expelled from the country. Anti Hindu elements are forcing Hindus to kill them. If that situation comes only Anti Hindus will be responsible for it.


  2. Arun K Upadhyaya
    February 12, 2016

    High tym Hindus and Hindustan came of age and reacted d way a self respecting community and nation did.No need befooling ourselves any further.Terror outfits have percolated to d inner cordons of our society and polity.War on terror needed at once.


  3. Anand, USA
    February 12, 2016

    I mentioned many times that as long as Muslim Pakistan/Bangladesh exist over Indian Frontiers India should never let its guards down. Islam is not a religion it is a CULT. If one looks at the Muslims they fight with every other religion where ever they live. Lets begin from Indonesia/Malaysia/Philippines/Burma/Bangladesh/India/Israel and when they don’t find any body else to fight with they fight with each others as in Pakistan. Something is seriously wrong with the Islamic teachings and Muslims have to eradicate those teachings from the books to live with peace on this earth with others. Otherwise they will be Branded as Terrorists of The World. The world peace is at stake right now due to what’s going on in Middle East due to Islamic Preachings.

    The World Leader should pay attention and must not ignore the sign of upcoming street fight in the cities of Europe France/Belgium/Oslo/Helsinki/Frankfurt/Rome/Amsterdam/London Michigan, United States. Wake Up World Wake Up. Those who bark day in and day out that the Islam is a peaceful religion are living in FOOLS Paradise including HINDUS. Kashmiri Pandit have been forced to leave their forefathers homes in Kashmir all HINDUS across India and The world “Kaan me Tel daal kar so rahe the” including all other Muslims across India. No one have said a WORD. Hindu thinks as long as my own house is not on fire who care and I am safe ? That is how India became slaves of Muslims for 800 years. Ek 800 saal lambi KAALI RAAT. Hindus must learn lessons from History. I don’t know what VHP and Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal is doing? I think playing “KABADDI”.


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