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Restoration of the Hindu power in Kashmir, North East, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka is the vital precondition of Hindu Rashtra.

3rd Day ABHA

Enter a captionSubhas Chakroborti of Nikhil banga Nagarak Samiti speaking on Press Conference held on the 3rd Day of 5th Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan 2016.

Day 3 of 5th Akhil Bharatiya Hindhu Adhiveshan at Shri Ramnath Temple, Ponda, Goa….

Rehabilitation of Hindus in Kashmir will be  the beginning of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ ! – Mr. Rahul Kaul, Panun Kashmir.

Rahul Kaul

Rahul Kaul

HENB | Ramnathi (Goa) |  June 21, 2016:: On the third day of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan (convention), the delegates from Nepal and Sri Lanka urged the regaining in Hindu power in those respective territory. The speakers pointed out that restoration of the Hindu power in Kashmir, North East, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka is the precondition of Hindu Rashtra.

‘In 1990, We did not leave Kashmir willingly, but were forced to  by the terrorists to leave. No cognisance of this genocide of Kashmiri is not being taken. Today, the displacement of Hindus in Kashmir has extended to Kairana in UP. Due to pressure from the separatists The Jammu & Kashmir Government is hatching a sinister conspiracy to oppose rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus under ‘Agenda of alliance’. If the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus is not completed immediately, Hindus in the entire Bharat will march toward Kashmir on 19 January next year, the date on which displacement of Kashmiri Hindus began. Rehabilitation of Hindus in Kashmir will be the beginning of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’, said Mr. Rahul Kaul, National Coordinator of ‘Youth for Panun Kashmir’. He was speaking in the enlightenment session on the topic “Insecure Hindus in various States’, on the third day of the 5th All India Hindu Convention being held at Ramnathi Temple.

Hindus from Arunachal Pradesh are very much an inseparable part of the Hindu Dharma !  – Shri. Kuru Tai, Arunachal Pradesh
Kuru Tai m Arunachal Pradesh

Kuru Tai

‘There  are  26  castes  in  Arunachal  Pradesh  which  worship  Sun  and  Moon.  Christian missionaries, with their conspiracy are telling them that they are separate from Hindu Dharma and thereby converting them; however, they are very much an inseparable part of the Hindu Dharma’, Shri. Kuru Tai from Arunachal Pradesh stated firmly. The  number of churches in Arunachal Pradesh that has 3428 villages is a staggering 2700. By adding that conversion is encouraged at the Government and the administrative levels, he elaborated upon the dreadfulness of the problem of conversion.

In the beginning, on the backdrop of ‘International Yoga Day’,  a key person of  the Kolkata  (West Bengal)  based  ‘Shastra  Dharma  Prachar  Sabha’, Dr. Kaushik Chandra Mallick, narrated  the importance of pronunciation of Om. Yoga is not merely physical exercises; merging of jiva with Shiva is the true Yoga, he added.

While speaking on the issue of protection of cows, Mr. Hanumant Parab of Govansha Raksha Abhiyan accused the BJP Government in Goa of turning a blind eye to the issue of protection of the cow with an eye on the forthcoming elections. The Goa Government is playing vote-bank politics. He demanded immediate implementation of law banning cow slaughter all over India including Goa.

Bangladeshi Hindus need independent land in Bangladesh ! Mr. Subhash Chakravarti.

Subhas Chakroborty

Subhas Chakroborty

‘Hindus in Bangladesh are facing a lot of atrocities since the formation of the East Pakistan. When Bharat later liberated it as independent Bangladesh in 1971, there was only an increase in atrocities on Hindus. As a result, crores of Hindus are shifting to Bharat for taking shelter. For these Hindus, who form an inseparable constituent of undivided Bharat, the Bharatiya Government should form an independent ‘Home Land’ in Bangladesh’, demanded Mr. Subhash Chakravarti, Secretary of ‘Nikhil Bang Nagarik Sangh’, an organisation fighting against the problems faced by Hindus in Bangladesh. He was addressing a press conference organised at the venue of the Convention on 21st June 2016.

On this occasion, those attending the press conference also included Mr. Niranjan Ojha (President of ‘Forum of Nepalese Media’, Nepal), Mr Maravanpulavu Sachithananthan from Sri Lanka, Mr. Rahul Kaul (National Coordinator of ‘Youth for Panun Kashmir’) and Mr. Chetan Rajhans (Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha).

Mr. Subhash Chakravarti further said, “The Bharatiya Government should make efforts to stop the atrocities committed on Hindus in Bangladesh such as rapes on Hindu women, usurping land, demolition of temples, killing of Hindu priests etc. and ensure a place in Bangladesh for Hindus where they can lead a respectable and secure life”. Mr. Rahul Kaul said, “Hindus in entire Bharat should bring a collective pressure on the Central Government so that displaced Kashmiri Hindus can lead an honourable life in Kashmir. For this purpose, it is decided to organise Conventions for Kashmiri Hindus at 19 places in Bharat”.


Maravanpulavu Sachithanathan

Srilanka’s Mr Maravanpulavu Sachithananthan said, “Hindus in Sri Lanka are being suppressed by the Buddhist Government there. The atrocious Act in Sri Lanka giving right to kill and arrest Hindus should be changed. For this purpose, we expect assistance from Bharat”. Prof. Niranjan Ojha from Nepal said, “A conspiracy is being hatched to religiously convert Hindus by framing a secular Constitution for Nepal. Accordingly, the plot to make Nepal a Christian Nation by 2030 is being formulated. Since the existence of Nepal as the Hindu Nation is in the interests of Bharat, Bharatiya Government should assist in making Nepal as the Hindu Nation”. Mr. Chetan Rajhans said on this occasion, “Grant of Bharatiya citizenship to Hindus arrived from Pakistan and process to start sealing of border with Bangladesh to stop intrusion are the outputs of efforts made by Hindus after getting inspired from last National Hindu Conventions.


