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Don’t visit Ajmer Sharif of Moinu Chisti who was a pedophile, Hindu killer & fanatic Islamic preacher.

Hindus campaign not to visit a shrine of pedophile, convertist and fake Muslim saint!

Ajmer Sharif website changes story of Khaja Mainuddin Chisti’s 1st marriage with Hindu baby after killing his Hindu father: An effective Agniveer initiative.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | July 3, 2018:: India may be most dangerous place for women, but we don’t know the root cause of vulnerability as such. This is only ‘secular’ nation where every neta (political leaders), abhineta (film actors/actresses), bewasayi (businessmen) donate beautifully decorated chaadars and huge money to an Ajmer Sharif Chisti who married a baby at age of 70 after killing her Hindu father, because Prophet Mohammed ordered him to do so in dream. When the Indian political leaders and crowd puller Bollywood stars and rich businessmen all pay their veneration to a Hindu killer, pedophile and rigid Islamic preacher and fanatic converter like Kwaza Mainuddin Chisti, there must be a reason for India to be a most dangerous place for women and the babies also.

Though Hindu Forums like Hindu Existence, Agniveer have been trying to expose a Sufi conspiracy school in India to preach Islam in a very subtle way of camouflaging in order to highlight ‘Islam as a good religion’, the majority people did not pay heed to it. The KHAWAJA GHARIBNAWAZ DARGAH AJMER+ website stated earlier, “*”When he (Hazrat Khawaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti) had settle down to Ajmer, the Khawaja Sahib had a special reminder about his marriage through a “basharat” (prophetic dream) from the Holy prophet (Hazrat Muhammad) sometime in 590 AH or 1193 AD. The Prophet said, “O Moinuddin, you are a great preceptor of our religion. You should not depart from our ‘sunnah’ (meaning marriage which is incumbent upon every Muslim under the law of Shariat). Coincidentally that very night a khatib devotee of Hazrat Khawaja Sahib, had captured a Raja’s daughter who embraced Islam and Khawaja sahib, in response to the above reminder, married her giving her the Islamic name of Bibi Ummutulla”*”.

As per official website of Ajmer Sharif, earlier Ajmer Sharif Chisti made his disciple murder a Hindu king and married his baby when he was 70.

It is evident from above that the Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti was a person very cruel in nature who used to attack on Hindu kings to capture their lands, properties, wealth and women folk to establish Islam in India in the very Sharia way of thoughts. Moinuddin’s first marriage was consummated with a minor Hindu girl after forceful conversion and after killing her father. This true nature of Moinuddin Chisti was exposed by very conspicuously.

After such revelation by Agniveer, the Ajmer Sharif authority changed their version as “Coincidentally that very night a khatib devotee of Hazrat Khawaja Sahib gave his sister Bibi Ummutulla to marry him”.

Now after Agniveer exposed this pedophilia, the official site of Ajmer Sharif changed it to ‘disciple married his own sister to Ajmer Chisti’.

After Agniveer’s expose on pedophilia of an aged Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, the official site of Ajmer Sharif Dargah has now changed the story totally. The baby (young daughter) of a murdered Hindu Raja now becomes ‘sister’ of Khwaja’s disciple. This should be  circulated widely so that Hindus stop visiting this hub of Ajmer Sex Scandal (biggest sex scandal ever of India) run in glory of a spy of Muhammad Ghori.

But, this mere change in the Ajmer Sharif website does nor effect on the reality check on the Islamic history in India containing the gruesome Hindu killing, destruction of temples, shrines and academic institutions including the barbaric torture, abduction, rape, forced marriage to Hindu girls and women and the horrific genocides by the Muslim rulers and their accomplishes like Mouniddin Chisti and companies.

Upananda Brahmachari, the eminent Hindu interlocutor and Hindu existence Website Editor congratulated the Agniveer Forum for their excellent work to expose Islam and fanatic Islamic preachers in India including the Sufi like Mouniddin Chisti.

Brahmachari urged the majority people of India to be aware about the Barbaric Islam and its cruelest rulers and fanatic preachers who always wanted/want the destruction of Hindus in its ugliest Sharia and Jihadi ways. “Hindus must not visit the shrine of Moinuddin Chisti at Ajmer who was nothing but a killer of Hindu kings, pedophile and the master mind of Sharia perception in India”, Brahmachari told HENB.


3 comments on “Don’t visit Ajmer Sharif of Moinu Chisti who was a pedophile, Hindu killer & fanatic Islamic preacher.

  1. nona
    July 6, 2018

    REVELATION – Islam’s True Teachings HIDDEN from MUSLIMS
    Revealed by an Imam!!! Everyone should learn to read the Koran and Buchari and tell the WORLD HOW DEVIL’S-EVIL – it is – TEACHING SEX WITH NEW BORN BABIES!!!


  2. Arindam.
    July 8, 2018

    That tomb should be destroyed.


  3. Ram balls
    November 19, 2018

    But where you found that wife of khwaja was a baby and when the brother of khwaja’s wife gave her what problem you have. Forever more than khwaja it’s the Hindu brother who is more evil to give away his sister.


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