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Rise the Children of God, Jihad hit Europe 3rd time in 8 days. It’s the time to get rid off Radical Allah!

Jihad Ensured in Europe

Europe hit for 3rd time in 8 days by lone wolf attacks by devout IS supporters. The Islamic state is marching fast in Europe. Oh! Crusaders of Europe take arms and kill these Jihadi demons to save the civilization.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | July 23, 2016:: On 14th July, At least 84 killed and over 200 injured by lorry attack at Bastille Day celebrations at Nice of France. The Jehadi perpetrator was a French Tunisian man. Jihadi Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel shouted “ALLAHU AKBAR” as he plowed through #Nice crowd “like a bowling ball”.

On 19th July, a Jihadi axe attack was lashed in a train in Northern Bavaria of Germany. 18 injured after teenage refugee shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ and hacked passengers, 5 killed ultimately. He was a  ‘self-radicalised’ Muslim but, an home painted ISIS flag found in room of attacker. The attacker was a welcomed Afghan refugee in Germany.

And now Merkel set for emergency talks after Jihadi gunman killed at least 10 in Munich mall on Friday 22 th July and injured severals. This self inflicted Munich mall attacker, Ali David Sonboly was an Iranian origin. And it would not be a hard task to get him as a IS sympathizer if he is not an IS related zealots. But, some fat media on Arab dollars are trying hard to alienate this case from radical Islam frantically.

But, why respected Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor is convening the emergency meeting now after Munich attack? Why she didn’t take stern action against Radical Islam after axe attack in Würzburg-Heidingsfeld Rly station? Why didn’t Markel think that situation in Europe was engrossed by Jihad after the radical attacks in Madrid, Paris or Nice?

The answer is one. The European leaders in charge are completely failed to understand the nature of Islam and its Jihadi fatality.  They invited the millions of Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on, on humanitarian ground and eventually endangered the total human civilization in Europe and neighbourhood.

Now, fury erupted at German leader amid Munich shooting rampage and an investigative reporter Sue Reid stamped Merkel’s decision as terrifying price of her grand immigration plan isn’t looking so grand these days which caused all these teenage refugee’s axe attack on German train passengers to the Munich massacre.

About 1.2 million refugees are estimated to be living in Germany. Latest estimates by the European commission put the number of asylum seekers in Europe by the end of 2017 at around 3 million.

According to a study published in April by Germany’s Friedrich Ebert Foundation, about 154,000 Afghan citizens migrated to Germany in 2015, of whom 32,000 applied for asylum. More than 120,000 Afghan citizens remained in Germany without authorisation or had moved on to other countries, according to the study.

The study found that most Afghan migrants were young and male. The majority of family members who were interviewed for the survey said they had fled their country because of the economic situation. Political developments in Europe or the open-border policy of the chancellor, Angela Merkel, at the height of the refugee crisis had played only a minor role in encouraging Afghans to leave their country, the study found.

Germany, while initially generally welcoming refugees, has since begun to take a much tougher line, declaring it would deport Afghan asylum seekers whose applications are rejected.

Earlier in the year, Afghans were the second largest group entering the European Union, with 178,230 Afghans seeking asylum in the EU’s 28 states in 2015.

I can’t agree with this twitter retweeted much as “The Islamic state is expanding in Europe”. I think ISIS has captured Europe much easily for the awful secular decision towards the Muslim refugees, many of those are advancing Europe at the dead end of Jihad!

The political parties, world leaders, European Union  and the country chiefs in Europe are so encompassed by the Arabic influence and perks, they are really confused to act correctly to curb Jihad, the deadliest threat to the identity and culture of Europe.

As the leaders of Europe are hardly to hear me, I can suggest the Christian brothers and sisters and the gallant crusaders of Europe, how to  save their countries from the critical crisis of Jihad and the thickening Muslim mass.

Those who have guessed already a communal over tuning in this discussion, I would just request them to be rational and democratic. Please don’t indulge the radicalism and Jihad by saying, “Islam will dominate, democracy go to hell and Jihad is our way”.

We must strictly adhere these principles that Europe will be dominated by Christians, not by Muslims. India and China will not be allowed to reign by the IS or Arabs. Israel is for Jews, India will not go there to interfere. It is the rule of the civilization in mutual respect and development.  There is no place of aggression in the name of religion or revenge. So, no Arab expansionism, aggression of Islamic State can be allowed in Europe by extolling Jihad and other barbarism enshrined in Islam. So the proposition of the prescribed solutions have the rights to live and not to submit at Islam under any Jihad perspective.

