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The rate of Minority Persecution made double in Islamic Bangladesh in 2019: Hindu Rights Group.

Press Conference of Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mahajote.

Over 3000 Persecutions on Hindu and other minorities in 2019, says Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance.

Ruling Awami League and opposition BNP mutually blame each other on Hindu torture in Bangladesh. Awami league is inclined to the fundamentals….

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Jan 4, 2020:: Though it is not of any concern of pseudo secular global media like BBC, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times and fake liberal & rubbish intellectuals enticed with them, a drastic damage of the minority rights of the Bangladeshi Hindus and frightful  persecution on them during last year have been reported by a Hindu Rights Group in Dhaka.

According to secretary general of Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mahajote-BJHM (Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance-BNHGA) Advocate Gobinda Chandra Pramanik, there have been more than 3000 incidents of persecution against people of religious minorities in Bangladesh in the last 12 months (from 1st January 2019 to 31st Dec 2019).

In a press conference on January 2, 2020, at Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) at Segun Bagicha Road in Bangladesh Capital,  Adv Pramanik was quoting various sources from newspapers and social media as well as sources from the Hindu Mohajote (an alliance of 24 Hindu organizations in Bangladesh).

Of these more than 3000 occurrences, 31505 minority Hindus were under attacks of Jihadi minded people, in many places under the cover of both AL (Awami League) BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) and  9507 acres of Hindu lands were grabbed by local Muslim musclemen either of ruling parties or the opposition. 108 Hindus were murdered in 2019 while 42 Hindu girls and women were raped along with the occurrence of 18 gang rape on the minority and 6 raped and murdered. 34 cases of attempt to rape/molestation were also reported.

Above of 3000 odd occurrences, 683 cases have been reported in different News Papers/ Magazines/Periodicals and Social media platforms, rest of others are unfortunately unreported. The Hindu Alliance was also vocal for the persecution of Buddhists, Tribal people and the Christians in the country which embraced Islam as the state religion in  1988. Cases of 1,792 Persecutions on minorities were reported by the Hindu Alliance in 2018+.

Reports of attacks on 449 Hindu worship places-temples have also been divulged where 246 deities/idols were destroyed by the idolators in Islamic Bangladesh. 371 Hindu families have left Islamic Bangladesh due to severe persecution and threat and 434 Hindu families have been driven out from their dwelling house within the country. 148 cases of forced conversion in Islam were also reported. 2261 Hindu families so far put in an utter insecurity condition in 2019 in a comparison to 1510 Hindu families put in same vulnerability in 2018.

A total loss of BD Taka 433,56,95000/- (US $ 51074487) in business/properties/household of Bangladeshi Hindus under Jihadi attacks has also been reported for 2019 as estimated by Hindu Alliance.

In the press statement, Adv Pramanik narrated the ordeal of the persecuted and decreasing minority Hindus of Bangladesh and pointed out, “the present Govt in Bangladesh is becoming inclined with the fundamental forces. The fanatics in the opposition parties are also in the process of persecuting Hindu minorities at random.”

As a mater of fact, the ruling Awami League and opposition BNP mutually blame each other on Hindu torture in Bangladesh, which prove that Hindu persecution in Bangladesh is a dangerous reality as common as for the non-Muslims in any Islamic country.

It is clearly stated in the press conference that the perilous persecution and tantamount torture upon the minority Hindus in Bangladesh is increasing in a geometric progression to make Bangladesh a Hinduless Islamic Country.

Hindu Persecution during 2019 & 2018 in Islamic Bangladesh, a possible comparison…

Type of Perpetration 2019 2018
Total Hindu persecuted 31505 Data Not Available
Murder 108 88
Murder Threat 111 DNA
Attempt to Murder 88 DNA
Threat to uproot from country 641familes 223 families
Uprooted from country 371 families 350 families
Driven out of dwelling house 434  families 217 families
Attempt to drive out from house 610 families DNA
Threat to drive out from house 160 families DNA
Put in Utter insecurity 2261 families 1510 families
Injured /seriously hurt 484 347
Missing 26 DNA
Ransom/Extortion Rs. 15,28000/- DNA
Total loss in business/properties/household Rs. 433,56,95000/- DNA
Landed Property grabbing 9507 acre 2735 acre
Attack/Arson/Destruction of Temples 449 DNA
Deities destroyed 246 212
Temple desecration 5 11
Temple Land Property grabbed 37 DNA
Loot in Temples & Households 277 251
Forceful possession in houses 20 DNA
Forceful possession in Temple land 31 DNA
Forceful possession in business houses 27 DNA
Attack on Business 79 DNA
Attack on Households 448 108
Arson/Torching 92 DNA
Forced Conversion 148 DNA
Jailed in False Cases 109 DNA
Hurting Religious Sentiments 99 72
Beef feeding to hurt religious sentiment 22 Hindus  in 5 incidents DNA
Abduction 76 71
Attempt to Abduction 7 DNA
Rape 42 37
Attempt to Rape 34 29
Rape and Murder 6 DNA
Gang Rape 18 11

Source: Dainik Jugasankha/ The Newse.

The Hindu community leaders present in the press conference think there is a lack of justice and an absence of able  Hindu leadership in the parliament for raising the issues for decreasing Hindus in Bangladesh. They also feel that the vulnerable situation of the minority Hindus in Islamic Bangladesh at a juncture of extinction.

Pramanik said that leaders representing Hindus in Jatiyo Sangsad (BD Parliament) would be vocal to protect the existence of the minority Hindu community of Bangladesh now under a grip of fanatic Jihadi people. He also hinted that an able Hindu leadership in Indian counterpart must protest the plight of persecuted Hindus to save them tactfully.

Vice president of Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mahajote (BJHM), Pradip Kumar Pal and BJHM Chief Coordinator Bijoy Krishna Bhattacharya, BJHM Women’s Wing Chief Sagarika Mondal,   BJHM Youth Wing Chief Kishor Kumar Barman, BJHM Student’s Wing Chief Sajen Krishna Bal, Senior Hindu leader Dr Monoranjan Halder were present in conference as reported.


(With inputs from Dainik Jugasankha and The Newse).

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