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Modi must apologize to majority Gau-rakshaks for demoralizing them.

Shame Modi Shame

Anti-socials by night turn Gau-rakshaks by day: PM Modi.

Modi must tell first, How many anti-socials in BJP, the party with ‘fake’ difference?

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | Aug 6, 2016:: In his first Town-hall programme of My Gov event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday came down heavily on ‘cow vigilantism’, saying the overwhelming majority of ‘gau rakshaks’ were actually antisocials engaged in dubious activities, who have proclaimed themselves to be protectors of cows to cover up their misdeeds.

With using a sallow statistical data, PM Modi once again proved his hollowness (but obviously unrealised by Modi-Bhakts) in ‘Cow Protection in India’ knowledge which actually boosted the mindset of the rampant cow-killers who always promote their ‘right to kill cows’ and ‘right to eat beef’ in India.

“I get so angry,” Modi said as he seized upon a question on volunteerism at a townhall-type event to launch his attack on ‘gau rakshaks’. “Kabhi kabhi ye jo gau raksha ke naam par kuch log apni dukaane khol kar baith gaye hain, mujhey itna gussa ata hai (Some people have been running a business the name of gau raksha. I feel so angry),” he said, distancing his party and government from growing instances of vigilantism.

“I have seen that some people who indulge in antisocial activities through the night put on robes of gau rakshaks by day,” the PM said in the strongest comments by any saffron leader on cow vigilantism, seen to have been instigated and encouraged by BJP’s assertive “beef ban” campaigns with Muslims and Dalits often being the targets of violence.

“I appeal to state governments to prepare dossiers on these swayam sevis. Some 70-80% will turn out to be engaged in antisocial activities not acceptable to the society. They don the robes of gau rakshaks to protect themselves from being punished for misdeeds (Apni buraiyon se bachne ke liye ye gau raksha ka chola pehente hain).”

Showing his swindling mind, Modi at first said that ‘some persons (kuch log)’ were involved in such undesirable activism in the name of Gau-raksha. But, he emphatically scored that number later as 70-80%.  In this fidgit way, PM Modi levelled the majority portion of Gau-Rakshaks and Gou-Bhakts in Bharat as anti-social. What’s a great wisdom of our PM really! Shame on Modi, Shame on BJP.

If we want to know, Mr Modi how many corrupts, bankrupts, characterless, debauchers, drunkards, liars, black-marketeers, women and cow traffickers, criminals as per IPC and you type humbug in the your party BJP, ‘a party with difference’, would you answer us please? Interestingly, most of the Cow-vigilants (gau-rakshaks) are somehow connected with Sangh Parivar and BJP. Now, the Hindu poster boy of Sangh is accusing the gau-rakshaks mostly connected with VHP or Bajrangdal.

Modi must prove his integrity in his statement by proving 70-80% Gau-rakshak are ‘anti-social’. Otherwise, he will have to face the retaliation by the Gau-rakshaks in Bharat. Already he has earned a lot of sins by humiliating the majority Gorakshaks and Gau-bhakts in his Town-hall deliberation.

In a put down for cow protection campaigners, Modi said people will be surprised to know that most cows die of eating plastic rather than slaughter. “If those who want to give service to cows only prevent cows from eating plastic and stop people from (throwing) plastic, it will be a significant gau sewa,” the PM said.

Where from our great PM gathered such result of research. PM Modi wanted to redeem the rampant cow-slaughter by the butchers by framing such a tale of ‘plastic eating’. Obviously, the ‘plastic eating’ by the cow progeny is a new hazards, but the given statistics by PM Modi is totally false and manufactured.

Actually, Modi is falsifying all about Goraksha and cow-vigilants as prompted by his odd political advisors who are trying hard to dethrone Modi from within. Though Modi is told to demoralize the Gaurakshaks for a political gain in coming Uttar Pradesh Assembly election, but this hurting statement of Modi may vitiate the Hindu vote bank in the state. In this chosen line of negativism on Ayodhya Ram Temple, Art. 370, Uniform Civil Code, Family Planning or Ban on Cow slaughter, Modi may face a huge untrust from the Hindu society resulting a deadlock for his political future.

We are not supporting any inhumane steps by anybody including the Cow-vigilantes, but slaughtering cows is always intolerable to Hindus.

Sometimes cow vigilants upload their actions and activism in facebook and youtube in a very silly manner. They catch the cow-traffickers, beef sellers and punish them by beating with hockey-sticks or iron-rods, urinating on them, swallowing cow-dung etc. But, these are not according to the history or scriptures.

Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj chopped off the hands of some butchers and there is clear instruction of Yajurveda and Atharvaveda to punish the cow killers.

Antakaaya goghaatam
Yajurveda 30.18

Destroy those who kill cows

Yadi no gaam hansi yadyashwam yadi poorusham
Tam tvaa seesena vidhyaamo yatha no so aveeraha
Atharvaveda 1.16.4

If someone destroys our cows, horses or people, kill him with a bullet of lead.

