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Entire village of Hindus claimed by Waqf Board.., 1500 yr old temple also of Waqf property now.

Entire Hindu vill claimed by Waqf Board in Tamil Nadu

The Result Of Muslim Appeasement In India…..

Tamil Nadu Waqf Board Claims Entire Hindu-Majority Village Including Temple Lands As Its Property.

 Laxman Chaurasiya | NT Online | Chennai | Sept 12, 2022:: What if you find out that the land you bought with your blood and sweat earnings a few years ago has suddenly become the property of the Waqf Board? This is what has happened to an entire village in Tamil Nadu, the villagers living in that village for years have suddenly come to know that the land where they have lived is no longer theirs, but has belonged to the Waqf Board. A shocking case of possession of a property by the Wakf Board in Tamil Nadu has come to light. There, an entire village with a Hindu majority population has been declared a Wakf property by the Tamil Nadu Wakf Board. The board has declared Tiruchanthurai village near Trichy in Tamil Nadu as waqf property. The whole matter came to light when a person named Rajagopal tried to sell his 1-acre land to a person named Rajarajeshwari. When Rajagopal reached the registrar’s office to sell his land, he came to know that the land he had come to sell was not of his, but the land belongs to the Waqf and now its owner is the Waqf Board.

Rajagopal says that the registrar murali told him, ‘The owner of the land you have come to sell is the Waqf Board.’ According to the waqf board’s directive, this land cannot be sold. You have to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the  Wakf Board in Chennai. To  this, Rajagopal asked, “Why is there a need to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Wakf Board to sell his land purchased in 1992?” To Rajagopal’s question, the Registrar Murali showed him a 250-page letter from the Tamil Nadu Waqf Board to Rajagopal stating that ‘No Objection Certificate from the Waqf Board in Chennai is required to sell any land in Tiruchenthurai village. The Waqf Board has informed the Land Records Department through letters and documents that this entire village belongs to them. It has also been said that those who come to register for village land, will have to get NOC from the Waqf Board.’

When Rajagopal told this to the villagers, the whole village was shocked to learn that the land on which he had been living for many centuries was no longer theirs. The villagers wondered how the Waqf Board could claim to be the owner of the entire village when they (the villagers) had all the documents of the land for both residential and agricultural purposes. After this, when the troubled villagers reached the collector regarding this whole matter, they said that it will have to be investigated, and only then any action can be taken.

Allur Prakash, BJP leader from Trichy district has said, ‘Tiruchendurai village, near Trichy, is an agricultural area for Hindus. What is the relation of Waqf Board to Tiruchenthurai village?’ He further said, ‘Manadiyavalli Sametha Chandrasekhar Swamy Temple is present in this village. According to many documents and pieces of evidence, this temple is 1,500 years old. The temple has a property of 369 acres in and around Tiruchenthurai village. Is this temple property also owned by Waqf Board? What is its basis? How can the Waqf Board declare that this land belongs to him without any basic proof? Whereas, the people of the village have the necessary documents of the land. In this whole incident, prima facie, the Waqf Board seems to be arbitrary, however, now it has to be seen what action the DMK alliance Govt in Tamil nadu led by MK Stalin takes so far in this matter.

Courtesy: The News Track Live.

5 comments on “Entire village of Hindus claimed by Waqf Board.., 1500 yr old temple also of Waqf property now.

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  2. Sajal Kumar Majumdat
    September 13, 2022

    This cannot be tolerated anymore and a struggle to free the subject land from waqf board should be launched immediately


    • Mala
      September 13, 2022

      What Sardar Patel did to consolidate the independent states pass a resolution and dissolve this issue. Where did this waqf board before 1945?


  3. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    September 13, 2022

    Bharat Sarkar, declare all land of Bharat belonging to Devis/Devtas of Bharat
    can not be owned by foreign killer and looter religions. If Bharat can not act then
    the Sena has the duty to protect Bharat and take all land in their possession.
    Again, the treason of traitors come to light. A 400/500 old foreign cruel religion is claiming land in Hindustan, while the politicians do not know the essence of their own rulings. Bharat is the land of Sanatan Dharma. and will
    stay so. Sena, if the Government do not act, put the Government aside and
    take the rule of Bharat in your own hands. This is YOUR DUTY. This is the
    message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena and change the Congressi-Nehru consti-
    tution and flag.


  4. Rch
    September 13, 2022

    2morrow these raaksas jaanwars will claim entire bhaarath


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