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‘India should take a clear stand on Palestine and China, and stand by Israel !’

Third World War

Why India poses a double standard with Israel? 

India should take a clear stand on Palestine and China, and stand by Israel ! – Sushil Pandit, Founder, ‘Roots in Kashmir’.

Chaitanya Pathak | HENB | Goa | May 23, 2021:: ‘Israel had provided munitions to India during the Kargil war. We must never forget this. However, in the war between Israel and Palestine today, we are supporting Palestine. Why are we ignoring our friend ? The Palestine has consistently voted against India on the Kashmir issue. Jihadi violence in Kashmir has been supported by it. It has never stood by us. Also, our policy towards China has been wrong since independence. Why do we view China as a friend even after constantly usurping up Indian territory ? Why do we not admonish China ? Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had publicly stated that ‘China will become overbearing if India does not take a clear stand’. Therefore, India should take a clear stand on Israel’s side without taking a cautious stance on Palestine and China’, said the founder of Roots in Kashmir, Mr. Sushil Pandit. He was speaking at an online webinar on ‘Are we heading towards the III World War?’ organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. The programme was made on live on May 22 and viewed by more than 11,000 people on Samiti’s website, YouTube and Twitter.

On the occasion, an expert on war and political strategy Mr. Nishith Sharan said, “China is striving to achieve global dominance after the US. Therefore, it has been experimenting for many years with ‘how to fight biological warfare with the coronavirus’. Many research papers on this subject have been presented by Chinese scientists. Sari Maxon of Australia is writing an extensive book on the subject. Many experts, including those from the United States, believe that I World War has been fought with chemical weapons and II World War with nuclear weapons, while III World War will be fought with biological weapons. This war started a few years ago itself’, said Sadguru (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale, National Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. He further said, ”Considering the overall situation, it seems that the III World War has started. The birth pains of this war are beginning to be felt. During the war, Indian citizens will have to fight for internal security like soldiers on the border. Not many things are available in wartime. Therefore, alternative arrangements for medicines, water, food, electricity, etc. will have to be made. For this, Sanatan Sanstha has launched an Android app called ‘Security during adverse times’ in 9 languages”.

Speaking on the occasion, National Secretary of Bharat Raksha Manch Mr. Anil Dheer said, “When the Israeli-Palestinian war broke out, the Arabs in Israel started rioting. The same can happen in India if there is an Indo-Pak war because India has many sensitive areas. We have not yet learned from the violent incidents in the States of Bengal and Kerala. A national policy should be framed on this. Punjab has created an independent district for Muslims but if the same demand comes from other States, it could be dangerous in the future.

Coming not straight, the panel criticized the Modi Govt’s double standard on Israel-Palestine policy and gave importance to opt the clear support in favour of Israel in the war against Jihad and fundamental Islam.

Courtesy: HJS website.

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