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Muslim man claims to be Hindu, marries rich Hindu woman, both missing from Rajasthan.

Hindu parents and guardians must do medical check up to determine religious identity of a groom to settle a marriage with their girls to an unknown family.

Sikar Muslim man claims to be Hindu, marries Hindu woman, gulped dowry and disappears with wife!

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The Hindu girl’s father said he had only one daughter and hence he gave “a huge dowry” including Rs 11 lakh in cash to the Muslim Man including jewellery worth Rs 5 lakh and expensive dresses for the fake marriage plot. (Representative Image).

Rajat Sardesai | HENB |  Jaipur | June 1, 2019:: In a strange situation, a Hindu woman has been  abducted and put in an unknown place or whether already murdered by a Muslim culprit in a very love and marriage plot. The parents of the girl and police both are quite perplexed with the situation so far developed.

Rajasthan Police are hunting for an Imran Bhati who married a Hindu woman after introducing himself as a Kabeer Sharma, claimed a huge dowry and now is missing along with the woman.

A case has been registered in Sikar against Imran Bhati, who it turns out was already married and was a father of three children.

“Bhati introduced himself as an unmarried Brahmin to my only daughter, proposed to her and then married her in the presence of his fake parents and fake relatives who too introduced themselves as Brahmins,” the woman’s father told the police.

The marriage was solemnized on May 13 in Jaipur. Earlier, an engagement ceremony was held where the “fake relatives” came sporting tilak on their foreheads.

“They even revealed their ‘gotra’. When I was fully satisfied, I fixed their marriage on May 13,” said the agonized father.

A few days after the wedding, the man sent my daughter back to Sikar demanding Rs 5 lakh as additional dowry. “Somehow I borrowed Rs 2.5 lakh from a friend. And then my daughter went missing on May 17. Even the gold kept in our house is missing,” said the father.

When the father went to Jaipur with the wedding pictures, he was stunned to find the reality.

He learnt that the man was not Kabeer Sharma but Imran Bhati who was already married and that he once worked with a motor company.

Police officials who were told the bizarre story on May 25 were equally stunned.

Superintendent of Police Amandeep Singh Kapoor said the police had formed a special team to trace the missing Muslim man and Hindu woman.

The girl’s father said he had only one daughter and hence he gave “a huge dowry” including Rs 11 lakh in cash, jewellery worth Rs 5 lakh and expensive dresses.

Police officials said the entire plot was masterminded “very smartly”. Even videographers and photographers were chosen by the “groom”.

However, the girl’s family had a few pictures on their mobiles showing the marriage being conducted in line with Hindu rituals.

Thousands  of Hindu girls and their families in India are used to be duped by the Muslim boys and their families in a fake love and marriage plot. In such a ‘Love Jihad and Marriage’ plot, Muslim boys introduce themselves as Hindu on various, even fake identity proof. They even present a fake Hindu family to settle the marriage to exploit the targeted Hindu girl. After marriage, the Muslim Husbands gulp the dowry money and the jewelries etc, throwing the Hindu girls in an Islamic hell. In many cases, the Hindu girls are pressurized to at as family or social prostitute. In many cases such Hindu girls are killed by the Muslim culprits as apprehended or sent in a permanent disappearance.

Eminent Hindu interlocutor and Hindu Existence Web Editor, Upananda Brahmachari tweeted the matter the Rajasthan CM, Rajasthan Police, National Women’s Commission and newly appointed Central Home Minister Amit Shah to dispose the case punishing the Muslim Man heavily, recovering the dowry and ornaments and returning the victim Hindu girl to her parents.

“This is very unfortunate case that Hindu girls are being victimized by Muslims under fake Hindu names in a mischievous love & marriage plot. Hindu parents and guardians must do medical check up to determine religious identity of a groom to settle a marriage with their girls to an unknown family and must triple check that family personally,” Brahmachari told HENB from Haridwar.


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__inputs from IANS.

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