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After giving second divorce, devout Muslim Aamir Khan is ready for grabbing his next Hindu prey.

Aamir Khan Family

To avoid Nikah Halala, Aamir prefers Divorce than Triple Talaq…..

After giving divorce to his second wife Aamir is hunting for his third Hindu prey!

Relationship of Aamir with ‘Dangal’ famed Fatima Sana Shaikh behind the divorce of Aamir and Kiran is superficial. Aamir will not marry Fatima and will marry again with a Hindu lady in top business magnitude within one year.

Shreya Jalan | HENB | Mumbai | July 3, 2021:: Top Love Jihadi Aamir Khan announced divorce with her second wife Kiran Rao after enjoying a conjugal life of 15 years remaining friends and co-parents of their sibling ‘Azad’.  In 2002, Aamir divorced his first wife Reena Dutta after 16 years of married life producing two children ‘Juniad’ and ‘Ira’. Amir is now searching Third prey, obviously a Hindu girl and Islam permits four marriages at least and with many concubines!  

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao Khan, who recently celebrated their 15 th wedding anniversary, have announced a mutual divorce.  Interestingly a Hazi  Aamir did not give a triple Talaq. Aamir and Kiran released an official statement and updated about the same highlighting their happy life somehow to highlight a great Islamic understanding between them .

In a long statement, the couple said that they were planning their separation for some time (?). They said that they will continue to be ‘devoted parents’ to their son, Azad and they will raise him together. The statement also said that they will continue to work together for, Paani Foundation, an Islamic development agency in disguise.  

Aamir tied a knot with Kiran in December 2005 after giving divorce his first wife Reena Dutta in 2002. Aamir married Reena April, 1986 and then also divorced Reena without giving a triple Talaq to Reena after enjoying 16 years of first marriage life. Then Amir and Reena produced two children Juniad and Ira and continued a covert and sometime overt relationship with them as and when required. So, done well with the second wave, Aamir is preparing for the third wave. 

2012 Hajj and UmrahThe Quran and Islam have tremendous influence on Aamir Khan. Aamir khan is a Hazi as he went the Hajj and Umrah in 2012 with his mother. He is a devout Muslim and obvious Islamist and accordingly he mocked Hindus in his film ‘PK’ and raised his voice in favour of ‘intolerance in India’.

In their ‘divorce statement’, Ammir wanted to pretend like a saint saying, ’ ‘A big thank you to our families and friends for their constant support and understanding about this evolution in our relationship, and without whom we would not have been so secure in taking this leap. We request our well wishers for good wishes and blessings, and hope that – like us – you will see this divorce not as an end, but as the start of a new journey.’

But, Aamir is in a hunt of a Hindu lady with top business magnitude who is venturing now in Bollywood production under Aamir’s touch in recent times.  Relationship of Aamir with ‘Dangal’ famed Fatima Sana Shaikh behind the divorce of Aamir and Kiran is superficial. Aamir will not marry Fatima and will marry again with a Hindu lady within one year. Love Jihadi Aamir is too much advanced on his Hindu prey. As per our assumption, Aamir will not stop in his third lap. He will certainly venture up to fourth lap as Islam allows at least four wives and many concubines as standardized by Prophet Muhammet himself.

Aamir Khan - The Top Love Jihadi in Bollywood

But, why a devout Muslim Aamir Khan doesn’t give Triple Talaq and prefer divorce? I reason is very clear. Aamir wants to avoid Nikah Halala. As Amir prefers sexual relationship with his ex-wives in continuity, (as assumed from the Sharia teachings), he did not pass his wives to the Muslim clerics or any Muslim male for Nikah Halala. If Aamir did give triple talaq to his wives, obviously Reena and Kiran had to intercourse with some Muslim male before sexually reunited with Aamir. Hence, Aamir divorced his wives instead of giving Triple Talaq to avoid Nikah Halala. It has no secular bid, obviously it is Islamic. 

Such, malicious Khan dynasty is reigning Bollywood film industries. Majority Hindu views are not rejecting them very unfortunately. These Khans are inborn Love Jihadists and exploiting Hindu girls and women taking the political  and judicial lapses as their utter advantages.

The present Khans have invaded Bollywood and average Hindu domain. But, what will do India when the gang of Azad Khan, Juniad Khan, Taimur Khan, Aryan Khan, Abram Khan and other Khans will take their position!!! 

Source: Courage to Speak About.

2 comments on “After giving second divorce, devout Muslim Aamir Khan is ready for grabbing his next Hindu prey.

  1. impex1
    July 3, 2021

    Curse Nehru, Gandi MF. When a Chunk of Land was given to them as Pakistan then why these mier Jaffers were not sent to Pakistan. Needs another Godse to take care of MF Rahul, Sonia, Chi Bandram. MF TRaitors.



  2. Love Jihadi
    July 6, 2021

    What a stupid, ridiculous column if you can call it one. It’s nothing but a streaming pile of excrement posing as journalism.

    No man in the world seriously shacks up with a woman for FIFTEEN long years only with an intent to dump them. Clearly the author is a virgin who couldn’t get laid with Allah’s help. How on earth can you compare your own insecurities with Aamir Khan’s? During his 20’s, he regularly featured among the handsomest men in India. Right now Aamir doesn’t look all that great because of age but he’s still better than most men in their mid-50’s.

    Both his ex-wives aren’t LOOKERS in any sense. Kiran Rao is a bit ugly (sorry to put this bluntly because she could be a very nice lady but just wanted to make a point).

    If at all, Aamir’s both wives got a much better husband than they could have hoped to score, so it’s extremely lucky of them. Handsome men often choose ugly wives and vice versa from what I have seen. Allah knows why, but it must be deep-held insecurities. Even 10 years ago, Aamir could have easily scored a Katrina Kaif or Kareena Kapoor. That’s how good looking he was until recently. Proves he’s far less superficial about looks which is good for him. I on the other hand wouldn’t touch Kiran Rao with a ten foot pole. Sorry but the average men think like me.

    The fact that these marriages may have become incompatible by now is not a big deal at all. Everyone deserves happiness and if Aamir and his wives have decided that their marriages are past expiry date, then it’s their own choice.

    If you Hindutvados want to stop the so-called Love Jihad, stop reproducing ugly mutant kids. Give your children the right kind of nutrition at an early age. That is what influences their looks, height and build as an adult.

    Like it or not even love is a marketplace. You Sanghis often sing praises of capitalism, so accept the decision of some Hindu girls marrying Muslim men as a demand-supply think. Women, by nature are always attracted to forbidden fruit. The more you try to ban Hindu women from interacting with Muslim men, the more they will walk right into our arms.


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