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Ordinance to Protect the Sabarimala rituals, is only way to prevent bloodbath & casualties in Kerala.

Ayyappa Sharanam

Huge Mass protests continue against Sabarimala verdict in Kerala…

Fake ‘Women Rights’ activist Trupti Desai’s visit to Sabarimala on 17th Oct or later may cause  bloodbath and deaths.


Upananda Brahmachari | Kochi | HENB | Oct 13, 2018:: Mass protests are growing in Kerala day by day against Supreme Court’s Sabarimala verdict in Kerala. There was huge protest in Pandalam where thousands of women condemned the verdict of Supreme Court+. In Delhi, the Ayyappa devotees lodged their protest through a protest rally in Jantar Mantar. Social Media platforms are being flooded with the comments and criticism against the ‘ill conceived’ verdict of Supreme Court against the age old customs in Sabaramimala restricting entry of women of 10 -50 age group. Even then the Administration, Judiciary and Legislation in India are taking no importance of the issue denying the sentiment of millions of devotees in protest, only to appease a few in the courts who have no respect for Hindu customs nor they are the devotees of Lord Ayyappa.

Now, thousands of Lord Ayyappa devotees on Saturday took the streets in Kochi+ against  the implementation of the Supreme Court verdict allowing women of all age groups into Sabarimala Temple, even as a fake ‘women rights’  activist Trupti Desai announced plans to visit the hill shrine soon.

Shiv Sena’s Kerala unit warned that its women activists will commit suicide+ if any young woman tries to enter the shrine while thousands of Lord Ayyappa devotees marched in Kochi to protest the Supreme Court verdict allowing ‘women of all age groups’ into the temple.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist)-led Left Democratic Front (LDF) government, which decided to implement ruling,  held a meeting here to evaluate the preparations carried out for pilgrims arriving at the temple which will open for monthly poojas on October 17 evening.

Though the government has not reacted to Desai’s planned trip to the temple yet, it has evoke sharp reactions from Ayyappa devotees and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which is campaigning against the entry of women into the hill shrine.

Padalam royal family member, Sasikumar Varma criticised Desai and urged the social activist to refrain from making any “provocative’ move.

He also asked the Left government to take steps to prevent any law and order situation.

Desai, the ‘Bhumata Brigade’ leader, said in Mumbai that she along with a group of women would visit the temple “shortly” to offer prayers.

“We will visit Sabarimala shortly. The ongoing agitation by devotees is the violation of the Supreme Court verdict. I appeal the agitating devotees to welcome those women who come for worship at the hill shrine,” she told Malayalam TV channels.

“I want to ask the Congress and the BJP whether they are against the the fundamental rights of women. The parties should also explain their stand on this,” Desai said.

But, there was huge prortest in Mumbai suburbs. On Saturday, Ayyappa devotees protested against Supreme Court Sabarimala verdict in Mumbai+. The protesters took a vow to teach a lesson to Desai in Mumbai, if she enters into Sabarimala.

The protesters in Kerala went all out to resist any probable aggression of Rights activists in Sabarimala. Holding placards bearing pictures of Lord Ayyappa and chanting his hymns, the protesters marched through the busy roads of Kochi, the state’s commercial hub, after launching the stir from the famed Shiva temple there.

On Friday, Chennai also witnessed the same determination of the Malayali Hindu women to abide by Sabarimala traditions+, without exception.

Members of the Pandalam royal family, who claim a strong bond with Lord Ayappa, took part in a ‘Namajapa Yakjam’ protest in Kochi on October 12.

The faithful, a large number of them women, urged both the Central and the state governments to intervene in the matter to protect the sanctity of the centuries-old rituals and traditions of the hill shrine.

Meanwhile, the ‘Long March’ led by BJP-headed National Democratic Alliance (NDA) reached Kollam district on Saturday.

Party state president, P S Sreedharan Pillai, who lead the rally, said Desai was visiting Sabarimala as she perceived it to be a challenge rather than a pilgrimage.

“It is a dangerous approach. She should desist from visiting the shrine and should not make Sabarimala a tension zone,” he said.

“I do not know whether she is a devotee or not. But she is coming to add fuel to the fire,” Pillai added.

Claiming that the NDA rally in Kerala was getting tremendous support from all sections of people, the leader said the march would reach the state capital on October 15.

It was because of the success of the NDA long march that the ruling CPI(M)-led LDF was forced to launch counter campaigns and family get-togethers to explain the Left government’s stand on the Sabarimala issue, Pillai added.

Hindu Activist Rahul Easwar, who already announced hunger strike at Sabarimala during the five-day monthly pooja period, said they would stop Trupti Desai if she attempts to visit the Lord Ayyappa Temple.

