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VHP calls for equal population policy to check Jihad and demographic imbalance.


Vishwa Hindu Parishad urges UN to frame equal population policy to check jihadi populace. 

Prasad Roy | HENB | New Delhi | March 4, 2017:: Observing the dire consequences that ‘jihadi terrorism cannot be tackled through military action alone, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Friday urged the United Nations to evolve policies to ensure demographic balance through equal population rights.

India is facing a grave threat of jihadi terrorism and the situation is poised to become more dangerous unless the United Nations frame an equal population policy to curb the menace, the VHP today said.

Citing a report of American think tank Pew Research Center, Vishwa Hindu Parishad Joint General Secretary Dr Surendra Jain in a statement said, “Jihadi terrorism poses a grave threat when the Muslim population is 23 per cent, the situation is poised to become dangerous by 2050 when it rises to 30 per cent.”

“As compared to any non-Islamic country, India is facing a dangerous situation from the point of view of Islamic terrorism… We firmly believe that there cannot be only a military solution to jihadi terrorism,” he said.

As such, he said, the United Nations should take a decision in favour of having an equal population policy and India will have to take fast steps in this direction.

He, however, did not elaborate on what the policy will focus on.

While asking to focus on the ‘equal population policy’, the eminent Hindu leader and Editor of Hindu Existence Website, Upananda Brahmachari narrates that Muslim must obey the constitutional provision of every country and its population policy and not the Sharia laws which allow the Muslim to marry multiple and give birth in maximum numbers.

“With the Sharia principle Muslims marry upto four or more and produce dozens. It is their active device to keep the Population Jihad on. It should be checked through a resolution of UN and must be ratified by the member countries to maintain the global demography stable. Otherwise, Muslims will be majority in the world by 2100 as per Pew report. This is a great threat to the non-Muslims and world civilization”, Brahmachari told HENB.

“In India, Muslims must abide by the Govt Policy – Hum do hamare do (We are two and we have two) strictly with others”, Brhamachari opined.

Brahmachari also thanked VHP Joint Gen Secretary Dr Surendra Jain for his timely demand which came after such a demand raised by Brahmachari himself as “World Must Formulate Muslim Population Policies to Restrict Islamic Growth+“.

Being concerned with the random growth of Jihadi populace, Brahmachari tried to attract the notice of the world leaders with his earlier musings as, “Islamic plan to change Hindu demography in India exposed as a part of Global Population Jihad“+ and “How to combat Islamic Fatwa on Population increase which is trying to make Hindus as minority in India?+”

__with PTI inputs.

2 comments on “VHP calls for equal population policy to check Jihad and demographic imbalance.

  1. skanda987
    March 5, 2017

    Ref. line: “VHP calls for equal population policy to check Jihad and demographic imbalance”

    Things will not happen just by requesting. The Hindus need to force the Center and States to create the law to that effect.
    Then the law will need to be enforced.

    Additionally, one (a person or a nation) does not need anyone’s permission to do some cleaning work, e. g. removing all the cancer cells from the body.
    All efforts to clean internally and externally is a birthright.

    jai sri Krishna!


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