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Muslim director faces religious ire for hurting Hindu sentiments in his short film.

Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai (Brahmin girl & Nawab boy), A short film in Telugu wants to promote Love Jihad…

Muslim Short film maker faces religious ire for hurting Hindus’ sentiments.

B Upendran | HENB | Hyderabad | July 1, 2018::  A police complaint was registered against the makers of a soon-to-be-released digital film “Bhramamanula Ammai Navabul Abbai” (Girl of the Brahmins and the boy of Nawabs) for allegedly hurting the sentiments of Brahmins. Concerns have been raised by Vishal Kumar, a Master in Communication & Journalism student for deliberately targeting his community with this short film.

“On Tuesday, I watched the teaser of a short film Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai on Facebook. The digital film, written and directed by Faarooq Roy and produced by Pedda Fareed, Chinna Fareed and Azagar Aali Shaik seems to be made with an intention to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. I have also realised that the footage has violated the guidelines of the social media and it can trigger tension and a communal rift in the coming days. Hence, we demand the cops to take necessary action against the makers of this short film,” said Vishal.

Members of the Telangana Brahmana Seva Samakhya said, “The short film is promoting Love Jihad and has an objectionable title. We demand the makers take down the video from social media, YouTube and stall the release. We have submitted a representation to the Director General of Police (DGP) M Mahender Reddy seeking appropriate action.”

Many Indian film makers of Secular breed always try to hurt Hindu sentiments delineating their films with anti-Hindu stuff and presenting love affairs between Hindu girls/women with Muslim boys/men. In the present controversy for the film Bhramamanula Ammai Navabul Abbai, the love affair has been depicted between a Muslim boy and a Hindu Brahmin Girl. 

Facing the hit in social media and for avoiding the police action, the Muslim director of the film is now contemplating upon the situation by changing the title of the film as  “Vaalla Ammai Viilla Abbai” (The girl of them and the boy of garden house) from the controversial title “Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai”.

Not so long ago, a Telugu film director Dasari Sairam was arrested by the Telangana police for allegedly making a film titled Devuda in which some scenes show whiskey being poured over a Shiva Lingam in a temple even as a cigarette burns like an incense stick.

Upananda Brahmachari, the prominent Hindu interlocutor and Editor, Hindu Existence Website strongly opposed the title of the film “Bhrammanula Ammai Navabula Abbai” and told HENB, “the concerned censor authority of films & documentaries must not pass the certificate for such films hurting Hindu sentiments”

One comment on “Muslim director faces religious ire for hurting Hindu sentiments in his short film.

  1. Lal Gehi
    July 3, 2018

    Muslim Short film maker faces religious ire for hurting Hindus’ sentiments.

    Musalman will not tolerate any comment on Mohammad but Muslims will comment on Hindu Godhead, Hindu philosophy, and Hindu religion.!



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