The delegate from Nepal, Prof Niranjan Oja also urged the restoration of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal through a constitutional amendment there. He attracted the points on Indian initiative for that cause, otherwise it would be danger for the cultural identity of Nepal so far.

Indian Hindus should help Nepal to become a Hindu Rashtra ! – Prof. Niranjan Oza


Prof. Niranjan Ojha

85% Hindus had opposed to Nepal’s being declared as a secular country; still Nepal was declared as a secular country in an undemocratic manner. It is a ploy to convert Hindus by amending Constitution of Nepal as a secular nation. One year ago, during earthquake, Hindus, in large number, were converted by luring them with baits. It is a conspiracy to make Nepal a Christian country by the year 2030 and for achieving this goal, Christian leaders in Nepal, leaders supported by Christian organizations and voluntary organizations are very active. If with such conspiracy, Nepal becomes a Christian country, it will directly affect India; so, Indian Government and Indian Hindus should help Nepal to become a Hindu Rashtra.

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Cow slaughter is a conspiracy to destroy Hindus : Adv. Sureshchandra Panda.

Hindus miseries published through press conference held at the venue of Convention.

Hindu Rashtra required for preserving ancient valuable treasures of Hindus ! – Anil Dheer, Bharat Raksha Manch.


2 comments on “Restoration of the Hindu power in Kashmir, North East, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka is the vital precondition of Hindu Rashtra.

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    June 22, 2016

    Hinduism must be intact fruitfully in Nepal and India

    Nepal and India should have to give the attention to keep intact the identities of Hinduism. When Congress (I) was in power, Sonia Gandhi- the widow of Rajiv Gandhi forgot the norms of secular system and its tradition. It was a matter of grief that during Congress (I) rule Hindus became second class citizens in India. The all Indian administrative system, the intelligence and even the cabinet all became the tools of Christian. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was only a puppet. The remaining pride of Hindus of ‘Bharatbarsha’ was at risk during the dark period of Sonia Gandhi. Due to the corrupt regime, the people of India became furious and they supported the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

    Since May 2014, the BJP in power, and the BJP Govt. must reconstruct the Hindu shrines, temples and Dhams and have to inform the world the glory of Hindu religion being a secular country. Muslim and Christian’s right to live freely with their respective, they must feel respected in India. But the Hindu religion should be in top priority and there should be punished if anyone persuades others to change their religion. The Hindu nationalist party-BJP will be revered as a great party if it succeeds in persuading the Indian government. Nepal & India should focus- the constructive role on Hinduism restoring the only one Hindu kingdom as one epitome in the world.

    This will promote Hindu religion and its stature in the world. From the very beginning, the BJP and Indian PM Narendra Modi have been fighting for Hindu values and Indian nationalism. We are happy that the Hindu nationalist party has won India to keep intact the identity of India and Hinduism. However, we Nepali people are in doubt after observing the visit of Indian PM Modi who remained silent on Hinduism and monarchy in Nepal. After all, we hope that PM Modi will support constitutional monarchy and Hindu kingdom in Nepal. Being a Hindu Santa Narendra Modi should carve his name on hearts of all Hindus in the world and not marble only.

    From the beginning, I am convincing to all Indian Hindus that in India 80 per cent of the population is Hindu. During the 1000 years of Muslim and English rule the Hindu shrines were destroyed and vandalized; and India desecrated and Hindu values harmed. India became Independent in 1947 after a great struggle by Indian nationalists. The constitution of the independent India declared itself ‘secular’. A secular India was established following a joint effort between Hindu, Muslim and Christian’s to draft a new constitution. It is not possible now to declare India a Hindu nation. It is not possible constitutionally. India should have been a Hindu nation from 1947. But Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and other leaders wanted secular system to create the harmonious among all the religions. Then, the secular tradition has established.

    The fact is that the Nepalese monarchs held special right for carrying out ritualistic worship in many Hindu shrines and temples in India. Some intellectuals in India bypassed this fact and instigated anti-Nepal activities. This increased anti-Indian sentiment in Nepal. It is true that Nepali monarchs did not support Congress (I)’s anti-Nepal activities and nefarious conspiracies against Nepal. Nepali monarchs are always supportive of Hindu status in Nepal and India. So, the Indian PM, the leader of BJP- Modi must have a clear stance regarding Nepal’s royal institution and Hindu status. If PM Modi is free of conspiracies being hatched against Nepal he will win the hearts of Nepali people and all the Hindus in all over the world. Nepali people will not be influenced by sweet speeches and rhetoric. There cannot be cordial Nepal-India relations until India respects Nepal’s foundation pillars- the monarchy and Hindu Kingdom. Then, India’s identities also can secure with best.

    Thank you

    Dirgha Raj Prasai



    • Arindam
      June 22, 2016

      ‘ However, we Nepali people are in doubt after observing the visit of Indian PM Modi who remained silent on Hinduism and monarchy in Nepal. After all, we hope that PM Modi will support constitutional monarchy and Hindu kingdom in Nepal.’

      I believe Prime Minister Modi did not speak on this subject because any public statement would be construed as Indian interference in Nepal’s internal affairs, and would almost certainly backfire. Behind the scenes, though, I’d imagine efforts are being made to preserve Nepal’s Hindu status.

      [Being a republic, it would be more than a little difficult (not to mention, hypocritical) for India to promote monarchy in Nepal. However, if royalty is restored in Kathmandu, I’m confident that the government in New Delhi will accept (perhaps even support) it.]


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