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Shaping Indian Supreme Court as a Sharia Court.

Is the Supreme Court of India prone to Islamic bullying under the hands of some pro-Sharia and ultra-Secular Judges?

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Dont make a Sharia CourtIt is horrible that Hindu tailor Kanahiya Lal Sahu was hacked to death in his Udaipur shop for a facebook post allegedly supporting expelled BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma in her Prophet remarks row.

On a TV debate on, Nupur pointed out two things about Islamic prophet Muhammad which are clearly mentioned in Quran and Hadith several times without any ambiguity. Nupur’s remarks came in the fore while the Muslims in general and many Muslims debaters were engaged in mocking and abusing Hindu deity Lord Shiva everywhere.

Nupur just pointed out Muhammad’s marriage with his 3rd wife Aaisha (out of 13 wives) at her age of 6 years (betrothed) and consummation at only 9 years (when Muhammad was 53). Nupur also mentioned Muhammad’s journey to Islamic heaven to meet Allah with a ride upon an imagery horse like creature (Burak) with wings and female face. There is no confusion about these unbelievable things as mentioned in Islamic scriptures. However, these sacred things should not come out from the mouth of any unbelievers and so the Muslim society is infuriated to Nupur.

But, what is terrible that some judges in Supreme Court of India took the side of Islamists as in the same way they uttered their Jihadi wrath against Nupur Sharma for telling two bitter truth about Islam.

Supposedly, pro-Islamist and ultra-secular bench of two sitting judges in Supreme Court of India in a vacation bench comprising Justices Surya Kant and Jamshed Burjor Pardiwala fueled the Islamists by their observations as uttered in the  court room so loudly so that the world can hear court’s decision tearing a Hindu woman who opened up her mouth against the nonsense of Islam.

In short, Supreme Court came down heavily on Sharma for her remarks on Prophet Mohammad. SC said her “loose tongue” has “set the entire country on fire” and that she is “single-handedly responsible for what is happening in the country”.

Justices Surya Kant and Jamshed Burjor Pardiwala may have their Congressi inclination any way (it is known that Justice Pardiwalla’s father was a Congress MLA from Gujarat and speaker of Gujarat Assembly during 1989-90), the attitude expressed by Justices Surya Kanta and Pardiwala.[1][2][3] created an apprehension that such Justice makers are paving the way of making a powerful Sharia Court in place of Supreme Court of India, where any truth about Islam can’t be told anyway!

In the meanwhile, Ajay Gautham, a Delhi-based social activist, and Gau Mahasabha leader, filed a letter petition before the Chief Justice of India (CJI), NV Ramana, seeking withdrawal of “adverse remarks” made by a Supreme Court bench against suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma. Ajay Gautham has sought CJI Ramana’s direction to withdraw the observations made by a vacation bench comprising Justices Surya Kant and JB Pardiwala so that Nupur Sharma gets a “chance for a fair trial”.

Not only that, one Dr Hitendra Mehta of World Human Right Protection Commission appealed Chief Justice of India to retract the version upon Nupur Sharma by the bench headed by Justice Surya Kant.   Mehta wrote, “The observations made by the vacation bench in respect of Nupur Sharma’s case needs a review. A fair trial giving opportunity to all stakeholders to express their views on the alleged controversial matter shall generate lasting trust among all stakeholders”.

World Human Right Protection Commission

Earlier, Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders took the side of Nupur Sharma and expressed his views as, “Please India as a friend I tell you: stop being tolerant to the intolerant. Defend Hinduism against the extremists, terrorists and jihadists. Don’t appease Islam, for it will cost you dearly. Hindus deserve leaders that protect them for the full 100%! #HinduLivesMatters #India“. Wilders also wrote, “Hindus should be safe in India. It is their country, their homeland, it’s theirs! India is no Islamic nation. #IsupportNupurSharma #India #HinduLivesMatters.”

Wilders Tweet of Udaipur murder

When a foreign lawmaker from Netherlands says, “Islamic terrorists are as violent and intolerant as their ideology and prophet Muhammad was. The only answer is that we ALL stand up NOW and say #IsupportNupurSharma, because they can’t kill all of us”, then it’s a pity that two judges in Supreme court of India are abusing Nurpur Sharma and putting her in the mouth of Islamist Hyenas so desperate to kill her. 

Yes, the Dutch lawmaker alerts to Indians to  ‘Defend Hinduism against jihadists’ and  ‘Don’t appease Islam’. But, a section of ‘Savior of Justice’ in the Supreme Court in India remain deaf and blind.

It clearly indicates that the Supreme Court of India is prone to Islamic bullying under the hands of some pro-sharia and ultra-Secular Judges. It should not be. Even we must think of impeachment of the worthless judges propping with public exchequers.

Having full faith in the Indian Constitution and Judiciary System, we must be vocal about the compromising components in it which confronts the ideals of social justice, liberty and human rights.

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3 comments on “Shaping Indian Supreme Court as a Sharia Court.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    July 4, 2022

    The present politicians of India can not rule India, if Islamic killers
    can kill persons for its opinion. Islam is not a religion; it is an criminal
    organization. It must be banned from Indian soil, also the Vatican religion.
    God never kills.


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