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Punish all those whoever want to defame Hindu, Hindustan, Hindustani.

AIMIM Bihar president and Amour MLA Akhtarul Iman. File Pic.

Whoever may be in AIMIM, Arya Samaj, Sanatani or DMK like to deny the word Hindu, Hindustan or Hindustani, must be dragged under subversive charges as both ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindustani’ are recognized in Indian constitution as valid identity. 

Why Bihar AIMIM MLA says ‘Bharat’ instead of ‘Hindustan’ in oath taking ceremony?

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Patna | Nov 24, 2020:: A controversy erupted on the first day of the five-day Bihar Assembly session on Monday when All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) legislator and State party president Akhtarul Iman took oath in Urdu and used the word “Bharat” instead of “Hindustan”, inviting sharp criticism from ruling party legislators.

As many as 190 newly elected members of the House took oath on Monday. Congress MLA from the Kadwa Assembly seat in Katihar district Shakeel Ahmad Khan took oath in Sanskrit. When AIMIM legislator from Amour constituency in Purnia district Akhtarul Iman, who is also AIMIM President of Bihar state,  rose to take oath in Urdu, seeing the word Hindustan in the oath script, he sought permission from Pro-tem Speaker Jitan Ram Manjhi to use the word “Bharat” in place of “Hindustan”. When, Protem Speaker Jitan Ram Manjhi suggested that there should have been no issue with using the word “Hindustan”, then  Iman insisted on using only “Bharat”. Lastly, the Speaker granted him permission and Mr. Iman was administered oath in Urdu using the word “Bharat”, instead of “Hindustan”.

This started the row of criticism against the AIMIM MLA instantly on the charge of the incumbent MLA humiliated the “Hindustani sentiments” by discarding the word, “Hindustan”.

The BJP MLA from Chhatapur Assembly constituency in Supaul district, Neeraj Singh Babloo, launched a scathing attack against the AIMIM legislator. “Those who have a problem with uttering Hindustan, should go to Pakistan,” he said. MLA of the ruling alliance partner JD(U) from Bahadurpur seat in Darbhanga district, Madan Sahni, said, “Hindustan is a commonly used word but some people create unnecessary controversy in a bid to appear different”.

Immediately, the AIMIM MLA was seen in defense to suffice his controversial stand.

“I had raised no objections in using the word Hindustan,” Mr. Iman said later in response to mediapersons’ queries. “It was just a suggestion that whenever we read the preamble to the Constitution in whichever language, it mentions the word Bharat. Since we’re taking oath in the name of the Constitution, I sought permission from the Chair to use the same word. But, let me be clear here, I have no problem at all with the word Hindustan.”

Practically, the Hyderabad based AIMIM with its hidden Islamic agenda created many row through various objectionable comments made by its central leadership, mainly Owaisi brothers, Asaduddin and Akbaruddin.

Once, younger brother Akbaruddin challenged the majority Hindus in India to face the dire consequences through withdrawal of police and army.  Next time elder brother Asaduddin dared not to utter Vande Mataram, even  his throat is put under knife.  Now. Bihar’s AIMIM Chief And Amour MLA Akhtarul Iman discarded the identity of ‘Hindustan’ yesterday.

It’s nothing new that the anti-National and their aides opted  the path of opposing Hindustan, Vande Mataram, Jai Shri Ram and so on. Not only AIMIM, unfortunately, Arya Samaj and DMK also oppose the concept and identity of Hindu and Hindustan. It can’t be ignored that a scrupulous anti-Hindu ploy has also been entered into Sanatani and Sikh Samaj to launch a protest against the word, ‘Hindu’ and its Hindu identity as a part of big international conspiracy engineered by the Islamist and left historians.

But, ‘Hindu’, ‘Hindustani’ and consequently, Hindustan are very much recognized identity in the Holy constitution of India. Nobody can challenge the word ‘Hindu’ or ‘Hindustani’ through its constitutional pursuit.

Whatever cause may be in the backdrop, AIMIM, Arya samaj or DMK all should be offenders if they try to discard and humiliate the very identity of Hindu, Hindustan and Hindustani.

The word ‘Hindu’ is used 6 (Six) times in Indian constitution and Hindustani used Once. ‘Hindu’ and its cluster identity is clearly mentioned in Constitution including Sikh, Jaina and Buddhist. But, the ‘Muslim’ is used once in the body of Constitution and there is mention of Christian and Arya Samaj so far in Indian Constitution. The word ‘minority was not in the original constitution but included in Constitution far later in 1976 and the ‘Minorty’ is used three times there. [See details here: ‘Hindu’, ‘Muslim’ & ‘ Minority’ as mentioned in Indian constitution+].

So, whoever may be in AIMIM, Arya Samaj, DMK or anywhere he belongs to and whatever the cause may be, who like to deny the word Hindu, Hindustan or Hindustani, must be dragged under subversive charges as both the words ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindustani’ are recognized in Indian constitution as valid identity.

Muslims are habitual attackers on Hindu culture and tradition and they defamed the word ‘Hindu’ in a very vilifying way. But, it is most unfortunate that the Arya Samaj has also attacked the word, ‘Hindu’ in a very same Islamic fashion derogatorily. A major section of Arya Samaj denounced the word ‘Hindu’ and challenged its authenticity, ancestry and its historicity out of fathomless ignorance and obviously under a circuit of anti-Hindu perpetrators.

While the historicity and ancient scriptural links of ‘Hindu’ are proved by experts [Read here:: How old is the Word ‘Hindu’? ~ by Dr Murlidhar H Pahoja] and researchers [Read here:: Crushing the Hindu dilemma:  Hindu is  ancient and authentic. It is more powerful than anything in Bharat. ~ by Upananada Brahmachari+]; many from Arya Samaj fanatics scathingly attack Hindus creating encouragements for the anti-Hindu lobbies in Congress, Communists, Islamist, Christians, Secular and so on.

Attacking Hindu identity and its validity by anybody is nothing but a crime against Constitutional Concurrence for ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindustani’ and relevantly, Supreme Courts recognition for ‘Hindu is a way of life’. And it is clear that a high circle connecting all parties and organisations is seriously engaged to harm the united Hindu  strength by attacking the very words like, ‘Hindu’, ‘Hindustan’ and ‘Hindustani’.

Accordingly, AIMIM Chief of Bihar and Amour, Akhtarul Iman  or whoever may be in AIMIM, Arya Samaj or DMK do oppose the word Hindu, Hindustan or Hindustani, are doing a nefarious subversive act including subjugation of Indian culture and tradition and they must be punished properly for demeaning both ‘Hindu’ and ‘Hindustani’ which are recognized in Indian constitution as validated and venerated.


News Flow: ANI.

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