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Two cattle smugglers shot dead at Malda border by BSF. WB BJP wants sealing of Madrasas and borders both.

Cattle smuggling in WB

“Stop Jihadi Madrasas in Bengal borders to ensure safety and security of vulnerable people mainly Hindus”: Dilip Ghosh, State President, BJP WB.

Muslims wanted tension after two cattle smugglers shot dead at Malda border by BSF firing.

HENB | Malda (WB) | June 21, 2016:: Muslim miscreants wanted to create tension after two cattle smuggles were shot dead by BSF personnel at Anuradhapur village in Malda district of West Bengal on Monday. Local authorities checked the flare up the matter after some arrests of illegal cattle traders, though police denied such arrests.

BSF officials said a group of people were smuggling cattle from the village near the India-Bangladesh border by cutting barbed wire fencing. When the men in uniform challenged them, they fired and BSF personnel retaliated, killing two men on the spot while others fled.

The officials said the two deceased were yet to be identified. But, the some Muslims residents of the area claimed that the deceased were Muslims are also relatives of them. The perpetrators wanted to put BSF in trouble by spreading communal message through loud speakers from a local Madrasa and a nearby Mosque.

DGEarlier this month, the BJP in West Bengal has demanded immediate sealing of the India-Bangladesh border, claiming madrasas operating along it are a breeding ground of Jihadi terrorism and anti-national activities in the country.

“We all know that these madrasas in bordering areas are breeding ground of anti-national elements. These madrasas get funds from foreign countries. These madrasas are creating a chain, which is making the border vulnerable to anti-national activities, illegal cattle trade and smuggling, putting the border Hindus and peace-loving people along the border in a very distressed condition” BJP state president Dilip Ghosh claimed.

The Khagragarh Blast in Burdwan in 2014 exposed the Madrasa involvements in the Jihadi Terrorism in West Bengal and Assam. Moreover, the huge funds of black money from illegal cattle trading rackets in BD-WB modules are used for the Jihadi activities both in Bengal and Bangladesh.

Indo-Bangladesh border to be sealed by June 2017: Centre

Shri Rajnath Singh directed that complete Indo-Bangladesh border in Assam should be sealed. It was briefed that besides deployment of adequate number of battalions of BSF in State of Assam, 223.7 km. fence has been constructed for sealing of Indo-Bangladesh Border. However, there are 122 locations (60.7 km.) where physical barrier is not present. In order to achieve the objective of sealing of Indo-Bangladesh border it was decided that 100 locations covering 11.9 km will have Physical barrier i.e. fence and 22 locations covering 48.8 km. of riverine areas will have non-physical barriers including technological barriers which will completely seal this border and same will be achieved by June, 2017.

“It was informed that 4,374 kilometer fence, 5,329.6 kilometer border roads, 3,974 kilometer floodlights and 2,420 numbers Border Out Posts (BOPs) have been constructed along the international borders for security of the borders,” an official release said.

The government has also claimed that major impediments hampering the development of border infrastructure have been resolved during last two years which will increase the pace of development of border infrastructure in coming years.

“In the meeting it was also outlined that almost all the remaining infrastructure works at the border will be completed in next three years,” the release said.

The Home Minister further directed that full use of technological solutions be made to secure sensitive areas along the borders.


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