I am giving these solutions in five hints. Vast scopes will be there to restrict the Jihad in Europe and neighborhood definitely through these measures. All these have tremendous psychological and physical implications.

  1. BAN SHARIA LAW AND MANDATE IN ALL STEPS. Europe has its own identity and there are sovereign constitutions in each land. Then where the Sharia comes to challenge the rule of the land. Every country must ensure the law of the land and take all the people under constitution uniformly. Polygamy and no-sterilization allowed by the Sharia must strictly be banned for the Muslims everywhere.
  2. STOP HALAL AND SUNNAT EVERYWHERE. Halal is nothing but a system to challenge the regular and normal lifestyle of the non-Muslims. Hence, they infest many gruesome way of qurbani, genital mutilation etc. (for female also) or honor killing in the name of Halal or Sunnat. It is also designed to run a separate fundamental system within the society.  Halal and Sunnat ultimately separate the Muslims from the mainstream society. So, these practice of opening Halal shops-hotels-restaurants and sporting Sunnat beard etc. must be stopped. Side by side, all the food-marts, shops, hotels in Europe must keep at least three items viz. pork sausage, pork ham burger and canned pork with other variations of beef and chicken, but of course not Halal. Muslims in Europe must put on a pressure to learn tolerance and must not to be allowed to be so intolerant and violent like Madrid, Paris, Nice or Munich.
  3. UNVEIL THE BURKA FROM MUSLIM WOMEN. Muslims women want liberty. But, Burka is the pursuing bondage on them as propounded by Islam. Burka system overpowers the women as slaves and sometimes it give the power of some radical Muslim women. Burka divides the feminine world as believers and the infidel women. Infidel women and the white fleshed are targeted easily be the fanatic Islamic perverts (just think the Holey Artisan Bakery attack in Dhaka). Promoting the practice of Burka generally increase the number of radicalised Muslim women.  Sometimes they engage themselves in the process of further radicalization and Jihad. So, use of Burka must be banned in Europe and its neighbourhood.
  4. STOP PUBLIC PRACTICE OF ISLAM & ISLAMIC SEMINARIES. Religion is a matter of personal realization and not a matter of social radicalisation. But, Islam, the avenging politics under a coating of religion, always try to make its public  manifestation in the way of offering namaz in roads by blocking, hotting from mosque loudspeakers, killing camels or cows in gruesome way in the public, all in the name of Islam and under the rights of religion (read radicalisation). They start all these within a limit to grow our permissiveness. But, ultimately non-Muslims are put in a trauma when they perform all these with utter nuisance and beyond our control and imagination. Please don’t forget that the Islamic seminaries and madrassas are not alike the yoga centers of Hindus, or Bible classes in the Churches or a meditation session of a Buddhist monastery. The Islamic seminaries, Madrasas and Mosques are so patterned to perish all the infidels invariably. So, public practices of Islam, radical preaching of the Imams and Mosques activities against majority people must be neutralized in all ‘nascent’ stages.
  5.  ATTACK ON MOSQUES WHEN THEY ATTACK YOU DEADLY. No civil society permits you to indulge in a civil war by clashing between the citizens. But, Jihad in Europe is advancing fast a civil war. Definitely the impending clash is demanding Crusade against  the Jihad in Islam. The barbaric way of gunshot, blast, bulldozing festive mass with 18 toone lorry,  wielding swords, using axe, clippers, hacking with machetes and knives cannot be terminated by the peace talk and candle light vigil. After any further attack on the Majority people by the Islamic attackers, the youths of europe and the local bodies there must retaliate and attack the Mosques and traumatize the grown up local radicals believing Quran and Jihad. This would be the most effective way to resist and reject radical Islam from the roots of Europe. If the Mosques fail to check their society and pose as symbol of the Radical faiths of the attackers, there will be no way but remove those from the rear of the society. And, if there is any challenge from their society to defend the attacker, please crush those until your rights of life and rights to live are ensured ultimately. They will kill you and you will be killed for an Islamic peace are just endemic and enough.

Oh! Crusaders of Europe take arms and kill all these Jihadi demons to save the civilization. If the State is failed to save its citizens, surely they have to rights to protect themselves. The Infidels (Non Muslims) are not the animals of Qurbani. Whenever you like, you can slaughter them. We have to change the mapping of ISIS in the desert and in Europe both. Kill them in Syria and Iraq and finish their sympathisers and lone wolves in Europe with that brutality as they deserve.

It’s not a story telling that Jihad hit Europe for 3rd time in last 8 days. The Crusaders must wage war against Islam to save Europe.

Rise the Children of God, it’s the time to get rid off the Radical Allah!

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