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Tensions prevail in Rajasthan’s Alwar as some Muslim youths thrash a Sikh man, cut off his hair.

Victim Gurbus Sing and Sikh Agitation

The hair of the former granthi of the gurdwara cut off, the allegations raised against the people of the Muslim community, the Sikh society in anger.

Upon learning that the victim was a Sikh and wrongly targeted, the Muslim miscreants decided not to kill him and instead cut off his keshas (unshorn hair), which is prohibited under Sikhism. The miscreants then fled away leaving Gurbaksh Singh with injuries.

RajasthanSatnam Singh Bakshi | HENB | Alwar | July 22, 2022:: In the Ramgarh police station area of ​​Alwar district of Rajasthan, a case of hair cutting of a granthi belonging to a Sikh society has come to the fore. The victim has made these allegations against the people of a particular community, as soon as the information about the incident spread, there was anger in the area and a large number of people of the Sikh community gathered in the police station. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, SP Tejashwi Gautam and District Collector also reached Ramgarh and taking full information, assured the protestors to arrest the perpetrators soon.

After the Udaipur murder, an attempt was made to spoil the atmosphere in Alwar

After the Udaipur murder of a Hindu tailor, an attempt was made to vitiate the situation in Alwar with attacks upon non-Muslims again by the fanatic people of Islamic faith as alleged. According to the victim, Gurbux Singh, the former granthi of Milakpur Gurdwara, was going from Milakpur to Alavada on Thursday. On the way, he was stopped by some youths on some pretext and after that they put chilli powder in his eyes and took him aside. When the Sikh man told them about being a priest to save himself, then they talked to a person named Jumma Meo and told him what to do now when the person was not according to their target. The victim said that maybe they would have killed him, but later they cut his hair under the instruction of Jumma and left the place.

Sikh people start agitation

As soon as the information of the incident reached all corners, a large number of people of the Sikh community gathered at the Ramgarh police station. SP Tejashwi and ASP Sarita Singh were also present till 12 o’clock in the night, the police were closely monitoring the situation on the basis of the complaint of the victim. Police were also finding gravity in the case and  also inspected the spot.

On the other hand, BJP leader Sukhwant Singh said that this was an unfortunate incident. In this case, if the police do not arrest the accused till tonight, then there will be a big agitation in this matter. And then the administration will be responsible. The BJP leader also demanded to reveal the truth about the actual target to which the perpetrators wanted to attack with their sinister plan.

In this case, SP Tejashwi Gautam said that on the basis of the statement of the victim, a case has been registered against unknown people. Investigation has been started by forming four different teams to search the accused.

It is unfortunate that Rajasthan is now shaping fast as a Jihadi hub under congress rule there under the leadership of ashok Ghelot.

Read this news in Hindi: गुरुद्वारे के पूर्व ग्रंथी के काटे बाल,विशेष समुदाय के लोगों पर आरोप, गुस्से में सिख समाज

__Inputs from Zee news.

2 comments on “Tensions prevail in Rajasthan’s Alwar as some Muslim youths thrash a Sikh man, cut off his hair.

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  2. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    July 23, 2022

    A not ending story. It is amazing why the Government don’t put an end
    to these Allah-kafirs activities. If personal safety or freedom can not be
    protected, what use do a Government have? Stop this terror. This is a
    message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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