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Hindu girl heckled for requesting to lower down volume of Azaan blaring from a Mumbai Mosque.

Jihadi people tried to attack the police and protestants.

Mumbai : Hindu girl heckled for requesting to lower volume of Azaan blaring from a mosque at Mankhurd.

Sumedha Shinde | HENB | Mumbai | June 28, 2020:: A Hindu girl in the Mankhurd region of Mumbai was bullied by Muslim residents for raising her voice against the blaring of Prayer Call (azaan) in high volume from a neighbourhood mosque in her area.

The victim, Karishma Bhosale, living in Mankhurd, had visited a nearby mosque to convince the authorities to lower the volume of the azaan that blared through a loudspeaker installed right in front of her window. However, when she reached the mosque with her plea, a raft of belligerent Muslims accosted her and intimidated her for requesting to reduce the volume of azaan.

In a series of tweets, Ms Karishma expressed the ordeal she had to go through at the mosque on Twitter. She alleged that within minutes of visiting the mosque for asking them to lower the volume of the loudspeaker, scores of people gathered in the mosque, including men and women and entered into an altercation with her.

As can be seen in the above video, a Muslim woman gets in a war of words with Ms Karishma, presumably to intimidate her for registering her disapproval against the high volume of azaan roaring through the loudspeakers.

In the subsequent tweets, Ms Karishma shared videos from the mosque where patrons of the mosque were seen shouting slogans against her in presence of the police officials who were trying to pacify the situation.


In the ensuing commotion, it can be seen that the police officials walk her out of the mosque premises even as people keep shouting and intimidating her. One of the voices in the background ominously shouts, “Masjid tere baap ki hai kya?” which roughly translates to “Is the mosque owned by your father”. The crowd gathered at the mosque went berserk and even police officials who were at the spot to placate the emotions had to bear the brunt of the fury of Muslims in the mosque.

Mankhurd MLA Abu Azmi reportedly asks the victim to leave her residence

Furthermore, the girl has also shared a Whatsapp message in which Mankhurd MLA Abu Azmi has reportedly asked the victim to leave her residence if she has a problem with the sound of azaan. Azmi reputedly accused the victim of inciting riots by raising her voice against azaan.

“When questions were raised on azaan in Mankhurd, Muslim men and women reached the police station to register their protest. My dear friends, this is the way, traitors in the country try to stoke riots between Hindus, Muslims and people from other castes,” a Whatsapp message attributed to MLA Abu Azmi read.

The Current Shiv Sena- NCP Govt can’t ignore the troubles of the public due to Mosque Azaan.

Taking his twitter handle, Hindu interlocutor and Hindu Existence Website Editor, Upananda Brahmachari urged the present Maharashtra govt to look into the matter of Mankhurd Mosque so that the public inconvenience due to uncontrolled and disturbing Mosque Azaan at random, as there are so many orders of Hon’ble Courts and National Green Tribunal to control the matter under pollution parameters.

Speaking to HENB, Brahmachari conveyed that Maharashtra Govt must give protection of the girl, Karishma Bhosale, so that she would not be victim of the venom being spitted by the Jihadi people of Mankhurd.

Post Script: At the time of brawl, the protestant girl was threatened to leave her place! The Mosque goers in India are now planning to drive out Hindus if they try to protest to lodge their discomfort or troubles due to high pitched, disturbing and harmful Mosque Azaans. This is nothing but a trailer of the Film, “Islamic India”. Hindus must start thinking whether to leave this Country in order to jump into Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea or Bay of Bengal, as they have nowhere to go. There is no Hindu State in the World Map.

__Inputs From HJS Website/ Video Courtesy: Gopal Charan.

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