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World Must Formulate Muslim Population Policies to Restrict Islamic Growth.


By 2050, India will have most Muslims in world, By 2100, Muslims will be Majority in this World, says Pew Research Center.

Explosion of Population is the Strongest Weapon to Make this World Islamic. Non-Muslim States must Formulate Own Population Policies to Restrict Islamic  Growth.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Bhoopal | Feb 2, 2017:: Through an analysis under the headline, “Muslims and Islam: Key findings in the U.S. and around the world+“, Michael Lipka, a senior editor focusing on religion at Pew Research Center, has warned the world about the unbelievable explosion of Muslim population. This explosion of population is believed as the strongest weapon to make this world Islamic.

As per this report, “Muslims are the fastest-growing religious group in the world”, and “10% of all Europeans will be Muslims by 2050″. The report also says, Muslims will make up 2.1% of the U.S. population by the year 2050 and India will have largest Muslim population by the year 2050.

One may not be warned adequately through the above points so that such 30% Muslim population in India, or 10% Muslim population in Europe or 2.1% Muslim population in US can’t be the threat to the non-Muslims as apprehended by the snoring people.

But, we must not undermine this estimate of Pew Research Centre at all. It suggests, “There were 1.6 billion Muslims in the world as of 2010 – roughly 23% of the global population – according to a Pew Research Center estimate. But while Islam is currently the world’s second-largest religion (after Christianity), it is the fastest-growing major religion. Indeed, if current demographic trends continue, the number of Muslims is expected to exceed the number of Christians by the end of this century.”

Then, we can’t hold us with the future of Non-Muslims by 2050, as per Pew report Islam will dominate by population just by 5o years more by 2100.

In other words, the infidels, dhimmis, kafirs will be a minority populace and Islam will rule this world with a Muslim majority, if the projected report of Pew Research Center becomes true.

From the same report three major trends of general Muslim people have been surfaced well.

  1. The fertility rate of Muslims  is higher than non-Muslim. Muslims have more children than members of other religious groups. Around the world, each Muslim woman has an average of 3.1 children, compared with 2.3 for all other groups combined.
  2. Muslim’s love for Sharia. Sharia tells Muslim to produce more children without any birth control. Pew Research Center survey of Muslims in 39 countries asked Muslims whether they want sharia law, a legal code based on the Quran and other Islamic scripture, to be the official law of the land in their country.
  3. Fanatic unity within Muslim people to capture the world under Allah, Muhammad and Quran. Islamic practice of certain religious rituals, such as fasting during Ramadan, making Taqiyya for their support to ISIS and immigration of Muslims in Europe and America (Immigration Jihad) etc pose as the main forces to establish Islam in non-Muslim areas.

Most of the Muslim clerics press their community to maintain multiple wives and maximum children they can produce to capture this world by the numbers of Muslims.

At present, 62 percent, a majority of the Muslims globally live in the Asia-Pacific region. This included large populations in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran and Turkey, Pew said. Indonesia is currently the country with the world’s largest Muslim population, but Pew Research Center projects that India will have that distinction by the year 2050, with more than 300 million Muslims. The Islamic aggression in other continents are on covertly or overtly. It is difficult to gaze the manifold Islamic policies to achieve a Islamic domination by its Population Jihad. These are included Conversion Jihad and Love Jihad. Abduction, forced conversion, contract marriage and Qula nama, love intrigue and forced conceivement at rape are the various Islamic instruments to exploit the women only to increase the numbers of Muslims.

The geometric progressions for Islamic increase of population, certainly endanger the non-Muslim population locally and globally. In area basis, Muslim takes control and Globally they are expanding unbelievably.

The non-Muslim world, the infidels, the dhimmis and the kafirs must take it very seriously.

Non-Muslim States must come together and formulate their own population policies to prevent the  Islamic  growth right now.

Otherwise, this world will be only for Muslims. Non-Muslims will be slaughtered then, if not accept Islam.

__inputs from Pew report.

3 comments on “World Must Formulate Muslim Population Policies to Restrict Islamic Growth.

  1. Arindam
    March 5, 2017

    It should also be noted that it is the Sunni version of Islam that is growing fastest: Iran – the largest Shia-majority state, had a very successful family planning program over the last two or so decades which has reduced its population growth considerably below that of Sunni-majority Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc…. Ironically, this means that the threat to us is even greater than the report suggests.


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  3. myworld60001
    July 30, 2018

    i hate islam!! My family is Christian From Egypt and they treated us like complete shit there!! Christians are denied their rights and forced to live in poverty. We fled to america, and i will fight to death anyone who tries to turn this place of refuge into another muslim shit hole!!


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