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RSS’s rubbish views on Sai Baba exposed. Ideological loopholes surfaced.

God in every human, hence also in Sai Baba: RSS

RSS may include Sai Baba, Sunny Leone, Sonia Gandhi and Nawaz Sharif’s name in its Morning Chant ‘Ekatmata Stotram’!

rss-rubbishUpendra Bharti | HENB | Hyderabad | Oct 25, 2016:: The great exponent of RSS, the de facto second in command and next probable head of RSS, Shri  Suresh Joshi, popularly known as Bhayyaji passed his comment on fake Godman Chand Muhammad alias Sai Baba.

When the Hindu Society is in a divide opinion whether Sai Baba is a real Godman and he can be worshipped as Hindu deity, then the remarks passed by a RSS top leader for supporting a preacher of Allah, beef eater and confusion maker in Sanatan Hindu society have created a further debate to settle the matter.

As Shankaracharya of Dwarka- Sharda Peeth Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati raked up a controversy by opposing the worship of Sai Baba, RSS on Tuesday contended that Hindu philosophy says there is God in every human being and hence also in Sai Baba.

Perhaps for this reason, RSS is planning to stop its arms training and will start confectionary training to prepare ‘Mumbai Methai’ (sweets) so that all the anti Hindu elements may be served with sweets after being treated them as  parts of God and God exists in them too !

Actually, this dangerous trend to treat ‘all are good’ theory and ‘God in all’ started with the inclusion of Duratma Gandhi in the morning chant of RSS, known as Ekatmata Stotram.

If God is in every human being, why do RSS men oppose Sonia Gandhi, Nawaz Sharif and others?  Why shouldn’t  they start worship of Sai Baba, Sunny Leone, Sonia Gandhi and Nawaz Sharif in their homes before preaching of Chand Muhammad alias Sai Baba in the society. These names may be included in RSS Ekatmata Stotram too!

Not only in Sai Baba, RSS must see God in Hafiz Syed, Masood Azhar, Dawood Ibrahim, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi and many of their Jihadi clan! 

Afraid, when this man Bhaiyaji will take charge of RSS and will say as Hindus and Muslims are all created by God and God in everybody, we are rejecting the Hindu ideology and Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

We apprehend a big dealings with Sai Temple Trust (Sai Jihadis) with RSS to siphon a big amount to Nagpur from  the collection of Shirdi in a very tactical way. Sai Temple Trust runs global business to earn an unthinkable amount of money in the name of Sai baba duping the Sai devotees.

We have no other option but to land this end after consulting many sections of people being hurt on RSS’s statement of Sai Baba.

Many parts of RSS ideology is now fit to be thrown into garbage bin. Sorry to say, RSS is wasting Hindu power for its own business.


4 comments on “RSS’s rubbish views on Sai Baba exposed. Ideological loopholes surfaced.

  1. kpp1991
    October 26, 2016

    What a terribly sad reality this is. At a time when RSS should gain ground, strength and energy, such pseudo secular preachings will not just harm the ideology they stood for but will be at the receiving end of the violence unleashed againt RSS cadres all over the country. Kerala, in the last 4 months is a blatant example of the retribution young cadres are facing at the hands of the Muslim Jihadis and the CPM Jihadis – 7 young lives have been sacrificed in just under 4 months !!! Perhaps the RSS think tank should ponder on this rather than worry about the status of Sai Baba!


  2. T. Naidoo
    October 27, 2016

    Yes its true that every person in the world has a right to be regarded as a god of some kind. But it is up to every person to behave in decent ways to earn the right to be regarded as a worthy god or more accurately a child of God. People must have the decency to behave in acceptable ways and be recognised as citizens of good religious understanding and position.


  3. Ramachandra bhat, P.
    October 27, 2016

    I think Bhaiyyaji’s statement has been stretched too far in the article, unnecessarily.
    Yes, certainly God is everywhere is Hindu belief. Bhayyaji has not told his view. It is no logic that because God is everywhere, everybody’s name to be remembered by anybody. Better think twice before making any damaging statement or allegation against R.S.S. Not because R.S.S. will mind it, but because the readers will think ill about the publishers and the editor.


    • K G Ramnatham
      October 28, 2016

      Any damaging act is more dangerous than any damaging statement. I will go with this report and congratulate the publisher and the editor of this site.

      There is nothing damaging in the content of the article, rather it has revealed a inside truth of RSS.

      RSS activist must be refrained to give any threat to this site which has over 4 million hits and near lakhs of visitors everyday. Believe that this site is not maintained by any fund from Shirdi or from Nagpur.

      The old guys in RSS are frequently failed to understand the real issues of the time.

      Such statement on Chand Muhammad Sai is a bogus thing. From the statement RSS wants to prove that the dirty drainage water is equal to the water of Ganges.

      Funny Statement of RSS. Should be substantiated.


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