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Why pin drop silence in liberal circles with brutal killing of Gorakshak Gopal by Jihadi smugglers?

Pic & News Courtesy: The Hindu Portal.

Hindu Gau Rakshak and father of 3 girls brutally shot dead by Muslim cow smugglers; Pin drop silence in the liberal world in India.

HENB Web Team | New Delhi | Aug 3, 2019:: Yet another incident of the brutal murder of a Hindu Gau Rakshak by Muslim cattle smugglers has emerged from Palwal in Haryana. Gopal, 35, and a father to 3 young daughters and a resident of Sondahad village is the victim. He was a member of a local Gau Rakshak Dal and was active in nabbing cattle smugglers many times earlier. This was happened in a BJP ruled state where cow smuggling and slaughtering are crime under prevailing law, but  the hostility of Muslim cow smugglers are not controlled anyway.

On Monday 29th July at around 7PM, Gopal received information from local sources about several cows being stolen and illegally transported in a van. He immediately informed the other members of the Gau Rakshak Dal and arrived at the location to track the vehicle. He successfully traced the van which was traveling on the Palwal highway and asked them to stop. However, the smugglers did not stop and drove away. Gopal continued to chase them when a smuggler from inside the vehicle shot him.

Other members who arrived at the scene immediately took Gopal to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The situation in the village is tense as the police are on the lookout for the vehicle and the perpetrators. Local reports say that cattle smuggling has increased drastically in the area due to which Gau Rakshaks are also vigilant.

As usual, those who shed crocodile tears at the treatment meted out to the cattle smugglers have been silent at the brutal killing of Gopal. Each of those who wrote a letter to the PM over lynching in the country has been conspicuously silent over the murder of Gopal by cattle smugglers.

The BJP ruled Govt in Haryana has no special arrangement to give safe-guards to the cow vigilantes who generally try to protect the cows and prevent the cattle smuggling rackets only to save the cattle resources under the law provisions.

The liberal media, intellectuals, celebrities who were very much vocal and active with the death of Pehlu Khan, a cow smuggler+, in a mob lynching in Alwar (Rajasthan) in 2017, are all now certainly disappeared from the scene when cow smugglers murdered a cow vigilante in Palwal (Haryana) in 2019.

When a Muslim Bike thief named Sonu in Jharkhand gets beaten who later dies in police custody+, he gets 24*7 news coverage and the entire nation mourns for him. But, when a Hindu gets killed by Muslim cow smuggler for protecting Cows, why do we all go into hibernation?

__inputs from The Hindu Portal.


2 comments on “Why pin drop silence in liberal circles with brutal killing of Gorakshak Gopal by Jihadi smugglers?

  1. Jitendra Nath Kumar
    August 4, 2019

    Hang still death


  2. Arindam
    August 5, 2019

    All over the world, liberal means ‘pro-Muslim’.


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