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Ayodhya Saint sits in fasting unto death for early construction of Ram Temple.

Ayodhya Mahant starts fasting unto death for construction of Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir on early basis.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Ayodhya | Oct 4, 2018:: Popular Hindu saint, Swami Paramhans Das, Mahant of Tapaswi Chhawni temple in Ayodhya, started an indefinite hunger strike on Monday (1st Oct) demanding early construction of Ram Temple at the Ram Janmabhoomi (the sacred birth place of Lord Ram). The indefinite fasting falls on fourth day.

Mahant said that he will continue his fast unto death till construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is announced. He said that he was even willing to sacrifice his life to build pressure on Modi-Yogi governments for the construction of temple.

Swami Paramhans Das said that BJP-led government at Centre should make a law for Ram Temple construction and demanded that PM Narendra Modi visit Ayodhya and announce date of temple construction. The Swami also demanded the right intervention of Yogi Adityanath Govt in Uttar Pradesh to expedite the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

“This time from local corporator to President of India, all are from Bharatiya Janata Party, but they are not doing anything for Ram Mandir. We elected BJP only for the main cause of Ram Janmabhoomi but they are silent over the issue. So, I have decided to sacrifice my life if BJP does not come forward to facilitate construction of Ram Mandir,” he added.

Talking to HENB, Mahant said, “I am not giving any specific time to Modi government to take necessary steps for the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. They have time till I am alive. I will not break my fast till the RSS-BJP and PM Narendra Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath start construction of Ram Mandir. I have no botheration whether the Rama Janmabhoomi land dispute case is pending in Supreme Court or not. Why the apex court is not dispose the case on early basis?”

As per report, many of Swami’s followers have also started fasting in go around basis to support the cause of early construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Many Ayodhya seers viz. Ex BJP MP Dr Ram Vilas Vedanti, Mahant Dharam Das (Nirvayani Akhada), Mahant Avdesh Das (Bhaktmal Mandir), Mahant Ram Bhajan Das Ramayani (Hanuman Killa), Naga Baba Ramlakhan Das (Naga Panchayati Akhada), Pujari Parshad Ramesh Das (Priest associate of Lord Ramlala at Janamsthan), Yuva Sant Upendra Das and many requested Mahant Paramhans Das to break his fasting. But, Swami Paramhans Das has taken a vow to continue his fasting uninterruptedly until the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya comes to a reality. Seeing the stern stand of sacrifice of Swami Paramhans Das many of Ayodhya saints are likely to join the fasting from Thursday, as per latest report.

In the meanwhile, VHP Intl Vice President Champat Rai, and Faizabad MP Lallu Singh also met the fasting saint and told HENB that they will communicate the matter to PM Modi through a delegation of Ayodhya saints led by Dr. Ram Vilas Vedanti.

The health of fasting saint was checked by a team of doctors on Wednesday morning and reported as normal.

A 24X7 Ramnam Sankirtan (singing of devotional song in praise of Lord Ram) has also been started in the fasting venue.


2 comments on “Ayodhya Saint sits in fasting unto death for early construction of Ram Temple.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    October 6, 2018

    This fast is a symbol of the stupidity of the Governments of India.
    All politicians – may be some exceptions – are responsible for the
    suppressing of the Freedom of Hindus. Why? First; the Law of the
    Natives gives the Hindus the full right upon Bharat. Secondly; during
    the invading till independence Hindus had fought fiercely to regain its
    land back. They became Victors. As Victors, they are the Masters of
    their Native land. The anti-Hindu Congress Constitution is a violation
    of their Victory. This has to be changed as soon as possible. Thirdly;
    if cruel and brutal invaders, when in power, could destroy the valuables
    of Hindus, why Hindus if they became Victors after fierce battle, can’t
    get its rights back? Hindus are the Masters of Hindustan, without exception.
    Hindus, you have the full right to rebuild the Sri Ram Ji Mandir and at
    any time. Fouthly; it is not the enemies – they are losers – is the problem,
    it is the own chosen politicians, who are creating a mess in this matter.
    They were chosen by the Hindus and now they became TRAITORS of
    HINDU DHARMA and HINDUS. Hindus, it is your Native right to demand
    immediately reconstruction of the Sri Ram Ji Mandir. This is a message
    of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


  2. Vinay
    October 7, 2018

    There is no time for delay—hindus gather in lakhs, and simply start construction. We will see who can stop Hindu Shakti. No one could stop us from destroying the evil masjid, so no one can stop us to construct Mandir also. JAI SHRI RAM!!!


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