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Historical Hindu Dharma Raksha Sangamam on April 6th at Kozhikode.


A Clarion Call – MahaBharatham Dharma Raksha Sangamam in Kozhikode.

HK Media | Kozhikode | April, 2016:: Various Ashrams, Maths and many likeminded Hindu organisations have joined hands to conduct MAHABHARATHAM Dharma Raksha Sangamam on April 6th, at Kozhikode.  The organizing committee with noted Acharyas including Sampoojya Matha Amruthanandamayi Devi, Sampoojya Viswesha Theertha Swamiji and Sampoojya Jagadguru Jayandra Saraswathi Swamiji is gearing up to make the event a historical one.

The venue is Kozhikode beach. It will be a full day programme with a public meeting in the evening that consists of speeches, bhajans, songs and artistic shows. Prior to the meeting, Ganapathihavanam, Veda chanting etc. will be conducted at the venue from morning onwards. Several Acharyas including Sampoojya Baba Ramdev ji, film stars, sports stars and leaders of more than 40 organisations representing various castes & communities will attend the meeting. People from various sects of the society from Kasaragod to Palakkad districts (7 districts) are expected to assemble. A crowd of more than two lakhs is expected. Bike rallies, Marathon races, Seminars etc. are being conducted in various parts of the state to promote the event, MAHABHARATHAM. Besides, a Ratha Yathra with public meetings to explain the event is being planned in these areas. Campaign has started with several functions, big and small.

Kozikode Mahabharatam

There was a similar meet organized two years ago to protest against the stand of the biased media for selectively targetting Hindu ashrams and spiritual leaders. About a lakh people attended in that meet which happened in Ernakulum. It was at a time when leftist leaning journalists went overboard attacking Hindu Mutts, just to appease organized vote banks.

Immediately after that meet, in the parliamentary elections, people saw the political back lash of Hindu society, in which both the pseudo secular fronts lost large chunks of Hindu votes and some of the left stalwarts bit the dust in their traditional strong holds.

Kerala Hindus have lost our patience. We have been at the receiving end always. Nowadays the communal appeasement has touched new depths in which even anti-national and anti-Indian movements are being blatantly justified. Hindu spiritual leaders are being openly challenged and abused. Just couple of months back, a violent crowd of DYFI youths assembled outside the venue of Swami Chidanandapuri’s spiritual discourse in Kozhikode, shouted and abused him with the filthiest of words. Such things do not come in media as they are scared of the organized politics of both the anti-Hindu fronts. We see the baseless attacks on Hindus on an everyday basis. Let it be Sabarimala, Gomata, Bharatmata, Durga, Yoga or World Cultural Festival, the attack is always on Hindus. While large number of religious conversions are happening from Hindus, any single event in the opposite direction is being abused and criticised. While so many nuns, priests and maulvis are being caught on various crimes, no voice is heard. Using the brutal influence in administration, both the organized religions are exploiting the resources for their own benefits, leaving the Hindu majority at their mercy. In the last one month before the declaration of elections alone, hundreds of acres of govt land was given out to establishments and organizations of Semitic religions. Hindus are just watching helplessly.

In the last one fortnight itself there were few glaring incidents which showed the double standards of pseudo seculars. When the leading daily ‘MathruBhumi’ happened to publish a write-up on prophet of muslims, they had to face the wrath of muslims. Unable to withstand the threats and abuses, the daily came out apologizing within hours. They even punished three of their employees to save their face. But the very next day we saw the protest and abuse against Major Ravi, just for expressing his protest against a journalist for her dubious stand when it came to Durga puja issue of JNU. Anti Hindu organizations are playing a well planned game to split Hindus on caste lines and pitch one sect against the other. It has become a question of survival for the Hindus of Kerala today.

Lets hope this meet will open the eyes of Hindus and make them realize the grave situation Hindu society is facing.

Courtesy: Haindava Keralam.

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