So, Hindu must adhere their history and scriptures and learn from it, not from any double standard person like Narendra Modi who advocates ‘Swadeshi and 100% FDI in a row’ or ‘Swachh Bharat without stopping the illegal slaughter houses creating huge pollution’.

The ‘angry’ man Modi must be cool now and he should apologize for his loose talk delivered on the Gau-rakshaks so far. Better late than never.

__News Support from PTI. Video Support: The Bhakta Life.

4 comments on “Modi must apologize to majority Gau-rakshaks for demoralizing them.

  1. Kumar Arun
    August 7, 2016

    The world is afraid of Zika virus these days. This virus is causing ‘microcephaly’ in newly born children. On the contrary, every time Modiji shook hands with big shots in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc; he has developed ‘Macrocephaly’. Any one in his close circle must let him know that Cameron of UK, Merkel of Germany, Hollande of France and Obama of USA have suffered enough who can share their personal feelings with Modi ji for recovery.

    Kumar Arun



  2. Aroma Hindu
    August 7, 2016

    Unexpected and Immature version of Narendra Modi – the PMO India. I am completely astonished with such comments from him. Really hurt by him. I am attached with Goraksha movement since last five years. Met 5000 people at least. Most of them are devotees and hardly 10% vested interest people are there. It is my personal experience. How Narendra Modi remarked such? Who has given the power to Modi to tarnish the image of lakhs of devout Gorakshan bandhuon. Shame.


  3. Man Mohan Garodia
    August 7, 2016

    Now our dear PM, Namo ji has certified that 80% Gorakshak are criminals at night and are doing business in the name of cows and state governments were directed to take action against these peoples.

    Now our secularist state governments will start to harass all Gorakshak to appease their vote banks.

    Namoji even certified that more cow become dead by eating plastic than their cruel slaughtering.

    Whether it was a package deal to get GST bill pass in Upper House?

    My one question to Namoji what 80% politicians do at night and in the day???

    Jai ho….

    M M Garodia.


  4. M K Rathi
    August 7, 2016

    Vajpayee could do for gau raksha. He did not bring in a bill. Today see his condition. Can hardly speak or move but can understand. Modiji could have at least halted beef exports in the last two years. It is the central govt prerogative and comes under the commerce ministry. He choses not to do so. We have pictures of him worshipping mother cow, doing arti before lok sabha elections. We have speeches of him shouting in a mocking voice of pink revolution by congress. Thank you Modiji for being such a turncoat. You may be the best PM, India has ever got. You may be feted by world leaders. But I doubt whether you going against dharma principles, will make you the greatest PM india has ever got.

    > प्रधान मंत्रीजी आज बोले, गौ कतल से कम मरती है, प्लास्टिक खाने से ज्यादा।
    > दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण बयान है। उन्हें प्लास्टिक पर बोलना था ठीक था। पर कतल से कम मरती है, यह गलत है। इससे कतल करने वालो का मनोबल बडेगा।
    > विश्व का एक नो गौमांस निर्यात ब्राज़ील के बाद भारत का no है। करिबन 13 से 14 लाख टन सालाना। इसका गौरव हिन्दू से शाषित ऋषि भूमि भारत माता को है।
    > और एक बात, कोई भी बीजेपी mp या नेता को पूछिये, यह क्या सच है ?जवाब मिलेगा भारत से गौ मांश का निर्यात की पाबन्दी है, यानी ban है।
    > बात सच है। तो क्या bbc, cnn, या google गलत है ?
    > सारा निर्यात buffalo meat यानी भैस मांस के classification से हो रहा है।
    > यह हिन्दू किसी और को धोका नहीं दे रहे है। सिर्फ अपने आप को। अपनी आत्मा को।
    > Aap ko दो साल हो गए , पॉवर में आ गए, अभी तक एक classification के तहत सिर्फ भैस मांस का निर्यात बंद नहीं करवा पाये।
    > किसको धोका दे रहे है ?

    आज फिर दुसरे दिन भी गौ रक्षको के विरुद्ध बयान दे डाला।हो सकते है 10 परसेंट गौ रक्षक गलत होंगे। क्या प्रधान मंत्रीजी दावे के साथ कैसे कहते है, की 70 %लोग गैर कानूनी काम करते है। हम तो प्रधान मंत्रीजी को गौ रक्षको की टोली के साथ रात में ट्रको के पीछे भागते नहीं देखे। न रात रात जागकर एक गौ के प्राण बचाने का प्रयास करते देखे। फिर एक प्रधान मंत्री ऐसे दाबे करने से, गौ हत्यारओ का मनोबल बढेगा की नहीं ?और गौ रक्षको का टूटेगा की नहीं ?

    हो सकता है, इनमे कुछ गैर कानूनी , असामाजिक तत्व हो, पर कानून जब सामने वाला तोड़ता हो, और पुलिस प्रशाशन साथ उनका देती हो, तो क्या हम अपनी माँ को काटने लेने जाने दे, और विरोध भी न करे।

    अब अगले एक महीने , प्रधान मंत्रीजी का कितना अच्छा होता है, वो देखना है। क्या धर्म वास्तव में है ?

    महेश राठी


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