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Hindu Bouddha Christian Oikya Parishad demands 60 seats in Bangladesh Parliament.

9th Triennial National  Conference of Bangladesh Hindu Bouddha Christian Oikya Parishad in Dhaka.

BHBCOP demands reservation of 60 seats in Bangladesh Parliament along with separate Minority Ministry and Minority Commission.

Atul Brahmachari | HENB | Dhaka | April 8, 2017:: In its two day sessions (7-8 April) of  9th Triennial National Conference of Bangladesh Hindu Bouddha Christan Oikya Parishad (Unity Council)  held at Engineers’ Institute Auditorium within Dhaka University campus, the organisation batted for minority rights in Bangladesh and protested against the radicalization of political and social structure of Bangladesh. 

Buzzing an alarm on the attacks on minorities in Bangladesh, declining numbers of Hindu population and the deteriorating socio-economic status of the minorities, BHBCOP demanded reservation of 60 seats in Bangladesh Parliament and setting up separate Ministry of Minority Affairs and National Minority Commission without delay.

Advocate Rana Dasgupta, Secretary of BHBCOP told on the sideline of the conference that there were 72 elected peoples representative belonging to minority community (most of them were Hindus) in  East Pakistani legislative council election, 1954. But, unfortunately, there are only 17 Hindu and minority MPs out of total 350 seats in Bangladesh parliament. Hopelessly, BD PM Hasina did not opt any Hindu candidate out of 50 reserved seats for women in BD Parliament. BD PM exclusively exercises her power to opt these reserved women parliamentarian on her own.

Pressing for revival of the 1972 original constitution in Bangladesh, Advocate Dasgupta told HENB that this Awami League Govt is totally failed to implement the recommendations of ‘Shabuddin Commission on Atrocities on Minorities from 2001-2006’. Many Muslim MPs belonging to ruling party have forcefully occupied the lands and landed assets of minority Hindus.

Advocate Dasgupta demanded a purification of Awami League, where Jamati forces are playing a very communal role within the party. He mentioned that under Awami League indulgence, 165 Jamati persons have been elected as UP Chairman and they are misbehaving with the minority people of Bangladesh with utmost communal fervour.

The conference was inaugurated by eminent economist Prof Rehman Shobahan through National Flag hoisting, flying balloons and freeing pigeons in the sky. At this time, senior presidium member of Unity Council, Robert Gomez hoisted the flag of the organisation within a great cheer of the audience. Delegates from all the districts of Bangladesh have come to participate in this BHBCOP National conference.

Prof.  Shobahan urged all concerned to restore the harmonious texture of Bangladesh. He said, not only the minorities of Bangladesh, the freethinkers and democracy of Bangladesh are set on the fire of radicalism. We have to extinguish it at any cost.

The renowned humanist, sociologist and writer Shariar Kabir urged to uphold the secular vision of humanity to combat growing Islamic fanaticism in Bangladesh. He also warned,  if the Bangladesh Govt fails to control radicalism in many ruling party members, the radicals will emerge as ruler of Bangladesh in near future.

Many MPs. Minister, dignitaries from various rights groups, cultural and intellectual personalities, women activists took part in the conference.

The Youth Welfare and Sports Minister Biren Sikder told, this Awami League Govt of present time is the symbol of Govt of Liberation Army as in the past. So, we have to continue the same spirit of liberty, fraternity and unity. Hence, we must crush the seeds of communalism in Bangladesh unitedly.

The women unity of BHBCOP took out an rally with the demands of  the implementations of Vested Property Release Act 2001 (Amended 2011) and Compulsory Hindu Marriage Registration Act in Bangladesh.

The frontier cultural personality Kamal Lohani lamented on the unfortunate emigration of minorities who fought for the liberation of Bangladesh. He also ashamed for the decreasing Hindu population of Bangladesh which reached at the low of 8% from a high of 30%. Lohani opposed Islam as State religion and inclusion of ‘Allah ho Akbar’ in the Constitution of Bangladesh under a conspiracy of Islamic radicals.

The conference also demanded reservation in services (both administrative and police), national security act for minorities, protection for cultural identities of minorities and hill tribes, and strong law to prevent attack on religious places and business 0f the minority people in Bangladesh.



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