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Hindus need their own Constitution and Education System based upon Dharma.

6th Day 5th ABHA 2016

Day 6 of 5th Akhil Bharatiya Hindhu Adhiveshan at Shri Ramnath Temple, Ponda, Goa….

Hindu Adhiveshan lauds on own Constitution and Education system based on Dharma and rejects the ‘rational attack’ on Hindus   including Christian conversion. 

HENB | Ramnathi (Goa) |  June 24, 2016:: Nearing to its valedictory session on Saturday, the hectic Friday session being the 6th day of 5th Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Adhiveshan lauds on Hindu’s own Constitution and Education system based on Dharma and rejects the ‘rational attack’ on Hindus  including Christian conversion. 

Dignitaries and delegates in this Hindu convention in Ramnath Temple complex venue at Ponda, Goa vehemently opposed such systems prevailing in the Constitution and Education system going against the interest of Hindus. They also denounced the Christian conversion conspiracy and the attack on Hindus by ‘Rationalists’ only to destabilize the country from it Sanatan belief of cultural perception and Hindu legacy.

Only a Constitution based on Dharma can stop injustice faced by Hindus – Dr. Shivnarayan Sen, Kolkata.

The foremost code of conduct of the Sanatan Hindu Dharma was laid down by God Brahma. Thereafter, Indra, Prajapati, Manu etc. too laid down the rules of Dharma. These rules are eternal and permanent. However, the Bharatiya Constitution has undergone more than 100 amendments till today. Such an impermanent Constitution has been misused to constantly oppress Hindus. Thus, to put a stop to the injustice face by Hindus, a Constitution based on Dharma is necessary. Today the aggressors have been given the status of ‘minorities’, because of which the majority have to face injustice. Today, Bharat’s economy has reached its nadir because of the aggression of non-Hindus. To improve it, establishing a Hindu Rashtra is a must with its Hindu constitution.

Shiva- Ram

If the Secular Universities are not going to include Hindutva in their curriculum, allow Hindus to establish their own Universities ! Prof. Rameshwar Mishra, Varanasi.

So that Hindus develop pride in their own Dharma, their traditions, their ancestors, Bharat’s history should be re-written. All the countries in Europe have a history that is no more than 200 years old. Hence, the Europeans wrote their History assuming the Monarch of London as the nucleus. In Bharat too, the history written by conspirators is being imposed on the citizens. How can Bharat prosper by teaching the history of England, France ? If the true history of Bharat is not going to be taught in the secular Universities, then Hindus should make a demand for the right to establish their separate Universities. As a part of this exercise, a fitting reply to the fabricated publicity should be given by re-writing Bharat’s history,’ stated Prof. Rameshwar Mishra, the Director of the Hindu Vidya Kendra from Varanasi (UP). He was talking on the subject of ‘Protection of Hindutva’ in the 5th All India Hindu Convention.

Effective enlightenment necessary to stop the spread of anti-Hindu sentiments by rationalists ! – Adv. Devdas Shinde, Pune.

While explaining the concept of Hindu Rashtra to Hindus, obstacles are created by rationalists and organisations like BAMCEF, Sambhaji Brigade etc. During Ram Navami, they mislead Hindu youth by sending messages such as ‘In which school did the Vaanar-sena learn to read & write?’ To stop their poisonous propaganda, it is essential to enlighten people through the medium of Dharma-shikshan, books on patriotism, Sanatan Prabhat etc. These were the views put forward by Adv. Devdas Shinde from Pune.

Adv. Shinde said,

  • In todays educational system, Bhagat Singh is referred to as an ‘extremist’, and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is insulted.
  • Organisations like BAMCEF, that are active all over the country, are trying to divide Hindu society
  • Immoral persons like Kanhaiya Kumar are made famous.
  • Hindus should start attending the ‘Dharma-shikshan vargs’ of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.
  • Read books written by patriots like Haquiqat Rai.
  • Start spiritual practice for increasing the strength of the soul.

In this session Sanatan Sanstha’s Spokesperson Shri. Chetan Rajhans spoke on ‘how Hindu Dharma is being harmed because of the incorrect behaviour of certain so-called Hindutvavadis and the need to stop this.’ Also, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s National Spokesperson Shri. Ramesh Shinde spoke on the topic ‘The way towards establishment of Hindu Rashtra’. Shri Guruprasad Ji of HJS spoke on ideal observation of Hindu festivals.


Beware of Christian missionaries taking benefit of natural calamities ! – Sagar Katwal, Kathmandu.

Pro-Hindu organizations extended help on large scale after Nepal was struck with earthquake; but Christian missionaries tried to take maximum benefit out of the situation. They started with making an appeal on social website to pray for Nepal just 2 hours after the earthquake. We helped earthquake-struck people of Nepal; but missionaries immediately started temporary schools for children. They started constructing houses for few persons; although we extended large help. Christian missionaries systematically extracted benefit out of this disaster; therefore, beware of such missionaries, was the appeal made by Shri. Sagar Katwal of ‘Rashtriya Hindu Yuva Andolan’.

Shri. Sagar Katwal made an appeal that Bharat should extend support to Nepal in her becoming a Hindu Rashtra again when all ‘Hindutvavadis’ raised slogan in his support.

In its discourses upto 6th day, several times the participants of the Hindu Adhiveshan raised the matter of Christian conversion as very vicious conspiracy of Church and its missionaries to destroy the social harmony and cultural genuineness both in India and Nepal. The Adhiveshan also retaliated against illegal use of loud speakers from Mosques often utilized as a weapon of communal riots and social disharmony.


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One comment on “Hindus need their own Constitution and Education System based upon Dharma.

  1. skanda987
    June 25, 2016

    Ref. line: “If the Secular Universities are not going to include Hindutva in their curriculum, allow Hindus to establish their own Universities !”

    Dose it mean it needs permission of gov’t to open a university?
    If yes, then Bhaarat has anti-majority “democracy”. It lives in slavery.

    Or, are we still holding slave mentality in “svaraaj”, that we need permission to do a right thing?

    Could someone quote what the law or constitution say in the matter please?
    jai sri krishna!


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