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Love Jihad: Laborer Shahzad Ansari pretends to be Ravindra to marry a Hindu woman, finally abandons her after exploited in Jharkhand.

Love Jihad in taking the name of Hindus

Tragic end of a Love Jihad in Jharkhand: Hindu girl married to one Ravindra, when she reached her husband’s home he was exposed as Shahzad; after rejection now she is spending the sleepless nights at a railway station helplessly.

_115817697_gettyimages-1003717394-594x594Swati Sharma | HENB  | Ranchi | July 22. 2022:: Seven years ago, a Muslim young man from Jharkhand married a Hindu girl from Azamgarh in UP in a temple hiding his real identity. When the girl reached her in-laws place, she came to know that the young man was a Muslim, now the woman is wandering from door to door after being rejected her Muslim husband.

A young man, a resident of Jharkhand, has been accused of plotting a love jihad by going to Uttar Pradesh. In this plotting, Muslim youth married a Hindu girl of Azamgarh in UP who had married her in a temple, seven years ago. When the girl reached her in-laws’ house, she came to know that the young man was a Muslim. The woman fled from the Muslim-Tola and came to Garhwa and pleading for justice.

In fact, a Muslim youth, a resident of Kumba Khurd of Sagma block of Garhwa district in Jharkhand, married a Hindu girl living in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh according to Hindu rituals in a temple, but when the girl visited in-laws home with her husband the senses were blown, because that boy turned out to be a Muslim, not a Hindu.

Now the Muslim youth has left the woman and the victim is seeking help from door to door. She has appealed to Deputy Commissioner Ramesh Gholap for justice. Even before this, she has appealed to the Mahila Police Station and Superintendent of Police, Banshidhar Nagar. The victim is a resident of Beladi village in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

According to the ordeal of the victim girl, the real name of the young man is Shahzad Ansari. Seven years ago the young man had introduced himself as Ravindra, then he used to work as a laborer in a stone crusher plant in Delhi. During that time some relatives of the girls also used to work there in the same crusher plant. The young man collected the mobile number from the girl’s relative and started talking with her from time to time.

Slowly, the closeness between the two increased in the order of coming and going to the relatives living in Delhi. After six months they got married in a temple. After two days of marriage, the girl came to know about the truth, then Shahzad alias Ravindra brought the girl to his village. But after staying there for a few days, the girl went back to her home after facing illogical pressures.

Shahzad Ansari then started living with the girl in a separate rented house in his place near Garhwa. They remained there for about seven years. But after the closure of the crusher plant, he returned to his village Kumba and stopped giving money for maintenance. At the same time, when the woman went to Shahzad’s house, the in-laws started beating her. Then she lodged a complaint to the women’s police station at Banshidhar Nagar.

During this visit, Shahzad agreed to give some money to the victim for maintenance. But as soon as the Hindu woman returned from there to her village, the victim Hindu woman was denied to get money and Muslim husband refused to keep any relation with her . Accordingly the victim lodged a complaint to the Superintendent of Police Garhwa in the month of April, but no action was taken since then.

The woman is now wandering from door to door to get justice by staying her sleepless nights at the Garhwa railway station in a very miserable condition.

This is nothing but only a revealed truth of thousands of fatal Love Jihad plots in India those finally ended in a trajectory of endless tragedy.

See this news in Hindi:   रविंद्र से की शादी … मायके पहुंची तो नि कला शहजाद, अब स्टेशन पर गुजार रही रात

__Inputs from Aaj Tak. / Pic Courtesy: Getty Images.

One comment on “Love Jihad: Laborer Shahzad Ansari pretends to be Ravindra to marry a Hindu woman, finally abandons her after exploited in Jharkhand.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    July 23, 2022

    Why the Government can not end this terror?
    Let the criminals pay for the crime. This is a
    message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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