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SC reserves its verdict on Sabarimala temple entry review petitions.

It’s now the judgement in the hands of SC to prove that they are not anti-Hindu actually!

Sabarimala temple review petition: Supreme Court reserves its verdict after final hearing!

TNN | New Delhi | Feb 6, 2019:: The Supreme Court on Wednesday reserved its order on petitions seeking review of judgment permitting women of all ages to enter Sabarimala Ayyappa temple.

The five ­judge constitutional bench of the Supreme Court was hearing a batch of petitions seeking review of its September verdict allowing the entry of women into the Sabarimala temple.

Several organisations including the Nair Service Society (NSS) and the Thantri of the shrine, have advanced arguments before the bench and sought reconsideration of the verdict.

Meanwhile, the Travancore Devaswom Board told the apex court that it has no objection to the entry of women inside the temple and urged the people to “gracefully” abide by the apex court’s verdict.

“People who are opposing entry of women in 10­-50 age group in Sabarimala temple should accept the SC verdict gracefully and allowing entry of all women inside temple,” Devaswom Board told SC.

During the hearing, the petitioner argued that the court cannot force its views upon the people of Kerala who, it said, have not accepted the verdict. The petitioner also claimed that the apex court’s verdict has resulted in disturbing the social peace in the state.

The Kerala government, however, opposed the review petition, saying that there is no need to re­examine the top court’s verdict. The state government said that the ban on women entry is not part of “essential practice of Hinduism” — which have the protection of the Constitution of India.

The state government said that though it acknowledges that the lifting of the ban disturbed the law and order situation in the state, however, that cannot be the grounds for allowing an unconstitutional practice.

“Social harmony will ultimately prevail in the state,” the state government told SC.

Courtesy: TOI.


5 comments on “SC reserves its verdict on Sabarimala temple entry review petitions.

  1. Brahm Narain
    February 7, 2019

    Even the foreigners be allowed to have Darshan of our deities. Why only for women of all ages.
    It looks that there in India have no other business except doing Ho-Halla.
    Shame on you all.
    bnmehrotra from USA


    • Amit Modi
      February 7, 2019

      Brahma Mehrotra, You are far away from. So you are safe.

      When you don’t know pros and cons of Dharma, why do you open your filthy mouth.

      You pretend as a Hindu any way. But, I doubt your motive targeted to vilify Hindu Tradition and Culture all the time.


      Amit Modi,
      Delhi, India.


      • Arindam.
        February 7, 2019

        You, ‘Amit Modi’ are the suspicious one.

        You are attacking your fellow Hindus.

        You are denouncing Modi and the BJP in an election year.

        You are disgracing this board with your vulgar stories.

        And you have the temerity to demand that others should be banned!

        The low quality of your comments speaks for itself.

        I may not agree with Mr. Mehrotra, but at least I have the courtesy to respond to him politely. If you cannot do the same, then the problem lies not with him, but with you.


        • Amit Modi
          February 7, 2019

          Fuck your mentality, Arindam which brought you the comment as, “”You, ‘Amit Modi’ are the suspicious one.”””

          For this is an election year, you or BJP can’t fuck Hindus in a fashion that Congress did.

          People in BJP and Sangh Parivar think that they possess the monopoly of Hindutva and Hindu Vote Bank.

          So, ypu can stop Ram Mandir movement on their own decision. You can fuck the aspiration of the uprooted Hindu Pundits of Kashmir valley. You can spit on the issues like Art. 370, UCC, Ban on Cow slaughter and others.

          BJP is a double standard party and a second edition of Congress.

          Millions of frustrated Hindu voters will vote against BJP this year like MP, C’garh, Rajasthan as BJP betrayed them.

          Don’t try to be smart enough. I have same importance of my comment as of you and I must now appeal to the Moderators to restrict you also to comment here as this board is meant for Hindutva…. obviously not for Modi or BJP.

          Amit Modi,
          New Delhi, India.


          • Arindam.
            February 10, 2019

            I see you are as vulgar as ever. But at least you have made one argument that needs to be addressed:

            ‘BJP is a double standard party and a second edition of Congress.’

            Leaving aside the issue of ‘double standards’, the BJP at present is clearly not a ‘second edition of Congress’.

            No edition of Congress would crack down on subversive NGOs – the BJP has done that.

            No edition of Congress would send the ‘Rohingya’ refugees back – the BJP has begun to do that.

            No edition of Congress would stand up to the Chinese at Doklam – the BJP has done that.

            No edition of Congress would withstand American pressure over ties with Russia and Iran – the BJP has done that.

            No edition of Congress would pass the Citizenship Amendment Bill – the BJP has done that.

            These are all steps in the right direction. A re-election of the BJP ensures that further steps will be taken. Otherwise, there is every likelihood that they will be reversed.

            The Vajpayee government did look a lot like a Congress B-team – but even then, we would have been much better off if they had been re-elected in 2004 – just as we would have been much better off if Morarji Desai had won in 1980.

            Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it.


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