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Now, PM Modi appreciates and urges the real Cow-activists to expel a handful ‘fake cow protectors’.

Modi Gobhakta

Now Modi seeks the supports of majority Cow vigilantes to uproot the miscreants from the  cow protection groups.

Some people want tension in society in the name of cow protection: PM Modi.

Upananda Bharti | HENB | Haridwar | Aug 7, 2016:: A day after getting the pungent reaction on his ‘uncontrolled’ remarks on the recent incidents of violence by cow vigilantes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi  on Sunday tried to repair his image by indicating these vigilantes as a small group and prayed to the majority cow-lovers and real vigilantes to help to identify the ‘fake gaurakakshks’. Modi once again called for a stringent action against these fake cow protectors by the concerned states.

However on Sunday, Modi did not mention any clarification upon his earlier claim on Saturday that 70-80% cow protectors would be ‘anti-social in nighttime and cow-activists in the daytime.

Speaking at the inauguration function of Telangana’s drinking water programme ‘Mission Bhagiratha’, the PM urged the people and all the state governments to be wary of people he termed ‘fake cow protectors’. “I request the state governments to make a list of such fake vigilantes and take stringent action against them. These people do not care about protection of cows. They just want to create tension in society in the name of cow protection,” PM Modi said.

At the same time Modi categorically said, “Aur sath sath main sacche gaubhakto prarthana karna chata hun, sacche gau-pujakon ko, prarthana karna chata hun, sacche gausevakon ko prarthana karna chata hun, aap bhi sajag rahiye, kahin aap ka yha umda kaam mutthibhar log apne ninji swarth ke liye tabah na kar den… aise logon ko expose karne ke liye aap bhi aage ayiyee“. In such a way PM Modi sought the help of real majority cow-activists to run their good and potential work and to expose and uproot the fake cow-vigilantes from the cow-protection groups as an important step.

“India is a county full of diversities, different values and traditions and protecting its “unity and integrity is our prime responsibility,” PM said, adding that a ‘handful of such people were destroying the social fabric and creating conflict in our society’.

PM Modi also mentioned the significance of Cow protection in the line of Vinoba Bhave, Mahatma Gandhi and the directive principles of Indian constitution. He stressed upon the cow protection for the sake of  agriculture, farmers and villages.

On Saturday, PM Modi had spoken about the self-proclaimed ‘Gau Rakshaks’ at his town-hall-style meet in New Delhi  for celebrating the second anniversary My Gov initiatives. “I feel very angry at this Gau Raksha( cow protection) business. Some people indulge in antisocial activities in night and turn ‘Gau Rakshaks’ during the day. They have opened “shops” in name of cow protection. All states should take stern action against these people,” the PM said while addressing the event at the Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex in New Delhi.

In his address in Telangana, he also urged the ‘true cow protectors’ to identify these people with vested interests because a handful of fake cow protectors are giving a bad name to the entire community of people who truly care and worship cows. The PM said he salute real “gau rakshaks” and “gau sevaks” and appealed to them to come forward to expose fake “gau rakshaks”. “I appeal to you to come forward lest the good work being done by you is destroyed by a handful of people for their vested interests,” he added. He also appealed people to link cow with agriculture, saying this will give stability to the sector and contribute to economic development. “Cow is an asset and it can never become a burden,” he asserted.
Prime Minister’s comments come at a time when his government and the BJP are facing a lot of flak over incidents of violence against Dalits and Muslims by cow vigilantes in various states including Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. The opposition parties had been criticising the Prime Minister for his “silence” amid growing incidents of such attacks.
In a party meet in Hyderabad where Modi  slammed the recent attacks on the dalit community and condemned the politics over the dalit issue. Attacking his political rivals, PM said, “Some people who thought that they control dalit votes could not digest the fact that people are now getting to know about BJP’s good work.”
Coming down heavily on the perpetrators of violence on dalits, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said, “If you want to attack, attack me, not dalits. If you want to shoot, shoot me“.

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