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Jihadi racket busted in Assam for Temple Robbery.

Narsimha Temple karimganj

Assam police arrested 12 miscreants so far in connection with Shri Nrisingha temple robbery in Karimganj. Jihadi gangs are involved in temple loot and robbery in Assam.

Priyadarshini Dutta Barua | HENB | Karimganj | May 1, 2021:: The famous Shri Nrisingha temple of Balliya in Karimganj district was robbed on the fall of Sunday night dated 11th April approaching to 12th.

As per reports, some miscreants with  sharp weapons looted Gold ornaments, cash, and many valuable properties from the 300 years old Hindu temple situated near to Bangladesh border. The priest’s family members were tied up and beaten up.

Speaking to the media, the priest of the temple said, “Some miscreants looted Gold ornaments, cash, and many valuable properties from the temple, they tied us and beaten us.” A local said, “The Shri Shri Nrisingha temple was robbed. They looted many valuable properties, ornaments, cash, etc.”

As the villagers and temple management committee reported the matter to the local Nilambazar Police Station, the Assam Police started investigation of the case.

On a tip off from a reliable source, Nilambazar Police team arrested 12 miscreants including a driver whose auto was used for ferrying the miscreants to the spot of robbery.

As per report, Nilambazar police arrested the mastermind of the temple robbery, Mohammad Shalimuddin (33) was arrested from Dimapur as he fled from his native place of Kautuki after the robbery.

Other Muslims miscreants viz. Makburur Rahanman (22) and Helal Uddin (34) of Bherarpatta, Ahad Uddin (24) of Bhagirkhola, Ataur Rahaman of (33),  Subur Ali (31), Ali Hossian (34) and Aynul Haq (31) of Yatrapur, Selim Uddin (35) of West Duaribaga, Mayab Uddin (22) of Bunugram and Mutlib Ali (38) of Alamkhani.

Doinik Goti

Police also arrested the auto driver Ranju Roy from Mirzanagar.

Karimganj District Police Super told the media, the investigation team tracked the location of the miscreants from the tower location of the stolen mobile of the temple priest. Police recovered the stolen ornaments and Rupees three thousand from the miscreants. Police also ceased the auto bearing no. AS-10-AAC 5757 which was used for the temple robbery.

Many Jihadi rackets in Assam has been active to rob the Hindu Temples in Assam at Bramhaputra and Barak valley and Kachar very systematically. These rackets are also involved in cross border dacoity and cow smuggling.

In many parts of Assam, Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators have been captured the de facto local power to humiliate the Hindu minorities there.

__Inputs fro The Sentinel and Dainik Goti.

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