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Destination WB: The Most Prospective Jihadi Hub for Rohingyas in India.

Within a span of three months Kuruli-Hardaha location near Baruipur increased its numbers of ten times. In January 2018, there were only 29 Rohingyas in 8 families. Now they are over 320 in 41 families.

60,000 Rohingyas are waiting across BD borders to enter WB. TMC is promoting Rohingya hubs in the state to generate Jihadi attacks on Hindus. 

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Kolkata | March 29, 2018:: In a very nefarious design, the ruling TMC in Bengal is promoting illegal Rohingya intruders in the soil of West Bengal  with a Jihadi aspiration to harm the Hindu activists within the state.

When Hindu activists are advancing in WB, some leaders of TMC’s minority cell are engaging themselves to give shelters these Rohingya intruders in Barauipur, Canning, Falta, Budge Budge, Burdwan, Coochbehar, Uttar Dinajpur, Birbhum and other locations;  only to restore a Jihadi force to eliminate growing Hinduitva power in Bengal.

Making many NGO and collaborating with AIMIM (All India Majlish e Ittehadul Muslemin)  of Hyderabad, these Muslim leaders in TMC are collecting huge money from Middle East and Bangladesh in the name of rehabilitation of Rohingya refugees,  actually the new Islamic force engaged in capturing the land of Bharat under Islamic flag.

On a high level meeting of SMAC (State Multi Agency Center) held on March 12, it shared intelligence inputs between constituent agencies over the ‘threat of Rogingya intruders in WB’ and ‘border situations where more than 60,000 Rohingyas are waiting to cross the border to enter WB’.

Though WB representatives in the meeting admitted the growing number of Rohingyas in the state and their colony in some parts in the state, they pointed out the slackness of BSF in border protection and accused a part of BSF involved in the cross border Rohingya rackets.

“With a tight  vigilance of BSF and proper patrolling in the border, these huge numbers Rohingyas could not enter into India. But obviously, Rohigyas are not entering India through para-trooping”, a SMAC official raised the point in the forum.

But, the WB representatives were failed to explain how some agencies (NGOs and AIMIM affiliates) are given free-hand to make colony for Rohingyas in Baruipur (Kuruli and Hardaha),  Coochbehar (Masaldanga), Budge Budge (Fakir Bari) etc.

A source in South 24 Parganas hints that many local Muslim clerics connected with TMC are trying hard to change some PMAY and Gitanjali Housing locations by the original beneficiaries to facilitate the Rohingya Mehmans (guests) in their localities. Rohingya children are being sheltered in the Madrasas in Burdwan, Uluberia, Malda, Murshibadad, Birbhum, South and North 24 Parganas very planfully.

WB CM Mamata Banerjee is very sympathetic for her Rohingya brothers and sisters coming to Bengal and she has expressed her stand point earlier as, ‘all commoners not terrorists‘+.

Kolkata Rally in support of Rohingya Muslims (Sep 11, 2017).

Under the patronage of TMC, Muslim organisations organised a huge rally in Kolkata in Sept, 2017 with a demand to stop genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Mayanmar and to make proper rehabilitation of Rohingyas in India. Interestingly, TMC sympathizer Mohammed Nuruddin of All Bengal Minority Students Federation, WB State Congress President Adhir Choudhury, CPIM leader Sujan Chakroborty and  Furfura Sharif Peerzada Toha Siddiqui, all shared the rally to support Rohingya cause in India.

India shares a 4,096 km border with Bangladesh, only half of which is fenced. West Bengal, which shares a border of nearly 2,217 km, has been the most preferred route for illegal migration from Bangladesh, often through a network of touts and complicity of Border Security Forces.

The Ichamati river and its tributaries act as border between India and Bangladesh. Most Rohingyas crossed into India from North 24 Parganas, South Dinajpur and Cooch Behar districts. They also enter from international border crossings at Petrapole, Ghojadanga, Hakimpur, Tarali, Angrail and Haridaspur.

Now, Sarberia and Sandeshkhali in Sundarban delta (South and North 24 Pgs) has chosen by the Rohingyas as their preferable entry points for West Bengal crossing rivers and forests.

The Union government told Parliament on 9 August, 2017 that according to available data, more than 14,000 Rohingyas, registered with the UNHCR, were staying in India.

However, some inputs indicate that around 40,000 Rohingyas are staying in India illegally and the Rohingyas are largely located in Jammu, Hyderabad, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi-NCR, West Bengal  and Rajasthan. Then the Union Govt also admitted a 2 crores of Muslim infiltrators in India from Bangladesh!

Now, if these 60,000 Rohingyas get a chance to enter India in anyway, It will be a great security and deplorable law and order issue in India.

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARAS) will certainly take a chance to spread its network in all the Rohingya colonies/rehabilitation centers with the help of JMB (Jamaet-ul-Mujaheddin-Bangladesh) and Ansarulla Bangla Team.

Knowing all these fully well, TMC and its queen Mamata Banerjee are promoting Rohingya Muslim hubs in the state under the cover of ‘minority welfare’ (Muslim appeasement), only to generate Jihadi dominance over Hindu activism in Bengal.

And most surprisingly, BSF under Union Home Ministry is not doing well. How these numbers of Rohingyas are hopping high through borders everyday?

The desperate Rohingya rehabilitation policy of TMC and disgusting lip-service of BJP to deport Rohingyas from India are revealing as two sides of a coin.

In such a situation, the aggrieved public in India may attack Rohingya settlements in different parts in India to register their resentment on dangerous Rohingya realities.

West Bengal is now considered as the most prospective Jihadi Hub for Rohingyas in India. Rogingya aggression in India or West Bengal is not part of a Jihad in reality. Patriotic Hindus in all regions will burst against Rohingyas, today or tomorrow. The situation in waiting is most vulnerable.

Both the State Govts and the Union Govt must take this note seriously.



2 comments on “Destination WB: The Most Prospective Jihadi Hub for Rohingyas in India.

  1. Arindam.
    April 8, 2018

    There is a real danger that, due to its short-term political compulsions, TMC will play into the hands of a long-term jihadi plan to turn West Bengal into another Kashmir. The Sunni Muslim population in that state is steadily rising due to demographic warfare combined with infiltration – and it is becoming increasingly fanatical.

    To avert the danger Bengalis have to put a BJP government in power in Kolkata as soon as possible.

    As for the Sunni refugees/infiltrators – I recommend sending them westwards to a certain ‘land of the pure’ that boasts about being a refuge for persecuted Muslims in the subcontinent.


  2. souvik
    January 9, 2019

    bengali serials are also playing in there hand. please do something about it.


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