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BJP Govt in Uttrakhand is increasing Muslim & Christian population through Inter-Religious Marriage Promotion.

Inter-religious marriage incentive: BJP is trying to decrease the numbers of Hindus in order to increase Muslim and Christian Population in Uttarakhand.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Dehradun | Nov 21, 2020:: Like many other BJP menace on various Hindu issues including the Govt Control over Char Dham[1+][2+], now the BJP Government in Uttarakhand has set forth its District Social Welfare Department for promoting marriage of Hindu girls with Muslims and Christians with an incentive of Rs 50,000/- per wedding.

Through a Press Note (Vide No. No.1636/39/Sak/ Vivah Yojna/2020-21 Dated: 18 November, 2020), Tehri Garhwal District Social welfare Officer, Dipankar Ghildiyal communicated the matter to all BDOs under Tehri Garhwal to act accordingly with a request to the District Information Officer for its wide circulation to all local and daily newspapers.

In the Press Note, it is stated, “To uphold the idea of national unity, the inter caste/inter religion marriages are found to be a very fruitful measure. Through this measure, feelings of the unity between various families (of different communities) can be strengthened and differences among various castes and creeds will go away. For such inter caste/inter religion marriages, the intending couples are being provided with Rs. 50000/- (Rupees fifty Thousand) only as an incentive.

“Under this scheme, one must belong to Scheduled Caste in case of inter caste marriage. In case of inter-religious marriage, the wedding ceremony must be held in a recognized Temple, Mosque, Church or other Place of worship accordingly.

“The application form for this scheme is available from this office. Registration of marriage is mandatory after the wedding ceremony to get the benefit of this scheme.  Application can be made within one year from the date of marriage”.

For the Press Note, it is transpires that, the Uttarakhand Govt is promoting the Mosque and church activities to convert the Hindu Girls to Islam and Christianity through a inter-religious wedlock.

Inspired with this clearly anti-Hindu message, the Muslim and Christian guys will be more active to lure Hindu girls from both general Hindu and Scheduled Caste families as such marriage will provide them Rupees Fifty Thousand for each such marriage as govt incentive.

After such marriage the Hindu girls will certainly be converted into Islam or Christianity. Again, Hindu boys (both general and scheduled castes) will not be interested for such inter-religious marriage as Muslims in Uttarakhand are beef eaters and Christians of Uttarakhand are Pork eaters and obviously there are gulf of differences between Hind-Muslim-Christian communities in many matter which are unacceptable to Hindus. On the other hand, such reciprocation in plotted marriage scenario will lead a demographic change in Uttarakhand in near future.  The BJP Govt in Uttarakhand will be sole responsible for this.

As per report the Islamic organizations are finding their routes to penetrate in Uttarakhand with a Jihadi motivation. But, Christian Organisations and Churches in the state have their immense activities to convert Hindus in a large scale.

Many Christian Organisations  viz. Zion Global Worship Center- Chham, Jesus call for Tehri-Garhwal, Methodist Church of Uttarkhand and Chopra Church Network are continuing their evangelical programme and mass conversion with the indulgence of BJP led Uttarakhand Govt.

It has been divulged from authentic source that many of top officials in Uttarakhand are taking bribes from Christian and Muslim NGOs and allowing their anti-Hindu activities in the State.

Now, the inter-religious marriage promotion for incentive given by Govt of Uttarakhand will decrease the Hindu population definitely in order to increase Muslim and Christian Population in the state.

The incumbent CM of Uttrakhand, Trivendra Singh Rawat is a veteran BJP leader and ex Prachark (whole timer) of RSS.


4 comments on “BJP Govt in Uttrakhand is increasing Muslim & Christian population through Inter-Religious Marriage Promotion.

  1. RaghavendraRao Deshpande
    November 22, 2020

    I don’t understand BJP’s attitude towards Hindus. The above orders issued by the Govt appear to be totally against the Hindus.If this kind of attitude of BJP continues the Hindus will oust this Govt in next elections.


  2. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    November 22, 2020

    BJP&RSS are forgotten their heritage. The Freedom of Bharati is not dependent on what politicians have in mind. The Liberty of Bharat is the
    consequence of the VED, given by Brahma Ji for the well-being of Bharat.
    This means politicians have no right to distort Hindu civilization. If they go on
    with this disastrous attempt, then Hindus can’t sit down quietly looking at their
    demise. Hindus then will have no choice, but to end this evil. This is a
    message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


  3. CHUTI
    November 23, 2020



  4. Mal
    December 13, 2020

    Modi is an agent of vatican sonia..
    You can see him saving sonia n raul from all cases…
    Modi is slowly removing true hindus from key posts in bjpand bringing in namesake hindus ..but christian converts .. haa tampered EVM to bring all antihindu from kerala n tamilnadu and jagan mohan reddy to power…


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