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Inaction of India is paving Nepal as a Maoist State, not a Hindu one.


For the failure of Nepal policy of PM Modi Govt, India and Nepal may face further Chinese aggression and Maoist insurgency.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | July 24, 2016:: Due to  failure of the Nepal policy of PM Modi Govt. and for ignoring the present political crisis in Nepal, the impending situation may put both India and Nepal in a further spate of Chinese aggression and Maoist insurgency.

Ahead of a vote of no-confidence motion in Nepal Parliament, it’s a trend-set that the present PM KP Sharma Oli is going to loose as of his two majors in the alliance have decided to quit and topple down the present Govt.

The no-confidence motion, lodged by former Maoist rebels viz. Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) of CPN Maoist Centre and Sher Bahadur Deuba of Nepali Congress who installed Oli in October but fell out with him after accusing him of failing to honour a power-sharing deal, is due to be put to a vote in the 595-member parliament later on Sunday.

Nepal has been plagued by turmoil for years for political settlements and adopting a new constitution for the country and the latest uncertainty over Oli’s fate risks the further sapping of business confidence. The new constitution of Nepal has given a ‘federal structure’ and ‘secular’ identity discarding its Hindu identity as earlier. The China supported Maoists and the Vatican provoked European Union jointly opposed the re-Hinduization of Nepal so that Nepal can be a land of exploitation by the Maoists and the Christians both.

Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) and Madhesi Janadhikar Forum Nepal (Democratic) are also favouring the ‘no-confidence motion’ under the influence of Deuba and Dahal for their vested interest, not matured from Oil rather.

“We were left with no alternative because of the arrogance and betrayal of the prime minister and his party,” Kiran Giri, a senior official of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) told HENB, referring to party’s decision to defeat Oli’s coalition.

Madhesi Janadhikar Forum Nepal (Democratic) is also opposing the KP Oli Govt. for the reason that they were also deprived from the power sharing. Interesting,  the proposers of the ‘no confidence motion’ are not saying any National interest related matters instead of their vested interests.

Both parties said they would join the opposition in Sunday’s vote aimed at toppling the Himalayan country’s 23rd government since multi-party democracy rejecting a “Hindu Kingdom in Nepal”, was introduced in 1990 after bloody killing operations by the Prachanda and his Maoist factions.

Oli was not available for comment but aides said he would respond to opposition accusations in parliament.

While, Nepal’s northern neighbour China jostle for influence over the volatile young republic and are concerned that prolonged political paralysis could turn one of the world’s poorest countries into a haven for criminal gangs and militants; the southern neighbour India has a less concern about the crisis in Nepal.

Again, as Rastriya Prajatantra Party Nepal (RPPN) of Kamal Thapa, a pro-Hindu Political Party is now a coalition partner of present Nepal Govt., the anti Hindu Maoists are trying hard for an ouster of RPPN from the power.

Nepal has been boiling with various crisis since September when it adopted its first republican constitution amidst a huge Hindu protest which forced the Nepal politics adopting a rather pro-Hindu constitution keeping the provisions to protect the ‘Sanatan Religion and Culture’, ‘Cow protection’ and ‘prohibition of Christian conversion’ etc. Since then the Maoists in the politics are hatching a conspiracy to proscribe such pro-Hindu provisions in order to establish a complete Maoist ideology in Nepal with the support of China. Unfortunately, the Nepali Congress has been part of such, anti-Nepal, anti-Hindu activities in that country. It’s a great concern that China has been provided the huge arms and monetary supports to Nepali Maoist factions so that they would capture the potential gain in Nepali Politics.

But, India has least concern about the growing Chinese influences in Nepal which are definitely fatal in view of the Indian economy, security and  integrity. Through porous (read open) boundaries between Nepal and India, the chinese goods and materials will capture more markets in India and it will be a dangerous situation in the Naxalite prone areas in India, if once Prachand comes to power with Chinese support.

Such Indian indulgence and inaction related to Nepal matters are creating any confusion in the pro-Indian people in Nepal. China has increased 60% for its economic investments for Nepal and it is trying to capture heavy industries, infrastructure, IT and media. Indian efforts for these are lowering down and it is reported that there is no investment of India (of Govt and big media house) in Nepali Media sectors and it is now being misutilized for anti-Indian propaganda by the investors from European Union and Chinese counterparts.

