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‘Pro-Muslim’ Twitter Officials and Offices may be attacked in India under Hindu retaliation.

Public retaliation against Twitter is inevitable in India. Twitter Offices and officials in India may come under public attacks for their repeated humiliation on Hindu sentiments. 

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

TwitterHENB | Haridwar | June 19, 2021:: The Government of India on Wednesday last (June 16, 2021) asserted that microblogging platform Twitter has lost its legal protection in India because it deliberately chose non-compliance despite multiple opportunities to it. Losing legal protection means Twitter’s top executives, including the nation’s managing director, face police questioning and criminal liability under the Indian Penal Code over “unlawful and inflammatory” content posted by users on Twitter.

Accusing Twitter of deliberately refusing to comply with Indian laws, in identical posts on Twitter, Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said Twitter was given “multiple opportunities to comply” but it deliberately chose non-compliance.

In a related development, the Ghaziabad police in Uttar Pradesh have booked Twitter Inc, its India unit and seven others in connection with a viral video of an attack on an elderly Muslim person and issued notices to them. This is the first case that holds the social media giant responsible for third-party content. The video content was placed in twitter in a very communal angle to defame the Hindus with a deliberate attempt to make a disrepute the Indian position for the so called vulnerability of the minorities so far. But, the incident of cutting beards of the aged Muslim fellow and thrashing him by some rowdy people had no connection with the communal angle any way.

Thus, Twitter has lost its intermediary immunity (legal protection) in India after it failed to appoint statutory officers on the company’s role, in accordance with the new Information Technology (IT) rules.

This means Twitter’s top executives, including the nation’s managing director, face police questioning and criminal liability under the Indian Penal Code over “unlawful and inflammatory” content posted by Twitter users on its platform.

As a matter of fact,  Twitter Communications India Pvt. Ltd, (in short Twitter India) under Twitter Inc. in USA in its earlier move repeatedly went against Hindu Nationalist and Hindutvawadi Twitter account holders including celebrity Bollywood film star Kangana Ranaut.

On June 8, 2021, Twitter suspended my twitter handle @upananda (Twitter account 0212139992) for this tweet: “Jihadi Islam is 3rd stage Cancer to the Society. We have to treat this disease in that way. See how ISIS is running Genocide of Yazidi (actually Hindu root) people. https://%5B…%5D. @TarekFatah @jihadwatchRS @taslimanasreen @JamieGlazov @AlJazeera_World @IDF @CIJ_ICJ” made on June 6 in which I wanted to highlight the ISIS brutality on Yazidi people.

But, Twitter India under Twitter Inc. supported the ‘Jihadi Islam’ and considered my tweet under ‘hateful conduct’. 

I repeatedly appealed Twitter authority in its ‘contact our support team’ to Un-Suspend / Un-lock /Re-validate  (vide Case# 0211949428, Case# 0212139992, Case# 0213609939 in ref @upananda); but Twitter authority stuck in its stand and conveyed, “Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating Twitter’s Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against hateful conduct” as dated 18.06.2021.

In my appeal, I approached to Twitter that:

My earlier appeals to restore/re-validate my twitter handle went futile.
This does not sound good as there are so many contents in twitter of similar nature that you suspended my twitter account  @upananda .
I wrote, “Jihadi Islam is 3rd stage Cancer to the society…..” I was referring it on the brutal ISIS brutality in Yazdi genocide in Syria. Attachment -1
Taking it as hateful content, you suspended my twitter account.  
But, Twitter authority has no objection/complain against various twitter handle against Islam, declaring Islam as cancer (though I called ‘Jihadi Islam’ as 3rd stage cancer) by many personality like Tarek Fatha, Rahul Easwar, Robert Spencer, J Glazov and many personalities. I am giving just two example here Attachment -2 & 3. Many such examples are kept with me for further demand from your end and for seeking justice.  
On the other hand, persons who hold twitter handle scathingly attack on Hindu god and goddesses and Hindu Dharma which are not considered as hateful content by you under a simple ‘double standard policy’. Attachment-4.
Think, you are not in any legal protection in India so far and an FIR is already made against you recently which may come up in numbers.
As, I did not comment anything about Holy Islam (if there is as such, I am not expert on it) and I only intended to speak against Jihadi Islam for its Brutal Genocide of Yazdi people by ISIS perpetrators, please  restore/re-validate my twitter account @upananda without delay.
Hopefully request you not to stand with ‘Jihadi Islam’ or to be ‘anti-Hindu’ and ‘pro Islam’ and must not be ‘double standard’.
As such, Twitter proved its stand for ‘Jihadi Islam’ and in that way it is also proved as a part of the spread of ISIS ideologies to make attacks on Yazidi people and other fanaticism perpetuated by Jihadi Islam. On the other hand Twitter proved acute double standard as they suspended my twitter handle @upananda but, still it allows the Twitter handle @IslamCancer in the name ‘Islam is Cancer’! 
Islam is Cancer Twitter Handle
Earlier, I made up my mind to start legal action against Twitter. However, now I changed my mind not to go in any legal procedure as one FIR has been done against Twitter and they have to lick the dust eventuality.
But, one thing is very clear to me. Public retaliation against Twitter is inevitable in India including retaliation against other social media platforms who have engaged themselves in a Hindutva bashing  and in promotion of ‘anti-Hindu’, ‘anti-India’ Islamic propaganda with many subversive elements in pseudo-secular and urban-naxal forces.
In a very short time, Twitter Offices and officials in India may come under public attacks as they are disgustingly making injustice and humiliation to the majority Hindus in India. 


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