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PM Modi, Please Attack on Pak Army, ISI and BAT.

An open letter to PM Modi.

Attack immediately on Pak Army, ISI and BAT so that they never dare to attack on us.

Respected Narendra Modi,

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India,

New Delhi.


Dear Sir,

             Namaskar. As far I know your psychological set up, you are passing sleepless nights after the horrific incidents in Krishna Ghati Sector on 1st May where the Pakistani Jihadis beheaded two of our soldiers on our land crossing the borders.

            In Pakistan’s latest barbaric act,  bodies of two Indian soldiers were mutilated+, though Pakistan denied any of their involvement in Krishna Ghati butchery+.  Indian Army sources identified Naib subedar Paramjit Singh, a junior commissioned officer (JCO) of Army’s 22 Sikh Infantry and Border Security Force head constable Prem Sagar of BSF’s 200 Battalion as dead and found in mutilated condition.

              With this barbaric act of our so called neighbour Pakistan, the whole of Indian Nation stood in a row with the demand to take revenge with Pakistan. Defence experts also urged Govt. and the Indian Army is ready to take action against Pak+. But, after passing of 48 hours, we haven’t seen any virtual action against Pakistan as retaliation.

              Very sorry to say PM Modiji, you rightly tweeted on 24 April on Maoist carnage in Chattishgarh as “We are proud of the valour of our personnel. The sacrifice of the martyrs will not go in vain. Condolences to their families”, but you forgot to tweet on Krishna Ghati attack on Indian Army and BSF soldiers, nor you express your condolence to the families of Martyr Parmajit Singh and Prem Sagar. This must hurt many like me as your concern for Krishna Ghati is not divulged yet.

             Even I don’t know how will you react with the daughter of Martyr Prem Sagar, who wanted 50 Pakistani Army Heads as Revenge+ to her father’s brutal killing.

           The Nation wants to know what is your reply to Lance Naik Hemraj’s mother who questioned you as, What about your fiery speech to bring 10 Pakistani heads against a head of our army+?

          “Pakistan  beheaded  my  son  in  2013 and now we are witnessing numerous incidences every day. The government had promised that they will behead ten people if they beheaded one of ours, till now nothing has been done. The government should take stern action against Pakistan now,” Lance Naik Hemraj’s mother said.

           As a projected PM Narendra Modi (in election campaign) and PMO India Modi (in Parliament), you many times rattled against Pakistan. But, showing a surgical strike in the dark, you are now accepting the Pakistan’s all perpetual perpetration in broad daylight.

             PM Modi Ji, we are very much shocked with your Pakistan policy tagged with Jihadi terrorism in Kashmir valley and the pending rescue of POK as our virtual land.

              You and your party claim, ‘BJP is a party with difference’! But, how do you still maintain Pakistan as a Most Favoured Nation (MFN) to India which was done by Congress, even after Krishna Ghati affairs. The Nation wants to know what is the mystery of relationship between Modi and Shariff, BJP and Pakistan? Stop all relations with Pakistan, crash MNF status given to Pakistan and cease all business deals with that land of brutality and insanity. (At this stage India must declare Israel as MNF). Destroy Pakistan economically.

               While the whole Nation wants a revenge, Army is boiling to attack Pakistan, why PM is silent on this matter and perhaps experiencing an palpitation in his 56” chest. Please answer this point. Just lecturing on freeing Baluchistan  is not sufficient. Attack every dane of Masood Azhar, Hafiz Sayeed and Dawood Ibrahim and all the terrorist camps in POK and inside Pakistan. Break Pakistan forever and right now. Capture POK without delay.

               I think you have completed your research on Pakistan and already prepared you next lecture with attractive phrases and idioms. But, Nation’s sake, please attack Pakistan at this proper time. Otherwise the souls of Saurav Kalia, Hemraj, Paramjit Singh, Prem Sagar and other martyrs will not get peace at all.

                  Families of soldiers mutilated by Pakistan demand payback now+, we the Indian citizens also. You can’t just bypass us. This is our humble submission.

                     With best of regards. Jai Hind. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguruji ki Fateh. Bharat Mata ki Jai.

Upananda Brahmachari.




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N.B. This letter has also been sent to the PMO as registered on 03.05.2017 at 09:02 IST  vide no. PMOPG/E/2017/0260368.

2 comments on “PM Modi, Please Attack on Pak Army, ISI and BAT.

  1. Arun Kumar
    May 3, 2017

    Bhartiya pak se yuddh chahte hai. Isme koi sandeh nhi or pak kabhi bhi nhi sudhrega ye bhi sabhi jaante hai


    May 3, 2017

    They will , as usual, issue, KADI NINDA, GHORE NINDA & SAKHT KARWAI…Since 1947 Na-Pakis attack hundred thousand times , BUT india waits every time to respond the attack never initiated proactive attack to nab the terrorists & Un-professional Army. Indians R strange people …Its Para Military Forces R attacked & being killed by Nexalites but Ninda sigh ji refused to use Army against the Enemy…Now just watch KASHMIR 1989-90…Islamic-Fundamentalist looted , burned, raped , Killed & Forced half a Million KASHMIRI PANDITS 2 Migrate….But no Action against the CRIMINALS bec’se they were Muslims….No ACTION 2 RESETTLE the KPs to their own houses in KASHMIR.Moreover Security is provided for TRAITORS Like SEPARATEST-HURIYAT LEADERS…ABDULLAH BAAP-BETA who incite people against India …NO ACTION against SUPPORTERS Of TERRORISTS…&…STONE-PELTERS..How SOME stupid SHAMELESS people R here who invite FILM- MUSIC-STUDENTS-INTELLETUAL, AUTHORS, CRIKET-PLAYERS SINGERS & ARTISTS in other fields…From NA- PAK WHO R BE HEADING OUR SOLDIERS….OUR LEADERS must study QURAN..AHEDIS & ISLAMIC HISTORY 2 know ISLAMIC- PSYCHIC , They attacked , conquered 56 countries & converted the population 2 ISLAM by Force….Wherever they R in Majority Or RULES a place, area, Country…they offer 3 OPTIONS….2….THE PEOPLE THERE….1..CONVERT 2 ISLAM, 2…MIGRATE OR…. 3…PAY JIZYA……THEY impose SHARIA… LAWS…..BLASPHEMY, APOSTASY, 3 TALAQ, HALALA, MUTTAH…WIFE BASHING, CHILD MARRIAGE …6 – 12 Yrs babies….. forced -married to older persons…THEIR AIM is to CONQUER the WORLD & IMPOSE KALIFAT..(one_man Rule) They hate Democracy , Humanity , & Non-Muslims….They believe in LIFE after DEATH & Wish 2 get 72 VIRGINS By killing or being killed on ALLAH’s PATH…..So the SUICIDE BOMBERS…ACT against HUMANITY. K C SHARMA, CALGARY, AB, CANADA


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