In a tweet, Padma Pillai, a ‘Ready to Wait’ leader significantly indicated a worsening suituation, if Govt would allow a few insensible rights activist and to crush down the public agitation to ‘Save Sabarimala’ from a ‘draconian Supreme Court Verdict’.

Padma twitted: “On 17th Oct, Hindus will try to protect from desecration. Kerala Govt on Subramanian Swamy’s advice, may shoot us. PM please keep your condolence tweet ready for that too😢“.



The law and order situation in Kerala is becoming more vulnerable in the context of upcoming monthly Pooja of Lord Ayyappa on and from 17 Oct and the entry of some ‘fake women activists’ in Sabarimala Shrine during that period. Such conflicts in Sabarimala may cause bloodbath and deaths.

Supreme Court and the Central Govt led by BJP and the State Govt led by CPIM all will be responsible for any disaster in Sabarimala.

The Parliament must pass an ordinance to Protect the Sabarimala rituals.

Passing an Ordinance in favour of the Hindu sentiments in Kerala to save age old Sabarimala rituals will certainly benefit the BJP. Otherwise, it will be an another story of BJP double standard while the State unit of BJP is Protesting the Sabarimala Verdict and the Central BJP is supporting the same.

Passing an Ordinance in Parliament to Protect the Sabarimala rituals, is the only way to prevent a huge bloodbath, suicide and casualties in Kerala.

__inputs from TOI/HT/Republic.

5 comments on “Ordinance to Protect the Sabarimala rituals, is only way to prevent bloodbath & casualties in Kerala.

  1. Dal Chand Dangi
    October 13, 2018

    मैंने कई बार आपको लिखा है कि आप हिंदी में प्रकाशन करें क्योंकि अंग्रेजी भारत में दो पर्सेंट लोग भी नहीं जानते परंतु आप मेरी बात पर कोई ध्यान नहीं दे रहे हैं। कृपया अबभी ध्यान देवें वरना आपके इस ईमेल का कोई सारांश नहीं है। धन्यवाद।

    On Sat, Oct 13, 2018, 6:45 PM Struggle for Hindu Existence wrote:

    > hinduexistence posted: ” Huge Mass protests continue against Sabarimala > verdict in Kerala… Fake ‘Women Rights’ activist Trupti Desai’s visit to > Sabarimala on 17th Oct or later may cause bloodbath and deaths. SUPREME > COURT AND CENTRAL GOVT WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY SABARI” >


    • hinduexistence
      October 13, 2018

      Namaste Dal Chand Dangi Ji.

      Ap ka vimarsh accha hai. Parantu hamar pass abhi samvadon ko hamare vichar dalke jo prastuti Angregi me hota hai, o Hindi me karen ka suvidha nehi hai.

      Is website ka lakshya hai jag bhar me Hindutva sambad vistar karna. Keval Hindi bhashi ke liye yha prakaran nehi hai. Malayali, Kannad, Telgu, Gujarati,Marathi, Bangali, Ahamiya jo log Hindi nehi pad pate un logoke pas pahunchne ke liye ham Angregji madhyam chuna. Yha hamara lachari hai. Kshama karen.

      Jo vishay apka accha lage ap o vishay ko Hindi me vana dijiye, ham log usko bhi prakashit karne ka niyojan avashya karenge.

      Keval adesh dene se kaam nehi chalta ji, Sahayog karen.


      Pankaj Srestha,
      Media Moderator,
      Hindu Existence.


  2. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    October 13, 2018

    Invitation to all Hindus in India; proclaim Hindustan Bharat Raj is Hindu Raj
    is Manow Raj. India is at present an anti-Hindu country due to the anti-
    Hindu Congress and allies Constitution. This can be changed by declaring
    Bharat Raj all over the country. The Government can then go home. No
    need for anti-Hindus. This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


  3. Govindan Bagavandoss
    October 16, 2018

    First and formost. is supreme court unnessarily interfeared in Religies issues. Now Hindus in India should fight to the end. to up keep tradation followed ages in Sri. Aiyapa swamy. Swameye Saranam Ayappa.


    • Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
      October 16, 2018

      No. All Hindus; declare Bharat Hindu Raj and reject the anti-Hindu
      governments. Hindu Dharma is the privilege of Hindus in his own
      country. No power can change that. The same is with the Sri Ram Ji
      Mandir. If once the cruel enemies could had the right to destroy, now
      Hindus Victors of the war, have the full right on his country and rebuild
      its heritage. This is the natural and legal right Hindus have. Hindu Bharat
      Vasi unite and demand your full right. Call in the Army to protect Hindus.
      Religion has to do with ATMA and ATMA is not male nor female. It is
      neutral, Gods particle. God is everywhere, not only in Mandir. That is
      tradition. Tradition must be respected.


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