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Check Muslim Population, otherwise it will be a Country of Criminals or another Pakistan: BJP MP.

Hari Om Pandey

Heinous crimes like riots, rapes, murders, torture on women on rise due to increase of Muslim population and decline of Hindu population: BJP Lawmaker.

Ratan Awadhesh Shukla | HENB | Faizabad | July 27. 2018::  A senior BJP lawmaker from Uttar Pradesh raked up a major controversy by asserting that heinous crimes such as riots, rapes, torture on women and murders are on the rise because of the rapid increase in Muslim population in India.

Pointing on a sharp decline of Hindu population in North West Uttar Pradesh, the BJP Member of Parliament from Ambedkar Nagar narrated the plight of Hindus in those Muslim populated areas and expressed his observation comprising the increase of major crimes and law and order problems as a result of bouncing Muslim population there.

“Terrorism, rapes, cases of sexual harassment are prevailing in India only because of the rising Muslim population. If one looks closely, there is a rapid increase in the percentage of Muslims since the time of Independence,” said Hari Om Pandey, according to news agency ANI.

“Muslims marry 3-4 times & have 9-10 kids, they don’t get any education& end up unemployed,it will obviously lead to anarchy.Their population is increasing rapidly, they are demanding Sharia now then later they will demand new Pakistan”, Pandey clears his stand.

The Ambedkar Nagar lawmaker, Hari Om Pandey, went on to say that soon a new nation like Pakistan will be carved out of India if the government failed to curb the Muslim population.

He added that a Bill must be introduced in Parliament on population control in a bid to save India from another partition.

“I believe that a Bill on population control must be introduced in the Parliament in order to save India from another dreadful partition,” he added.

The BJP MP from Ambedkar Nagar told HENB, “The probability of partition of India can’t be ignored anyway on the higher growth rate in Muslim population. Muslims are now demanding Sharia Court in every district in India. Some Moulavi and Imams are already demanding separate land for Muslims on their strength of Muslim population. Population demography of India is endangered due to decline of Hindu population. So, India must draw a Population Control Law to check further division of India.”

According to him, increased population will result in unemployment and stagnant economic growth which in turn will bring anarchy in India.

“The silent ‘population Jihad’ in India is the greatest threat to Indian economy and development. Jihadi population creates law and order issues in the society. Many persons in Muslim populated areas pose safety security threats to India by militant activism.  So, Govt must give priory for population control”, Pandey told HENB.

__inputs from ANI.

2 comments on “Check Muslim Population, otherwise it will be a Country of Criminals or another Pakistan: BJP MP.

  1. Arindam.
    July 29, 2018

    In 1951, Muslims were 9.91% of India’s population.
    By 1991, they were 11.67%.

    (Source: Indian census figures given in K. L. Talreja’s ‘Pseudo-Secularism in India, page 317).

    According to the 2011 census, the Muslims are 14.2% of the population.

    So this issue is more serious that many realize: not only is their share of the population rising, it is rising faster with the passage of time.

    It should also be noted that the Sunni attitude to India is fundamentally predatory: for them, it is simply an area to exploit – its people and resources are to be used, misused and abused – then thrown away or destroyed when no longer desired. Like locusts, Muslims ravage then move on to new areas to plunder.

    In short, they feel no responsibility regarding this country (if they did, we would never have had Partition) and their criminal, callous and corrupt misbehaviour merely reflects this.

    We will only be on the right track when the Muslim population starts shrinking – in both relative and absolute terms.


  2. sajal kumar majumdar
    July 29, 2018

    I am in full agreement with the views expressed by the lawmaker and urge upon Modi GOVT to be bold enough to introduce bill of POdidPULATION CONTROL as they did in respect of 3 talak


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