Moreover, the role of Ranjit Rae, the Indian ambassador in Kathmandu has set many question in the public of Nepal whether he is a statesman of India or European Union. The pro-Hindu wings of Nepal are very much disappointed with the pro-Christian and pro-EU activities run by him. He also made a huge political confusion as he met the representatives of  CPN Maoist Centre and Nepali Congress in a Hotel on last occasion after they moved for ‘no confidence motion against’ the present KP Oli Govt. in Nepal. On 12th July Tuesday evening, Madeshi forum President Upendra Yadav other Madeshi party leaders and other MP`s assembled in a meeting at Hotel Dwarika as Nepali congress MP Amresh Kumar Singh and Indian Ambassador Ranjit Rae hosted a joint party in that star hotel in Kathmandu.

The total Nepal policy failure of India Govt. is paving Nepal as a Maoist State and not a Hindu State once again. It is not only fatal for Nepal, India will be equally suffering for that.

We must pray to Lord Pashupatinath Ji and Lord Kashi Vishwanath Ji to protect the Sanatana (eternal) Hindu relationship between Bharat and Nepal so that these two ancient countries may survive from the recurring anti-Hindus attacks on them from different quarters.

PM Modi must make some time for Nepal above his great interest for Arab or Africa.

3 comments on “Inaction of India is paving Nepal as a Maoist State, not a Hindu one.

  1. pramod joshi
    July 24, 2016

    Nepal went in maoist fold during sustained efforts of CPI m in upa1 regime. Communists were supporting mm Singh govt at that time. The price paid by India was declaration of nepal from Hindu state to secular state for the first time in history of Nepal. They installed a Christian pm by Hindu name Prachanda in Nepal to fool the public there. China funded Maoists while few Western Democracies supported missionary activities. Modiji has come in the scene a decade too late. He is trying to salvage whatever is left of great Hindu Nepal of the past as of Bharatvarsha.


  2. Tilak Shrestha
    July 26, 2016

    The reality is India manipulated a true Nepal patriot Oli out. Now India sponsored corrupt Nepali Congress and terrorist Maoist are going to take over. But people are watching. We will respond in the coming election.

    Nepal Maoists are supported by India and European Union, not by China. EU wants Nepal as a test of ethnic conflict and Christian conversion. India (under Indian Congress) went along to weaken Nepal, assuming weak Nepal can be easily manipulated. China does not support Maoists.

    Due to illegal and immoral Indian blockade, Nepal / PM Oli have no choice but to diversify trade and transit with China. It is a common sense approach. It is not anti-India or pro-China. Why Nepal diversifying trade and transit becomes anti-India?

    The pea brained Indian leaders do not realize that Independent, Hindu and Democratic Nepal is a brother to India. A Communist and Christian Nepal will be a permanent migraine. Unfortunately, India is pushing Nepal just to that direction.


  3. Bihari Krishna Shrestha
    August 8, 2016

    India is a strange country. While its poverty level is higher that those of most countries in its neighbourhood, and it remains home to the highest number and proportion of hungry and homeless in the world, some of its people do not seem to have qualms in taking a condescending view of them Regarding the Nepali Maosits, it is the Chinese who supported them. Throughout their ten-year long killing spree in Nepal, they enjoyed safe haven in Delhi even as the Indian government officially dubbed them “terrorists”. For a nation to be respectable around the world, its diplomacy needs to be value based. India is just the opposite. As one Indian author, M. Shah (2004) put it, India’s policy towards Nepal is to assure “a condition of perpetual disruption”, so that India continues to play the role of the kingmaker. But this time around it went just too far; it got a bite much beyond its capacity to swallow. Even as rapidly developing China has been turning westward and has come much closer to Nepal in terms of its capabilities for enhanced help to Nepal, India with its hegemonic mindset continued to stick to its agenda of the Indira Gandhi days to dismember Nepal and annex its Tarai into India, and set up fifth columnist corrupt Madhesi politicians to demand Tarai-exclusive province–30 kms wide and 800 kms long–in federal Nepal. When Nepal refused to oblige, that’s when, Mr. Modi, who was briefly championed the rhetoric of Neighbourhood First, went on to impose protracted blockade against Nepal that was illegal by international law and immoral in content due to the fact that it came at a time when Nepal was reeling from massive earthquake. This is the kind of mindset who projects himself as Hindu Dharmic. It only shows that he is anything but a statesman, and it is already showing in the fact that as poor as mos the people are in India, his promise of Acchhe din of more than two years ago has proven to be not even a mirage. So, China has now come to Nepal’s great rescue. The whole of Nepal is grateful to that great country and will remain totally anti-Indian as long as India’s hegemonic policy towards its neighbours remain. It is a pity that the advantages that the majority government formed by BJP after decades of hung parliament has for bringing about positive changes for the people has so far remains mindlessly squandered. In short, if India keeps her own house in order, Nepal would greatly benefit too.


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