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Chopping Jihad in Bihar : Hindu Woman stabbed to death, breasts chopped off by Muslim culprit in a Halal way.

Chopping Jihad

Hindu woman dies after Muslim man cuts off her breasts, limbs, and ears in public market in Bihar’s Bhagalpur.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Patna | Dec 5, 2022::  Another Aftab emerged in a market of Bhagalpur who appeared as a new incarnation of deadly ‘Chopping Jihad’ in a very Halal way. Who said about any ‘last prophet’? Many are coming by the way.

The Muslim young man attacked a Hindu young woman with a sharp weapon in front of everyone in the crowded market of Pirpainti Market in Bhagalpur district, 300 km east from Patna. The young girl’s breast was cut by the sharp weapon. His hands, feet and ears were also cut off. The woman identified as Neelam Devi  later died in the Jawaharlal Nehru Government Hospital at Bhagalpur. In that gory scene, no one dared to stop that demon from his horrific action. 

According to police sources, the young woman is married one. She used to visit the market regularly. The young woman went to the market to buy daily necessities on Saturday. At that time, the accused youth appeared in the market hiding the weapon in a container. The assailant was named as Mohadmmad Shakeel, as per the dying statement of the victim in the Hospital.

According to the police, Shakeel attacked the young woman in front of everyone in the crowded market. He started chopping the girl with a sharp weapon. He cut off his breast. After that, his two hands, two legs and two ears were also cut off. The young man hit several parts of the body with a sharp weapon.

After attacking the young woman, Shakeel fled from the scene. Locals and witnesses informed the police after seeing the young woman lying in a bloody state. The police came and rescued her.

The young woman was admitted to Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College in Mayaganj with serious injuries and profuse bleeding. She died during treatment. Doctors said the cause of death was excessive bleeding. However, it is claimed that the girl had told the police the name of her killer before her death. According to her statement, the search for the accused Shakeel is going on.

The woman’s husband said that neither he nor his family had any enmity with the accused. He does not know why this brutal attack was made so far. The police have so far arrested 5 people on suspicion of being involved in this incident.

Aftab chopped off his live-in-partner Sharddha’s body more than 2 dozen in Delhi. This time, Shakeel tried to chop Neelam Devi ‘s body more than 10. What is next? Hindu girls and women in India must be kept in safe with high alert from this new version of ‘Chopping Jihad’!!!

Really, Bihar has been turned into  a Jungle Raj infested by Islamic beasts. 

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One comment on “Chopping Jihad in Bihar : Hindu Woman stabbed to death, breasts chopped off by Muslim culprit in a Halal way.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh.
    December 6, 2022

    Well, let us make it clear. If the Government of India can not put an end
    to this barbaric killings of women by Allah criminals or others, then Hindus
    have the duty to defend its womenhood. Eliminstion of the enemy is then
    needed. This is the voice of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.
    Also abolish the Congressy-Nehru constitution. Sanatan Bharat
    can not be a spectator in this. Ban the Allah religion from Indian soil.


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